Tuesday, April 17, 2012


You already know all about Ted Nugent's latest bout of insanity. Anyone who can interpret these words as anything other than a death threat against the president is engaging in the lowest form of casuistry. Ted Nugent did not indulge in jolly hyperbole; neither was he speaking poetically.

The Democrats will be foolish if they don't make Nugent the face of the Republican party. The guy is a serial pedophile, yet Romney sought his endorsement. If Obama had bragged about getting an endorsement from Roman Polanski, you know full well what the Republicans would do.

I was wondering how the conservative press could possibly spin this one to their advantage. Then came the following headline from The Blaze...
Secret Service Probing Ted Nugent’s Obama Comments After DNC Rep. Goes on 30-Tweet Rampage
According to The Blaze, Nugent's death threats should be classified as mere commentary. But DNC Press Secretary Melanie Roussell went on a "rampage"...!

Whoever wrote that headline is almost as insane as Nugent himself.

That's it. I despise Obama and had sworn never to support him. He has not only been the worst Democratic president of my lifetime, he is (arguably) the second-worst president of either party to hold the office during my years on this planet.

But as bad as he may be, the GOP has become a toxic wilderness populated only by mad dogs. These new-style Republicans make Dubya look reasonable.

Better a blue dog than a mad dog.

Added note:
One of the scribblers who commented on CNN's piece said something worth discussing:
The left wing liberal "sheeple" don't like what you said Ted, I guess they don't know that Obama and his crew are trying to obolish the 2nd Amendment.
"Obolish"? Is that a pun or just an example of bad spelling?

More importantly: What the hell makes these freaks so convinced that Obama is out to "obolish" the second amendment? Where's the evidence?

When Clinton was president, he repeatedly made clear that he had no interest in pushing for gun control legislation. Nevertheless, right-wing lunatics announced that the Great Gun Round-Up was scheduled to take place "some time next year." That's what I kept hearing -- in 1993, '94, '95, all the way up to 2000: "The law's on the books! They'll be coming for our guns any day now!"

And I kept asking: "WHAT law? Where's your damned evidence? Where are you getting this crap?"

The day of the Great Gun Round-Up never arrived, of course.


Mr. Mike said...

Nature abhors a vacuum so the void is filled with the hate rants of the Right.

The print and broadcast media won't say anything because they are afraid to lose audience share. They won't sell enough soap flakes to support Chris Matthews' life style.

Dem politicians are afraid to alienate any possible voters (as if) by calling these loons out for what they are so that leaves a few bloggers to carry the load.

Joe and Jane Treehugger are a waste of time. Sure they have their fifteen minutes of outrage when Limbaugh utters "slut" but then they're back to soiling the pages of Prius sales brochures.


I have an aluminum soft ball bat that I find very effective when engaging one of these conservative wankers. The evidence washes right off of it. : )

b said...

Comments on Breivik trial

Breivik claims he was taught rhetorical strategies as well as military knowledge on a course in Liberia, where his first cover story was that he was working for UNICEF and his second was that he was smuggling diamonds. His passport indicates he did go to Liberia for 2 weeks in 2002.

Norwegian psychiatrists first accused him of psychotically imagining the trip. On the basis of that view, he was declared insane and therefore unfit to stand trial. Then they backtracked and declared him sane.

The prosecutor has asked him what the main influence was on his ideology, on his worldview. He answered: "Wikipedia".

And meanwhile in France, Sarkozy has said that one lesson from the Toulouse attack is that scope for 'radicalisation' using the internet should be restricted.

From the point of view of the rulers, both the dominant forces in the west and the local gauleiters in Norway, the trial brings propaganda benefits and also risks.

Considered locally, the Breivik terror attacks are one point in a campaign which has included

- the establishment and development of Hans Rustad's internet effort in the country, 'dokument.no', a Zionist effort pushing the memes of 'Eurabia', 'Eurostan', and 'anti-multiculturalism', which has managed to become an influential force in the Norwegian polity (link 'Fjordman')

- and several years of CIA presence in Oslo, which is fairly large-scale given the size of the country.

Never forget that the Norwegian state oil find has divested some of its money from Israel. Zionists are very serious about watching out for, and stopping, a spread of support in influential circles for 'BDS' - boycott, divestment, sanctions.

The Norwegian oil fund is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. By some accounts, it's the largest. It's certainly up there with the Saudi, Abu Dhabi, and Chinese funds.

Breivik: "When I talk about sofa generals, when you try to communicate to the cattle they have great difficulty communicating because they are keyboard warriors"

Transcript in Norwegian is here.

"Når jeg snakker om sofageneralene, når man skal forsøke å formidle et buskap har de store problemer med å formidle dette fordi de er keyboardkrigere"

Buskap. 'Cattle'.

As far as I'm aware, there's been no reference to the latitude and longitude information Breivik included in the footnotes to his manifesto. You would have thought that would be a key point to focus on, if the prosecution were really seeking to prove him insane, as they are ostensibly supposed to be doing.

All the idiot journalists from the UK are saying that the questioning by the prosecutor may be very different in style from the 'demolitions' they are used to in London (meaning, the tricksy, semi-sneering cross-examinations by barristers speaking in posh upper middle-lcass accents as if they consider the defendants to be pieces of dirt), but that it's very clever and successful in that quaint ol' Norwegian way.

What a load of bollocks!

The only reason this trial is happening at all is so that the Norwegian state can pretend to have looked into Breivik's political connections - not just in police interrogations, but by asking him questions in court, reported live to the world - rather than sticking their fingers in their ears and looking the other way.

And who'd have thought they might want to do that, eh?

My feeling is that the trial won't reach a normal conclusion.

Joseph Cannon said...
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Joseph Cannon said...

Mr. Mike, I think your aluminum bat comment was particularly wrongheaded at a time like this. Even if you were speaking poetically, that kind of talk can't do any good. We don't need any more of the "poetry of violence" in our discourse.

Perry Logan said...

Gun control was a major political issue in the first half of Bill Clinton's first term and during that time he lobbied for, and signed, two major pieces of gun control legislation, the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban.

Joseph Cannon said...

The Assault Weapons Ban turned into a joke. The Brady Bill is a criminal background check. Neither comes close to the "Great Gun Round-Up" of right-wing myth.

b said...

What is it with RKBA in the US? Could someone explain it to me in a few sentences? Is it castration fear?

Meanwhile, on that other shortened-down right-wing signifier, '1488', so beloved of neo-Nazis and others on the racist extreme right...I recently realised how close the '14 words' are to the basic idea of Zionism.

Aeryl said...

Immediately after Obama's election, the big local gun store ran ads on the radios, advertising super sales and exhorting people to come in quickly because "Change is coming"

Hearing that shit made me see red. How does this country move forward when a majority of the population(left and right) thinks that our President is some great liberal crusader?

Joseph Cannon said...
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Joseph Cannon said...

b, you've probably never seen an American gun freak fondle his weapon. It's really, really weird. They go into a sort of trance.

Not all gun owners are like that, of course. The majority are normal people. But the freaks are...well, freakish.

I've always thought that the whole Nazi act could be summarized thus: "YOU'RE the Chosen? Fuck you. WE'RE the Chosen."

White racists and Jews both fear that their "people" are on the verge of being wiped out. But there's a big difference: History has given the Jews no small amount of justification for paranoia. Whereas with white supremacists, one can only say: "Your 'people' are in no danger. What the hell are you talking about...?"

A similar "They're out to get us" mentality besets fundamentalist Christianity. Here in America, starting in the early 1980s, Christians began spreading rumors that the evil gummint was preparing concentration camps for the faithful. These rumors were absurd, but they were rampant. Millions of Americans actually believed this.

Just now, I received an email from a friend warning me that the ACLU was shutting down prayer in the military and banning religious symbols in military graveyards. Pure nonsense. But people really believe these absurd claims.

Many people feel a deep, overwhelming need to consider themselves persecuted. It's a sickness. I don't think it's a peculiarly American sickness, but the disease is very strong here.