Friday, March 09, 2012

Pulling out of Rush Limbaugh

Am I the only one who sees the irony? After Rush Limbaugh went on a tirade against insurance coverage for birth control, after he spewed fantasies about the "sex sex sex" life of a woman he did not know, he alienated some big advertisers. One of the biggest is a company called Sleep Train, a mattress company which hails itself as “the No. 1 Bedding Specialist on the West Coast."

The company pulled out. Now it wants back in, only Rush won't let it in again. His sugar daddies are once again offering a good deal of money, and Rush has turned his back.

If Rush had a different attitude toward birth control, his partner would not have had to pull out in the first place. The disturbing news here is Sleep Train's desire to kiss and make up. People who favor birth control (or respectful treatment of women) may prefer to seek another Bedding Specialist.

Is it possible for a blogger to write about this story without incorporating a few double entendres? Yes, but it's hard.

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Woman Voter said...

Dang, but are you have fun, with the "Pull OUT" and "They want back in" shy, 29 Blue Viagra Pill Rush Limbaugh is hurt and wont let them ban IN! Did I get that about right?

Josepi, you kill is one of your prose that one has to read fast...

Oh, yes, I don't think 'SLEEP TRAIN' is my kind of company, not enough SPRING, too much misogyny Rush/BULL!