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Nakoula made a notorious anti-Islam film -- yet he had worked for an Islamic terrorist

Added note: I ask readers to pay special attention to the Eiad Salameh connection, which nails the theory that Nakoula worked for spooks...

Additional added note:
Or does it? I've recently received information that places the Nakoula/Salameh linkage in a new light. The claim that Eiad Salameh is a PLO terrorist comes from his cousin Walid -- whom some people (including Chris Hedges) have labeled a serial hoaxer. Walid, like so many of the players in this drama, hails from what we may call the "Pam Geller ring." His accusations against Hilarion Cappucci -- an aged Greek Orthodox cleric -- appear to be spurious.

Still, I have received convincing evidence that Eiad is indeed a crook.

If you're confused -- well, read what follows, and the context should become clear.

Nakoula Nakoula, producer of the film "Innocence of Muslims," has been called in for questioning by the Los Angeles Police Department. This makes sense: The terms of his parole specified that he was not to use the internet without supervision, and he seems to have hopped on the net quite often while posing as "Sam Bacile."

If Nakoula walks, you'll know that the fix is in. On the other hand, keeping him behind bars will keep him away from interviewers.

The really stunning news is that he seems to have been a snitch for the government...
Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a result).

Nakoula, 55, was arrested in June 2009 for his role in a check-kiting ring that stole nearly $800,000 from six financial institutions by using stolen Social Security numbers and identities. Nakoula was named in a six-count felony indictment accusing him and unnamed “co-schemers” of perpetrating the bank fraud.

Denied bail, Nakoula, a married father of three, was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in L.A. when he began cooperating with Justice Department lawyers and federal agents. During a series of debriefing sessions, Nakoula provided investigators with a detailed account of the fraud operation and fingered the man who allegedly headed the operation, according to comments made by his lawyer at sentencing.

Nakoula identified the ring’s leader as Eiad Salameh, a notorious fraudster who has been tracked for more than a decade by state and federal investigators. In his debriefings, Nakoula said he was recruited as a “runner” by Salameh, who pocketed the majority of money generated by the bank swindles, according to James Henderson, Nakoula’s attorney.
I hate to sound like one of those guys who interprets all new information as confirmation of a preconceived narrative, but this material really does buttress my theory that Nakoula made a deal with either Mossad, an American intelligence service, or both. The government knew about this guy. They knew he was ready to cut deals. He's not bright enough to run his own show. He works for others.

This is not someone who is going to create a bloody international incident of his own accord.

Eiad Salameh -- Nakoula's former boss -- is probably the same fellow called "Eiad Salameh Shu’aybat" here and here. This Eiad Salameh is accused of the same type of fraud that landed Nakoula in jail. Moreover, the author of the afore-linked piece mentions that Eiad is wanted by the LAPD. That detail is congruent with the "Smoking Gun" story excerpted above.

Although much remains hazy, it seems that Salameh is a Muslim accused of funding terrorism.
Eiad was well connected with Hilarion Cappucci, a Christian Syrian born terrorist, and a major explosives smuggler...
Eiad had disclosed to my brother Farid years ago of his intention to work with Cappucci to smuggle explosives via buses with welded covered compartments. Eiad continually received mal from Tunisia while he was linked with the P.L.O.
I don't know what "mal" is, but the rest seems clear enough. Nakoula's relationship with this guy surely would have put him on the radar of both Mossad and the American intelligence establishment.

The obvious question: If Nakoula really hates Muslims so much, then why was he so tight with a guy like Salameh? Hell, with anyone named Salameh?

Another obvious question: If Nakoula is willing to work with an anti-Israel terrorist, then why does his movie go out of its way to proclaim Judaism superior to Islam?

Wired reports that the 2009 bust was Nakoula's third. In 1997, he was nabbed for selling watered-down gasoline; in 1997, he was making PCP and meth. Y'know what's odd about this? California has a "three strikes and you're out" law...
It's one of the harshest sentencing schemes in the country and a law that can send people convicted of even nonviolent offenses to prison for life.

Just ask Leandro Andrade. The father of three languishes in California state prison with two consecutive life sentences for shoplifting nine children's videos on two occasions in November 1995...
Nakoula should be in jail for the rest of his life. Yet he was sentenced to 21 months for ripping off $800,000 -- and he served only a year.

Yeah. Just try to convince me that that isn't suspicious.

Then this same crook immediately went into the movie-making business (about which he knew nothing). His partners were quite a bizarre crew: Jimmy Israel (a shady real estate operator), Steve Klein (a "patriot" fanatic with spooky connections), Morris Sadek (part of the Pam Geller crowd and a likely Mossad asset) and Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih (ditto). Oh -- and somehow, Nakoula managed to secure the services of a well-connected lawyer named James Henderson, who was accused of having organized crime connections by the same informant who accurately told the FBI in February, 2001 that Osama Bin Laden was going to crash jets into the World Trade Center.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Klein used the film's one midnight screening as "bait" in a bizarre anti-terrorist sting. Klein showed up to that party in disguise.

On top of all of that is the discomforting fact that when the spotlight first hit him, Nakoula nervously blurted out that his film was funded by Israeli money.

If none of this seems spooky to you, your spookmeter is broken.

Incidentally: There's an interview with Jimmy Israel here. Israel minimizes his participation in the film -- unconvincingly, in my opinion. One slip seems telling:
Israel, who identifies as a "pacifist" liberal with no affiliation to organized religions, and who claims to have no strong opinions about Islam, despite having heard some "alarming" things about the Quran at "seminars," says he supports freedom of religion and expression.
"Seminars"? What kind of irreligious pacifist liberal goes to "seminars" (plural) which discuss the origins of the Quran in negative terms?

Jimmy, who admits that his film had no commercial prospects, also let something else slip out...
Likewise, I can't be sure that this isn't part of some larger deception — anything from a prank to some kind of bizarre intelligence operation. It's phenomenally strange.
"Some kind of bizarre intelligence operation." If Jimmy Israel, who worked on the damned movie, is thinking along those lines, then so may we.
Jimmy Israel, who says he is mostly Buddhist, raised Jewish, attended anti Islamic seminars, most likely in southern ca hosted by geller types. Is the pornagrapher Roberts a seminar goer and buddhist ? Actress Davis lists an exec producer Stephen Goldberg on her IMDB resume for the film, and Roberts is a close business associate of producer Price who spoke for him in an interview, and shares a mail drop location with Ira Englander Productions an educational training video producer that works with the us gov. The LA county film permit is under lock and key at the request of the US state department implying foreign sensitivities to names not public as of yet. And we still dont know the anonymous man that brought israel into the deal, nor do we know the funding source. The Coptics and evangelicals seem to come in late in the game after production. And all the participants seem to be in it for the money and easily duped, and unbelievable liars.

The psyop then is well done, organized, compartmentalized, with christian patsies waiting to be discovered. One mistake easily fixed, the con on probabtion blurts out in abject fear that it was an Israeli job, someone told him this , perhaps mr. anonymous, but it will surely be unprovable, mr anonymous having left the country and an arabic speaker identified as egyptian. Or is this Basile?

AP and DOJ are pushing coptic culpability for now and stopped pursuing mr anonymous jimmy's friend. But somehow I cant see this as any real attempt to make an anti Islamic movie whose result is a parody of hate speech.

The funding source, and how it got on egyptian tv seem relevant, egypt's morsi perhaps being the main target.

Maybe "mal" is just a typo, and the word is "mail." It makes sense in context.

Great stuff this week.
I'll tell you what kind of pacifist goes to seminars that discuss alarming things about the Quran. Any kind. Any kind of seminar concerned with peace, feminism, gay rights, you name it, would have alarming things to say about all religions/cults, but particularly that bloodthirsty gender apartheid cult.

I went to the first "feminist role in freethinking" conference in DC earlier this summer. One of the books I bought was "A God Who Hates" by the keynote speaker, Wafa Sultan, who got a standing ovation for her story about escaping Syria and the hate cult. She doesn't hate Muslims---her own people--- either, just Islam and the toxic things it does to entire societies.

I agree with you that this "film" was an operation. But there are plenty of people who detest Islam who have nothing to do with Israel. In unraveling culpability people generally say "follow the money." We are the arms dealers of the world. Our country is in the thrall of the military complex and bound by those vested in making sure we stay in a state of perpetual war. This is our doing.

We can't drag Muslims into the 21st century by drone-bombing them...but the reason no one denounces the religion itself is because then they'll have to ridicule and put aside all the ridiculous Sky Penis cults.

So, sadly, this is an obvious trigger to perpetuate war, which is our country's major industry.
Nakoula's 3rd strike was a federal charge. I don't know how that fits with California's 3 strikes law, if at all.

The main remaining mystery is the funding source. Clear that and the rest will probably be crystal.
It was obvious from the start this is an Israeli intelligence operation. The neocons and their Israeli comrades run U.S. foreign policy on the "right" and the AIPAC crowd runs it on the "left." In the past, they were pretty good at covering their tracks, but lately they have grown sloppy. I don't think they really care, though, because the American population is do dumbed down. The whole thing is producing the desired result -- more hatred toward Muslims as the Israelis who control our foreign policy get ready to kick off another war, this time in Syria and eventually Iran. These are Israeli enemies, not ours, they don;t threaten us.
ralph -- you may be right, but defrauding a California bank also opens you up to state charges. So the guy WAS facing a lifetime "third strike." Which explains why he turned informant.
Eiad shubayt aka shoebat is related to walid shoebat another fraud who says he was a muslim terrorist from palestine. The israelis even proved him a lie. Who is part of the pamela geller ring.

And wafa sultan is an alawite sect of islam. Shes part of the elitest ring of alawite from syria that promotes anti-islamic rhetoric. She is embeded with bashar al assads orginization of alawites who hate islam especially those of the muslim brotherhood.

The spider web is being revealed and now everything is coming out slowly.
Anonymous, could you give me more information about "Shoebat"? A link or two would be very helpful.
I dont know what you call him, but walid shoebat is the kind of guy that jumps on the anti-islam band wagon. They are opportunists. This is a man who claimed he was a terrorist. Now if he was a terrorist, the FBI would have arrested him. Hes part of this pamela geller ring.

He was even shunned by another right wing loon. Who found out he was a fraud, and immediately casted him aside during the 9-11 mosque protests era.
I think you need to do some further research on which felonies count as "strikes" under California's 3 strikes law. Only "serious felonies" and "violent felonies" count as strikes. "Serious felonies" are defined in section 1192.7 of the California Penal Code. These include basically include various forms of sexual assault, other felonies committed with the aid of a firearm or other deadly weapon, distributing various drugs to minors, felonies committed by or for the benefit of "criminal street gangs", etc. I attempted to quote the whole section, but Blogger won't accept a comment that long. ;-

Neither bank fraud nor watering gasoline is on that list. Making meth doesn't even count, unless he intended to sell it to a minor.

So by my count, Nakoula/Bacile/whatshisname has either zero strikes or one strike, not two. Note also that "arrest" is not sufficient, one must be convicted for the offense to count as a strike.

Just FYI Ralph, convictions for serious felonies in other jurisdictions do count as strikes in California.
Prop, you're being ridiculous. Of course meth (even in very small amounts!) counts as a strike...

Bank fraud also counts as a strike...

I am DAMNED certain that stealing $800,000 from banks is considered a felony in California.
By the way, prop -- non-serious felonies (such as receiving stolen property) also count...
Again, Joe, you need to look at the statutes. The first two strikes must be "serious" or "violent" flonies, which are explicitly defined in section 1192.7 of the CPC. Bank fraud is not in that list, neither is producing meth unless it is done with the intent to sell to a minor. Since your search engine of choice seems to be incapable of locating the statute and Blogger won't allow me to quote the full text, here's a link:

Read it for yourself. You're looking for paragraph (c).

The "third strike" can indeed be any felony, but that's immaterial since he has no prior convictions for a "serious felony".
I am Jimmy Israel. Everything that has been characterized about me in this article is miss characterization, which Joseph Cannon "promised" not to do in an email to me yesterday."

I was going to reply to each and every one of his miss characterizations herein. Then I discovered the control that Cannon put here.

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Cannon is afraid of contradiction or of me pointing out that his "investigative journalism" is very poor.

Since he publicly assaulted my character, I do have a right to reply. If he does not allow this, I will find a way to reply. If he does not allow me to fully reply, I will also find a way to do this.

Jimmy Israel told the truth in his interview in

Joseph Cannon made many errors in reporting about it and other aspects about Jimmy Israel.

I am Jimmy Israel. Everything that has been characterized about me in this article is miss characterization, which Joseph Cannon "promised" not to do in an email to me yesterday."

I was going to reply to each and every one of his miss characterizations herein. Then I discovered the control that Cannon put here.

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Cannon is afraid of contradiction or of me pointing out that his "investigative journalism" is very poor.

Since he publicly assaulted my character, I do have a right to reply. If he does not allow this, I will find a way to reply. If he does not allow me to fully reply, I will also find a way to do this.

Jimmy Israel told the truth in his interview in

Joseph Cannon made many errors in reporting about it and other aspects about Jimmy Israel.

I am Jimmy Israel. Everything that has been characterized about me in this article is miss characterization, which Joseph Cannon "promised" not to do in an email to me yesterday."

I was going to reply to each and every one of his miss characterizations herein. Then I discovered the control that Cannon put here.

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Cannon is afraid of contradiction or of me pointing out that his "investigative journalism" is very poor.

Since he publicly assaulted my character, I do have a right to reply. If he does not allow this, I will find a way to reply. If he does not allow me to fully reply, I will also find a way to do this.

Jimmy Israel told the truth in his interview in

Joseph Cannon made many errors in reporting about it and other aspects about Jimmy Israel.

Eiad is a relative of Walid, who was recruited into terror inside an Israeli prison., he claims. CNN and Jpost dispute Walid's claim that he was a terorist in Israel, and he functions mainly as an anti Islam propagandist The subtitle of his site is "Former PLO Terrorist now speaks out for US and Israel." He links to Geller articles/actions and has been a paid speaker for the us military. He wrote a book, 'Why we want to kill you".

He is a MOSSAD asset wittingly or otherwise.

Walid and Eiad appear to be US citizens but have lived in Israel, Eiad is a dual citizen of the US. Not sure if Walid is a Palistinian citisen or israeli but he claims he was in an Israeli jail bu by then was already a US citizen.

"Salameh Daud Salameh Shu’aybat (and sons) who Luyken interviewed illegally funneled money from the United States by defrauding the Social Security system and held different identities that were obtained by fraud. In fact Eiad Salameh Shu’aybat (Salameh’s son) is wanted by the United States for major financial fraud most likely linked to financial terrorism and was involved in a passport fraud operation and even illegally holds an Israeli passport that was fraudulently obtained to smuggle himself in and out of Israel proper. "

Sp Wlaid is a paid anti Islam propagandist and possible con man who claims to be an ex terrorist disputed by CNN and others. His cousin () Eiad is a financial criminal of dual Israeli US citizenship , now perhaps living in Israel as a fugitive from US justice, and the leader of the Israeli mafia crime ring of which the anti muslim film co producer Nakoulawas a key member , for which he received time and a 750k fine, which apparently was paid off, but by whom?

Jimmy, try again to post your refutations. Im sure Joe wont censor you. I for one am interested in anything you have to say on the subject.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jimmy, your comments went through as soon as I saw them. I was up until three last night and got up just now. You can't say you are being censored just because a blog owner gets some shut-eye.

I kept my promise. I did not mischaracterize anything you said to me. In fact, nobody knew -- until now -- that we had been in touch.

Look at the date stamps. Everything I wrote was published before we communicated.

As for your character -- that is what I am trying to figure out. I don't know you. All I have to go on are clues like this: On your site, you represent your real estate group as involved in finance and investment. This wording implies that you have money. Yet you later said that you worked on this ultra low-budget film because you are poor.

Also, questions have been raised about your Nouveau Riche seminars. I understand that this program has given rise to lawsuits. I decided not to look into the matter beyond that.

I must admit that the people behind this movie constitute a rather unusual cast of characters. Nakoula is a crook. He worked for a man named Salameh that the LAPD very much wants to catch. The relative who has identified Salameh as a terrorist turns out to be a flim-flam man, or so CNN says. Steve Klein is just...bizarre beyond words. Sadek claims to represent the Copts of Egypt, when in fact they wish he'd shut up -- and his funding remains mysterious. Nasrallah is a fanatic similar to Sadek. Pastor Terry Jones has an undeniably weird history, both in Germany and in this country. Tying many of these figures together is Pam Geller, the notorious hate-monger who excused the Norway killer's shooting spree on the grounds that his victims were of mixed race.

And you think I'M the oddball?

Compared to the rest of that bunch, you don't seem such a bad fellow, Jimmy. Just a guy on the outskirts of Hollywood trying to make a buck. Pretty much what I was, at one time.

At any rate, if you feel I've treated you unfairly, I'll post anything you have to say -- as a formal post; you won't be relegated to the comments.
By the way: These days, most bloggers use comment moderation. Otherwise, half the comments would be spam. In my case, I aroused the ire of the so-called "9/11 Truthers" -- and they INUNDATED this site with pure garbage.
Interesting that 911 truther Alex Jones who sees conspiracies everywhere wont investigate the anti muslim film genesis or its links to mossad and/or geller.

Now that is interesting indeed, Anon.
The Geller Islamaphobic international network planned in stockholm the movie, and had its script and gund raising complete around feb 2012 . Then they began scrubbing this information to distance themselves from their work

Who made a large donation to Media for Christ in 2011? Why did Ali Sina feel it necessary to scrub the articles about his planned film from his site, and when were those articles scrubbed? Was Ali Sina’s script the one used for this film? How many of the “facts” we think we know about this film and its’ producers are part of a disinformation campaign? Who is actually pulling the strings? Was this a conspiracy? Was provoking a violent reaction exactly what the filmmakers wanted? Is SION connected with this project, and is it one of their “practical steps” “beyond rhetoric”? Why did so many key players in the Islamophobia industry feel it necessary to speak out so quickly to distance themselves from this film, and to trivialize its’ importance? Geller said “we must help” get Sina’s film made, who did help? Why was the film initially blamed on “Jews”? If Nakoula was a dupe, and the actors hired for the film were duped, who else was duped, and who is behind all of this doing the duping?

Well, you definitely lost me with that reference to "SION." I don't think that way. On this blog, I criticize the Israeli right often, and I speak about Mossad in the same ultra-cynical way I speak about every other intelligence service. My record is pretty clear on that point.

That said, as I look into these characters, most of them have some connection to Geller. So to that extent, I think you're on to something.
Update...notAliSina, I now understand that by "SION" you were referring to a strange group called Stop Islamicization of Nations, linked to the Geller crowd.

Sorry. I thought you were making a reference to Zionism.

To tell the truth, I haven't been following Geller's antics as I ought to have done. Getting up to speed has proven to be quite...educational.
This may all be a smokescreen for a far more devious possibility. Check out the Warmonger Report for a story linking the anti-Islam film to the Koch brothers who have financed similiar projects in the past. This is almost certainly NOT an Israeli operation as nobody makes a cover story that points directly to themselves. Someone else is behind this.
"mal" means material in arabic and persian. It is slang sort of.
Given the quality of th output , it is remarkable to find out that the director labelled as schlock by Hareetz is actually quite accomplished in the film industry.

Indeed his most steady employer appears to be ironically, 'All American Pictures' the company of celebrity producers Mark L lester and Dana Dubovsky , who most certainly know personally their post-production supervisor and film editer, producer. He worked for 2008team at Zombie Wars 2008, Lost at War 2007, Day of Wrath 2006 (Dubovsky is producer ).

Steven Goldenberg, named as exec producer for the anti Muslim film by Cindy Lee garcia, and a reference to Jeff Robinson asst dir of the film, works in the same B movie Horror genre as that where Alan Roberts worked for Dubovsky and lester. Roberts' friend david A Prior also works in this genre for Dubovsky.

Is Dubovsky's 'All American Pictures' the gel that sticks roberts, prior, and goldenberg together in the creation of the film It certainly has the financial muscle to bankroll the crew.

alan roberts film resume

Dana Dubovsky- serial employer of alan roberts the director of the hate incitement film

Note that David A Prior insists his colleague for Dubovsky , Alan Roberts , was duped, implying he didnt dub and edit in post production, embedding the anti Islamic portions, as well as the pro Judaism dialogue audio.

But Alan Roberts has no directorial resume , his accomlishments are in post production and editing.

Its not likely the coptic ex con picked up these skills in the joint..

So far No apparent link of Dubovsky to Geller-Spencer or Ali Sina the possible script writer, or to exec producer ? Steven Goldenberg

He was killed in battle two days later.
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