Monday, January 14, 2013

Atrios gets it right

I don't know if there is much more to add to this...
The additional maddening thing is that if you fix the jobs problem you largely fix the deficit problem. The reverse is not true. If you "fix" the deficit you kill the jobs.
Okay, I'll add this: We can fairly state that it was the GOP's decision to focus on reducing the deficit, as opposed to curing unemployment. Republicans didn't give a damn about the debt during Dubya's presidency. Or Poppy's. Or Reagan's. And it was always pretty clear that Romney didn't care about the deficit except insofar as he could use it as an excuse to destroy entitlements.

The only question is this: Does the current focus on debt reduction arises from a sincere belief in the virtues of austerity? Or did "vampire capitalists" decide to profit from America's economic demise, the way the oligarchs profited from the end of the USSR?


Mr. Mike said...

Wasn't Atrios one of the proud wearers of the Obama knee pads?

As to the defense spending, isn't California dependent on military contractors?

That means Pelosi and Fienstien will be all hawkette on cutting spending?

Propertius said...

If it really was "he GOP's decision", then why was Obama the one convened the Catfood Commission in the first place? Unless, of course, this is a sign that the scales have fallen from your eyes and you're finally seeing Obama for the Republican he is?

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. Mike
1. Don't know if he did or if he was proud
2. Not Hardly. They took out most of the defense out of the bay area because it was to "liberal" and moved it to Washington state. And what happened to El Toro and the Tustin airstation anyway?
As a person living in Oceanside, all I can say is getting rid of P:endelaton and MiraMar woul result in the biggest economic boom since the IBM PC.
3. Not Fienstien(sic, very) she a Dino. Pelosi, I sure hope so. I have a lot of confidence in that lady. Boxer, too, also.


Anonymous said...

At one time [not so long ago] the mantra was jobs, jobs, jobs. We saw how that went. We can't even get a full recovery package for the MidAtlantic, which would relieve suffering AND provide jobs. Oh noes! We now have to offset with cuts elsewhere because of the DEFICIT.

This is so much hocus-pocus on both sides of the aisle. POTUS who never met a negotiation he couldn't fold on and the GOP that has become totally demented. Of course, a full-employment push would solve the so-called deficit crisis. Which is why Obama and the Republicans are not pushing the job side of the equation. It's not about the deficit; it's about dismantling the social network for the sake of vulture capitalism, which is eating itself, gnawing on its own dirty paw. Austerity is the favorite word of the day. Because it's been working so well in Europe!

The only sacred cow out there is Defense, Defense, Defense. This we do for Empire. Everything else is dog meat.

Depressing? Absolutely. It's like watching a train wreck.


snug.bug said...

I love to confront Republicans with the fact that anyone who advocates austerity without including the bloated, bureaucrat-heavy, shovel-leaning Pentagon in its cuts is a hypocrite. The Democrats who do it are not just hypocrites--they're cowards too.