Monday, July 23, 2012

I suppose the conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day...

...and in this case, part of me wants to romp and play in the fields of paranoia along with them. But only part of me.

James "Joker" Holmes had his brief time in court, and he looked like a man struggling to come out of a stupor.

If he truly identifies with the Joker, why didn't he come up with some suitably striking way to freak out the public? I expected to see that famous Dwight-Frye-as-Renfield grin. Instead, we got a guy who looked like he couldn't quite recall what happened at last night's party.

Maybe he suddenly regained some vestige of sanity, and the gravity of his actions sank in. Or maybe the drugs began to wear off. Or (as some have already wondered) maybe drugs were kicking in.

Conspiracy buffs of the world, you now have the stage. Make of this what you will.

(Oh...and you have to feel sorry for public defender Tamara Brady. She had to sit next to him.)


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...a species that has managed to project its understanding into black holes, subatomic particles, the genetic code and the edges of the universe. If we can't comprehend the murderous actions of a member of our own species, then we damn well better keep trying."
The Batman Shootings and Crossover Effects

Anonymous said...

Only Dr Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) can save this guy please help me contact him & to find out the whole true ...don't let someone that may be a victim of manipulation die because he was trying to change his past in order to have better future !
I only want the whole true

Anonymous said...

I just wrote an email and hopefully will get response or maybe even get some professional to work on this guy

P.S. please don't spam any NLP/Hypnosis institute...that method will only make them ignore this case

Alessandro Machi said...

I'm fascinated by the second person theory, that someone with a cell phone let him into the theatre.

If I am recalling correctly, the presented theory is that he got up out of his chair, left through the exit door, and then came back with his weapons.

However, it also makes sense that the shooter simply called his friend located near the exit door and who then let him in via the exit door and then just left.

Alessandro Machi said...

The second person theory was also suggested with the shoe bomber, when a witness claims he saw a man in a suit escort the shoe bomber onto the plane.

And then in the Gabriele Giffords assassination attempt, wasn't there a rumor that another person was involved as well?

Caro said...

Telegraph, UK - After the massacre Holmes calmly told detectives he had taken 100mg of the prescription painkiller Vicodin, and identified himself as "The Joker". The same drug was found in the system of actor Heath Ledger when he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008. Ledger played The Joker in the previous Batman film The Dark Knight. Vicodin side-effects can include euphoria, paranoia and, in rare cases, hallucinations.

Carolyn Kay

Anonymous said...

Getva grip. Crazy people do crazy things.

prowlerzee said...

Peter of Lone Tree, thanks for that link...great stuff.

And thanks, Joseph, for all the info and links. We stopped trying to watch televised reports because for three days running it seemed all they were saying, over and over, was "what to tell the children!"

The news outlets are also still trying to make James Eagen Holmes stick, so I especially appreciate "Joker" as the middle name.

lastlemming said...

100 mg Vicodin at 5 mg per tab (typical strength) would be twenty pills. That's 6.5 gms of tylenol, close to the customarily considered toxic dose of 7 gms. He would be spending at least 4-6 hours in the ER while they checked his tylenol level. I don't think they had him medically evaluated so they must not have believed this.

What I cannot fathom is the divergence between this carefully thought out crime--with the apartment set up as a police diversion and the commando style arrival at the movie theater and the absolutely dazed and bewildered soul who sat in the court room, barely able to keep his eyes open. This is very, very strange.

paul rise said...

Holmes was not dressed as the Joker - according to media accounts, he wore red clothing underneath the body armor.

Although this character does not have red hair, one of Batman's most prominent red-wearing foes is Anarky. Anarky dates from late 1980s and is basically a DC ripoff of V from V for Vendetta. (Wikipedia has a lengthy piece on Anarky if anyone is interested.)

I shouldn't have to draw parallels between V and the Occupy movement for anyone who reads this blog.

In the film, Bane may or may not be leading a movement of have nots against authority in Gotham. (I haven't seen the film but to our knowledge neither has Holmes.) Some have interpreted Bane to be a symbol of Occupy movement and it is presumed Batman defeats him somehow.

To the Occupiers, the symbol of the riot gear wearing cop is certainly resonant. The first thing I thought of when I heard he wore this attire was the thug cop at the California campus who casually pepper sprayed occupiers, and has since become an internet meme

As a last point, several rightwing hoofs today (and at least one media outlet) have alleged that Holmes was associated with the Occupy San Diego movement. I have no idea is any of this is true or just disinformation. I merely note it so other readers can explore this if they wish.

I hold no animus towards Occupy and agree with them and am sympathetic on many points. However, I feel there is powerful circumstantial evidence that this violence may have been tied to Holmes involvement in the Occupy movement.

affinis said...

Some commentaries of note, discussing psychological state and motives (in this and analogous cases).

Tiro said...

He does have that look of "Oh shit, that wasn't Doom III, the other night, was it?"

Well, he can rot.

Dwight said...

Joseph, I did miss your first post about Warner and was duplicating information.

It's extrapolating from little data but Holme's demeanor at the first hearing seems indicative of a terribly fragmented and tortured personality, cycling through various degrees of conscious awareness within seconds.

Several stories suggesting mind control are showing up on Google's preselected displays. This can only be preemptive - suggest it, pretend to investigate it, dismiss it.

I think it's likely that the court proceedings regarding Holmes will be closed to the public and press at some point. If that happens, the reason given will be concern for the victims' families.
I'm not advocating any particular scenario, i.e., that this guy was programmed - just not dismissing it either, just yet.