Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So far, I seem to be the only person in bloggerland who has taken a somewhat detached view of the Dorner case. This isn't an emotionally simple tale. On the one hand, I've heard too many stories about the LAPD to doubt most of the claims in Dorner's manifesto. On the other hand, I (of course) take the view that a protester who feels the need to inflict severe bodily injury should do harm only to himself -- as did, for example, the guy who set himself on fire in order to send a message to Robert McNamara during the Vietnam War era.

That said, the latest reports indicate that no body has been found. I like that. I like the possibility that this whole thing may end on a D.B. Cooper note. (Of course, I'm the kind of guy who prefers to think that Brushy Bill Roberts was Billy the Kid.) How long has it been since we had a mystery of that caliber to chew on?

Realistically, chances are very good that a charred body will soon turn up in that cabin. If and when that happens, we'll have nothing to argue about, to speculate about, to theorize about -- except for, y'know, the politics.

NOTHING to speculate (meaning conspiracy-theorize, of course) about?

What about the theory (not mine, of course) that Dorner's "reign of terror" was actually a psyop -- to demonize critics of the LAPD as dangerous madmen?
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My wife was very offended when I I said that I was a Dorner fan. But as horrible as murder is, I have a sneaking suspicion that its only psychopaths like Dorner that keep sociopaths like the LAPD in check. There is too much violence done against the poor and weak in this country. If there are no consequences when will it end?
How soon until other countries start issuing travel advisories to would be visitors due to gun violence?
Anon, I hope things haven't gotten so bad that we need psychopaths to keep the sociopaths in line.

But that's a clever line.
Here's my theory as unfounded as it is:
The message is: Not even a trained military man slash ex-cop can stand up to us, so the question you got to ask yourself is do you feel lucky, well do.....

Anyway, if this event has shown me anything it is:
When what goes round comes round some Cops were scared witless to the point of shooting to kill anything that moves, even little old ladies.

Dorner may be a multiple murderer, but I'll guarantee you one thing: he is guilty of murdering less innocent people than the LAPD.

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