Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama and Occupy

Conservatives never let the facts get in the way of the party line.

The right inists that the Occupy movement is aligned with, sympathetic to or manipulated by the Obama administration. The reactionaries will not let go of this fixed idea, even though all of the evidence points in the opposite direction.

Example: Three young "anarchists" associated with the Occupy movement have been charged with plotting to bomb Barack Obama's campaign headquarters and Rahm Emanuel's home. (The accused are quite young, of course. Don't trust anyone under thirty; most of 'em are borderline retarded.)

As always, there are indications that the terror plot was engineered by the very forces that now claim credit for preserving the peace:
But outside court Saturday, Michael Deutsch, the attorney representing the men now known as the “NATO 3,” said they were railroaded — “a Chicago Police set-up, entrapment to the highest degree.”

Deutsch said three undercover cops nicknamed “Nadia,” “Mo” and “Glove” befriended his clients on May 1: May Day, an international day of labor solidarity.

Two of the nine arrested people were themselves undercover cops, Deutsch said. And those undercover officers “egged on” the accused men, he said.

“From our information, the so-called incendiary devices and the plans to attack police stations — that’s all coming from the minds of the police informants and not coming from our clients, who are non-violent protesters,” he said.
Firedoglake has more on the entrapment issue.
The details I have been able to gather from speaking to arrestees personally make it seem like the police have, in the past 48 hours, fabricated all of these details about having some investigation in progress.
There is much more to say on the topic of entrapment, but at this time I want to focus on the right's narrative that the Occupiers are Obots. That claim is nonsense. It seems quite clear that, even if the charges against those young anarchist dolts prove to be false, said dolts are not fans of the president.

And Obama is no fan of the protesters.  Dave Lindorff has been going over some newly-released documents which demonstrate that Obama's Department of Homeland Security directed a nationwide crackdown of the movement, despite official denials.
The latest documents, reveal “intense involvement” by the DHS’s so-called National Operations Center (NOC).
On December 12, when Occupy planned anti-war protests at various US ports, Verheyden-Hilliard says the new documents show that the NOC “went into high gear” seeking information from local field offices of the Department of Homeland Security about what actions police in Houston, Portland, Oakland, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles planned to deal with Occupy movement actions.

Another document shows that earlier, in advance of a planned Occupy action at the Oakland, CA port facility on Nov. 2, DHS “went so far as to keep the Pentagon’s Northcom (Northern Command) in the intelligence loop.”
Would Bush have reacted in a different fashion? I doubt it.

Since the police response has obviously been coordinated the DHS, Obama arguably bears indirect responsibility for street-level misbehavior by the cops. In that light, let's take another look at Firedoglake's coverage of the three arrested anarchists. Sarah Gelsomino, acting as legal counsel for the three, makes some rather chilling accusations:
They were driving in a car and were pulled over without any kind of justification or reason by the Chicago police department. They were surrounded by police and they were questioned for a very long period of time about what they were doing in Chicago, why they were here to protest, what their political affiliations were, how they identified politically—All kinds of absolutely outrageous questions that certainly do not indicate any kind of illegal behavior because it is not constitutional simply to accuse them of a crime because of a political belief.
If Obama were locatable anywhere on the left, why does his Justice Department continually target progressives?

The Obama administration has done nothing to impede the outrageous cop practice of confiscating cameras from bystanders recording the anti-Occupy police actions.
Just ask Carlos Miller. The photojournalist has been arrested three times. His “crime?” Attempting to photograph police actions in the U.S. Most recently, in January, Miller was filming the eviction of Occupy Wall Street activists from a park in downtown Miami.

In twist that’s become too familiar to many, the journalist became the story as police focused their crackdown on the scrum of reporters there to cover the eviction. Miller came face to face with Officer Nancy Perez, who confiscated his camera and placed him under arrest.

And Miller is not alone. Since Occupy Wall Street began last September, more than 75 journalists have been arrested.  My colleague Josh Stearns has chronicled these arrests since the movement’s earliest days. Stearns expects to see an uptick in arrests as thousands of protesters and reporters converge on Chicago.
The courts have upheld the public's right to videotape, but that right means nothing if the cops won't observe it. Why hasn't the Justice Department cracked down on police abuse?

I strongly urge you to read Rick Pearlstein's expose in Rolling Stone. When this administration goes looking for (non-Islamic) terrorists, it adheres to the old policy of "Left eye open, right eye blind." As Pearlstein documents, right-wing terrorists pose a far more serious threat -- yet their groups are seldom infiltrated, and their members need never worry about entrapment.
The contrasts are extraordinarily instructive. When federal law enforcement agencies take an affirmative role in staging the crimes, the U.S. Justice Department then prosecutes, leaving more clear-and-present dangers relatively unbothered, the State is singling out ideological enemies. Violent white supremacists are not one of these enemies, apparently – because, as David Neiwert, probably the nation’s top journalist on the subject, told me, the federal government has much less often sought to entrap them, even though they are actually the biggest home-grown terrorism threat.  That is unconstitutional, because law enforcement’s criterion for attention has been revealed as the ideas the alleged plotters hold – not their observed violent potential.
But don't worry your pretty little heads over the epidemic of far-right insurrectionism that followed the election of Barack Obama: all told, according to a forthcoming data analysis by Neiwert, there have been 55 cases of right-wing extremists being arrested for plotting or committing alleged terrorists acts compared to 26 by Islamic militants during the same period. The right-wing plots include the bombing of a 2011 Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane and the assassination of abortion doctor George Tiller in 2009. Neither of their perpetrators, it goes without saying, had been arrested before they attempted their vile acts; neither required law enforcement entrapment to conceive and carry them out. It's just too bad for their victims they did not fit the story federal law enforcement seeks to tell.
The irony is overwhelming. Right-wing terrorists hate Obama and would probably murder him if they could. Nevertheless, Obama's Department of Homeland Security ignores the right and focuses with laser-like intensity on anyone who might be left of center. Our first black president coddles racist thugs, preferring to target naive young "anarchist" cranks. Meanwhile, the anarchists themselves -- whose political philosophy strikes me as a muddled and incoherent stew -- seem to dislike Obama rather intensely.

Yet folks who get their facts from Fox News will tell you that Obama is Lenin and the Occupiers are his Red Army.

We can't have a useful national dialogue if half the country insists on a narrative located at a 180 degree remove from reality.  

Update: Mahablog was kind enough to cite this post in an article entitled "Obama Behind Plot to Blow Up His Own Headquarters!" That post includes some hilarious examples of the "Obama controls Occupy" narrative to be found on right-wing blogs. The rightists are too stupid to notice that the arrests contradict their preconceptions.

Calling Alex Jones! We need a right-wing conspiracy theory to bring everything together. The theory should explain why Obama would direct a plot to blow up his own headquarters and why Obama would entrap the anarchists. The theory should explain why Obama would engineer the Occupy movement and why Obama would sic police thugs on the Occupiers.

Coming up with a single theory for all of this contradictory activity will take enormous creativity. But I have faith in our nation's paranoid class.


Anonymous said...

Here's a question. Why are the cops and the FBI going after Occupy Protestors, attempting to FRAME them up... when you have REAL criminals committing REAL crimes and their fucking list of criminal activity listed on Wikipedia for all to see? (Type CRIME FAMILIES in wiki)

Why aren't the FBI and the cops going after real criminals? Instead of creating FAKE criminals? Is it because they are in bed together?

Do you think we would have ever had Afghanistan tied 9/11 hijackers in Tampa Florida if the authorities weren't in bed with organized crime?

Tampa Florida home to USSOCOM, USCENTCOM at McDill Air Force ,HQ for America's economy tanking retarded war of floppitunity in heroin producing Afghanistan where opium/heroin production has INCREASED since the U.S. invasion. Tampa also being the home to the Santos Trafficante crime family who made some of their fortune off of trafficking in HEROIN sales. ANYONE SEEING A PATTERN HERE?

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you saw the FBI entrapping and locking up Wall Street thieves, or Defense contractor crooks, or some of those Tea Party types that want to blow up the federal government? Exactly. NEVER. Who are they entrapping? Kids who want to know where their fucking American Dream has gone.

Mr. Mike said...

As this stuff gets out and the economy continues to limp along the Obots will probably stay home in November.

Anonymous said...

Great article below that explains alot about the democracy hating deep state that America finds itself trapped in.

How it created a communist insurgency among Vietnamese poor when there was none(sounds like Iraq?), how it won a turf war with the French to redirect the heroin trade closer to home, and how it killed JFK/RFK for trying to reign in this rogue intel/mafia hybrid monster :

Anonymous said...

"By mid-year, Lansdale was raising the specter of "Communist insurgency" just as he did in the Philippines. This destabilization became one of the root causes of the Vietnam War... On the advice of the U.S., Diem exacerbated the situation by the ejection of the French law enforcement authorities who had helped to keep what little peace there was... This resulted in a temporary absence of police power and in the collapse of the system by which rice farmers obtained goods in exchange for their crops. When economic and social chaos resulted in hunger and civil strife, U.S. intelligence was quick to cry "Communist insurgency.""

That was over 50 years ago...sounds just like what they did to Iraq.

Joseph Cannon said...

Well, anon -- and please use some kind of nick next time -- the article is worth reading, even though it has little or nothing to do with my post.

You should note that Lansdale actually became quite critical of the Johnson administration's handling of the Vietnam war. So I would say that Lansdale became something of an outsider as the war heated up. I have formulated a theory that, stateside, he initiated a particularly bizarre psychological operation, an extension of one of the ruses he employed in favor of Magsaysay.

All of that said, the article you cite is too amorphous. The piece makes reference to the work of both John Newman and Jim DiEugenio, both of whom point to the Angleton faction as the likely origin point for the JFK assassination. Yet in the piece you cite, Angleton receives scant mention. In the meantime, there is a lot of less consequential stuff about Bush the elder.

Bob Harrison said...

"Coming up with a single theory for all of this contradictory activity will take enormous creativity. But I have faith in our nation's paranoid class."

I think we'll see a Grand Unified Field Theory first.

Joseph Cannon said...

Actually, Bob, the job is more easily done than you might realize.

As you know, I've been following right-wing conspiracy theory for a good many years. In the past, it has often happened that theorists will fall in love with two mutually contradictory paranoid notions. Whenever this has occurred, they have reconciled their opposing ideas by muttering something vague and incomprehensible about hegelian dialectics.

Check it out for yourself. Just go to Google or Stealth and type in the words "hegelian dialectics conspiracy."

Of course, I doubt very much that any of the people who believe in a hegelian conspiracy have ever actually read Hegel.

(I tried to do it once. Got about five pages into the "Phenomenology of Something-or-Other." Then I gave up and satisfied myself with reading Will Durant's take on Hegel. It's very good.)

Anonymous said...

What the author of that article is doing is synthesizing the facts. Boiling it down to the core elements. Because one author he cites may believe LBJ did it and another may believe that Oswald did it alone doesn't mean those authors are totally wrong in everything they wrote.

All of the usual suspects were tied together through corrupt business relationships. Texas oil, CIA, Mafia, Anti Castro Cubans. Jack Ruby was hooked into the mafia. The Dallas PD was compromised by Ruby's hookers. The Trafficante family was involved with heroin trafficking. The CIA was involved with heroin trafficking. The heroin traffic was rerouted from Marseilles France to places closer to home like Mexico. Oswald had been in Mexico. One of Oswald's alleged assassins was killed in Mexico. Mexico for awhile became the primary conduit for heroin into the USA.

Clint Murchison was close to Hoover and LBJ. All had mafia ties. JFK and RFK started going after the mafia. Hoover had been protecting the mafia higher ups pretending that the mafia didn't even exist. Some of those mafia guys are then implicated in being the guys that put out a contract on the Kennedys.

Oswald in the mean time is being handled by people tied to oil tycoons, the FBI and the mafia. Ok. Now that's odd. Because that is the same exact group that at a higher level are colluding together in secret on deals and rackets in the Del Charro hotel and elsewhere. Hoover and his Del Charro bunk buddy Tolson being the FBI point men to make sure that these rackets are never prosecuted.

Why are we even talking about this 50 fucking plus years later like we don't understand what happened?

What's not to understand? Yet the media continues to pretend these connections don't exist. And that the connections don't mean anything.

The average entrapped schmuck trying to figure out why his country looks more and more like a banana Republic than the country that sent men to the moon is told none of these obvious connections matter. Shut up and drink the Koolaid bitch before we charge you as an Angry Rapist Insurgent.

Meanwhile those protectors of the inside job and those benefiting from it continue to dismantle the country.

The FBI allowed Russian spies to run around the U.S.A compromising Americans from 2001-2010 we are told... and where is the media asking WHY this was allowed?

Other than getting Americans COMPROMISED what is the point of what the FBI did? In what fucking upside down Bizzaro world does an American agency allow Russian spies to freely run around for 10 years while they attempt to get Americans caught up in a honeytrap??? Why did the head of the secret service pretend that allowing it's agents to sleep with prostitutes was no big deal?


Here, I will tell you the answer.

It is the same reason why Breitbart sent his Oswald look alike around the USA clandestinely video taping Democrats... SO THAT THEY BECAME COMPROMISED AND USELESS IN EFFECTING POLITICAL CHANGE. Hey Weiner? Hey Edwards? What are you up to these days?

For 50 + years, collectively Americans have allowed a handful of people to trample them and run off with everything they own, no questions asked. You reap what you sow.


Anonymous said...

So, about an hour or so after that last post... my computer did something it has never done before... it froze up BIG TIME, screen went black and then rebooted... and possibly dropped something into my system because it took about 5 minutes to reboot(usually take 30 seconds) and now it seems to be running a bit like gum through a bowl of peanut butter. Maybe I can get one of these Russian made anti-virus programs to fix it? So glad the Russians and those spooks in Virginia are protecting us all from computer viruses.


Joseph Cannon said...

No need to get paranoid about Russia, webslinger. But you should hit your system with every reputable antivirus and antispyware system you can get. (Watch out for fake antispyware apps.)

Malwarebytes is good. So are Ad-Aware, SuperAntiSpyware and a few others. Norton offers a free cleaner calle Norton PowerEraser which can get things others can't.

You probably know of the good free antivirus programs like Avira and AVG.

You may not know that you can usually try paid antivirus suites for free for a month or so. So just research the best antivirus, download it as a trial, and use it to clean your system.

Also consider using Glary or CCleaner to clean your registry. But be careful, and do NOT use both. Always back up the registry.

prowlerzee said...

Thanks for covering this, Joseph! Latest I've heard from those on the ground is that Chicago has busloads of riot police AND a slew of SNOW PLOWS amassed to round up protesters...and are penning up protesters already.