Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart is dead

I wanted to see the man exposed and humbled, but I did not want to see this. Breitbart's passing does not make me happy.

He died at the age of 43, which is young enough to bring out the conspiracy theorist in many people. See here, for example: "The Obama regime killed him." "Perhaps an act to intimidate Arpaio?" "He was 'Vince Fostered..." "This is why everyone should walk around with a 12 gauge on one shoulder and an M4 on the other. Always."

Lovely stuff, that. Breitbart's fans are sick, sick cookies.

One commenter suggests that Breitbart was killed "Just before he was going to drop the bonb of truth about Obama..." Many other readers of right-wing blogs have sounded this same theme.

I very much doubt that Breitbart had any "bonb of truth" waiting. If you know about a bonb, please share with the rest of the class. Until I see some evidence, I'll presume that the bonb is a right-wing insta-myth.

Of course, if the Democrats knew how to pull off the covert assassination of a well-known media figure -- and if they were willing to do stuff like that -- then they would have targeted Rush, Rupert and Glenn Beck ages ago. Brietbart was a fairly small potato compared to those guys.

Still, Andy was clearly ambitious -- and uncontrollable. He always struck me as the sort of Creature of the Id who might go red in the face and start screaming "Yeah? Well, FUCK YOU! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" to any poor schnook who happened to put the wrong cheese on his Subway sandwich.

A rage addiction could explain why a fellow in his early 40s might have a heart attack. Such things do happen: My own father died of a stroke at the age of 36, even though he was hardly the type of guy anyone would tag as over-emotional or easily angered. (Actually, he was a scientist who worked on the space program.)

Nevertheless, a quirky personality like Brietbart's makes various scenarios possible. Perhaps -- dare I whisper the suggestion? -- perhaps Andy was considering going off-script.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're going to say: "There you go again, Cannon. You make fun of the conspiracy theorists, and then you turn into one."

My response: If the right-wingers can shout baseless nonsense about a "bonb of truth," then certainly I may be allowed to extend a humble request for further information. Does anyone know if the attack dog had privately expressed annoyance with his tether?

There were spooked up individuals circling around Brietbart -- James O'Keefe comes to mind. Andy had unsavory playmates.

This odd death follows closely after the crippling blow to George Friedman's operation. Both Friedman and Brietbart have been accused of performing as sayanim. I'm not saying that there's a link.




Gus said...

Oddly enough, it never even occurred to me it might not be "natural", though I did wonder how one dies of natural causes at that age. Then again, I had a good friend die of natural causes at age 31, so there you go.

As to your father......he was a scientist on the space program and died of a "stroke" at age 37? Obviously he was killed by people covering up the fake moon landings. Duh. Get with the program Joe. :-)

Joseph Cannon said...

Gus: 36, not 37. The number may have Masonic significance. (Wink, smirk, chortle.)

Seriously, he was felled by his second stroke. The first one, a year earlier, affected him in unhappy ways. I don't like to think about it.

Anonymous said...

he dropped dead because of his lifestyle choices his heart gave out ie. NATURAL CAUSES look at the man he may have been 43 but he look'ed Years Older grey hair over-weight-by all account a rage'd fill individual
his father in law
( who knew he is Orson Bean of Matchstick game show fame ?)
said he had prior Health problems
there is NO conspiracy people...
People drop dead ALL the TIME every one dies of something

ralphb said...

This dude looked like some kind of rage machine to me. His BP was probably off the charts.

Matt Taibbi has an excellent obit at his Rolling Stone blog. :-)

Bob Harrison said...

What Actor212 said:

Anonymous said...

you need help

Anonymous said...

Ashamed to say it, but I am with Taibbi.

I am sure the same thing will happen to me, but I am still not sympathetic. The man was an example of the idiocy that is slowly killing the Enlightenment. We dont have to forgive and we dont have to forget.

I only hope Rush Limbag suffers a similar reaction to his viagra on his next trip to the Dom Republic.


Gus said...

Joseph, sorry, I couldn't resist. Terrible to loose someone that young, especially a father.