Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots to say...

...but no time to say it. Busy today. I may do some blogging while waiting in The Waiting Place (a.k.a., the Department of Motor Vehicles, which has some other arcane name here in Maryland).

You may have noticed that I've said nothing about the Sequester. What can one say? It reminds me of the giant rolling boulder in the first Indiana Jones movie. Except you can't run away from it because you're chained to the opposite wall.

Of course, the Republicans (who don't really care about the deficit) would be amenable to any deal which ends Obamacare -- even though Obamacare will save money. But the big goal, as always, is Social Security. One shudders to think that Barack Obama is the only thing (or at least the main thing) standing between Social Security as it stands and a privatized system.

So. What do you think we ought to do about that big ol' boulder?
Does it matter what you do? It'll only be a short while and it'll all happen again. How about linking budgets than authorise spending with the ability to actually borrow or otherwise raise the money so it can be spent?
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