Friday, May 11, 2012

Did Bill Clinton urge Hillary to run in 2012?

Regnery (yuck) has published a book by Edward Klein which claims that Bill Clinton asked Hillary to run in 2012, on the grounds that Barack Obama is "an amateur." A wise assessment, if Bill actually said those words. But he almost certainly did not.

Klein's previous book, The Truth About Hillary, is a hit piece that relies on anonymous sourcing for a series rather outrageous claims. The book was so bad that even right-wingers couldn't tolerate it; Peggy Noonan argued that Klein was actually part of a left-wing plot to make the right look foolish.

The New York Post has published an advance look at Klein's latest, and the Hollywoodish dialogue between Hillary and Bill is laughably unconvincing. I consider it unlikely that they would have such a conversation if anyone else were present. Since both Bill and Hillary despise Klein, who could the source be?


RedDragon said...

There are many that have a stick shoved way up where the sun don't shine when it comes to the Clintons. This nonsense could have come from any one of their so-called friends but it was more likely some bullshit that sprouted from Klein's cabezza!

We all know the Media and their "Talking Monkeys" love them some "Clinton" gossip so this comes as no surprise. There is never a shortage of Clinton haters willing to make a buck on said gossip.

Keep attacking the Clintons, especially Hillary. Yeah...Keep stirring the cesspool so that the stink is fresh. This way, in their minds at lest, they keep the negatives floating in the ether.

Just another bullshit book, by a bullshit writer, to spread more bullshit rumors for the bullshit lapping sheep!

RedDragon said...

And another thing....

Are we to believe that Bill Clinton, a man careful with words, would have said such things where others could have misinterpreted what he said?

Look what happened to him when he spoke the truth about the fairy tale that was/is Obama?

No, in my opinion this nothing more than the same old bullshit from a bullshit hack writer!

Alessandro Machi said...

MSNBC is under the bus for Obama. Fox is for the republican candidate. Just what media channel is there for Hillary Clinton?

Political gridlock has been effectively installed by simply having the progressive wing of the democrat party do battle with the neo cons of the republican party.

The other 60% of the population, the moderates on both side, and generally the largest base of Hillary Clinton supports, can go eff themselves according to the rich elite, who LOVE the political gridlock.

Anonymous said...

Do I believe that Bill Clinton said the obvious about Obama? Without a doubt. Do I believe that Bill Clinton said the obvious in public so some nitwit could overhear it and Klein could conveniently have a juicy quote for his forthcoming book? Hardly. Clinton had his ass burned with the fairytale remark [which was also accurate and obvious,btw].

RedDragon is correct. This is just more Clinton Derangement Syndrome, anything to spice up a dull as dishwater election, where the choice is between twiddle-dee or twiddle-dum. And sell books, of course, to those who can't get enough Clinton trashing.

If there's ever a Revolution, the pundits deserve to go to the block first!


Joseph Cannon said...
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Joseph Cannon said...

Peggy Sue, I think you and RD are correct. With this proviso: What we're seeing here really has more to do with Obama Derangement Syndrome.

It's hard for those of us who do not like Obama (for good reason) to admit that OBS exists and is a real problem. But, yeah, OBS is real.

One must try to be objective. As much as I despised Dubya, honesty compels me to admit that Bush Derangement Syndrome is also quite real. That's why my April 1, 2006 post remains so popular. (At least a third of the hits this site received today went to that page!)

Anonymous said...

You're right, Joe. Obama Derangement does exist. It's everywhere. I've always said Hating on Obama is not enough. We want to be truly afraid, we should be shuddering as the system itself collapses under corruption and fraud, which has infected everything, something neither party is willing to do a damn thing about. Why? Because they're on the take, bought lock, stock and barrel.

The President isn't the cause of all this; he's aided and abetted, a symptom of systemic failure. There was a time when Rule of Law meant something to at least a few people, who had the power to insist that it be followed. Those days seem to be part of our rosy past.

It's one of the reasons I've pulled back from blogging and even commenting. It makes me physically ill to dwell on what I see and hear going on anymore. The Big Lie is alive and well. Of course the bigger joke is thinking Mitt Romney would be an improvement.

You can't make this stuff up.


Annoonoomouse said...

Hey Joe
Just curious--- why did you switch from to ? or did they move you in a non-evil way?

Mr. Mike said...

If Hillary had won the nomination then the 2008 election, the Right would be going on about racist Democrats keeping the black man down.

As for Klein's ilk they're like those flies that collect on dog exhaust if you don't bag it right away.

Joseph Cannon said...

anoooonymouse: I didn't move. The old address still takes you here.

Anonymous said...

Racists and 9/11 Disinfonauts in meltdown at Rigorous Honey Trap board: