Sunday, December 04, 2011

Stop the Cain bullshit

Slate, on the end of Cain:
What did him in was sloppiness, in how he responded to those stories and how he bumbled other ones.
Oh, just stop it. What did him in was sex. What did him in was the fact that our dimwitted electorate, which cannot force itself to care about anything other than sex, became convinced that Cain had inserted his penis into a woman other than his wife.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps what you say is so.

Some contrary evidence came from some right wing people I know.

They wholly discounted the first harassment revelations, and weren't convinced by the press conference of Gloria Allred's client, and yet quite before this latest allegation, had abandoned ship on Cain (although previous supporters of his candidacy).

Why? They said the Libya non-answers were disqualifying, in their view. This is not an after-the-fact revision of their reason, but what was stated to me in the period of time after the Libya non-answer and before this latest development. Note, before this one, there was no adulterous sex actually alleged.

So there's that. Which is a more widely true reason, influencing the greater proportion of the GOP primary voters? Perhaps we'd need to await polling to be sure?


prowlerzee said...

You know, it is interesting that moreso than the accusations of abuse, it was the revelation of a long-term affair that toppled Cain.

I wish the abuse had been more heinous in the public eye than the affair...altho, for me, it was his response/s that nailed him as a worm.

But your focus on the media is dead on. In the middle of revelations that the banks received massive secret bailouts and as congress moves forward the "battlefield" bill which declares all of the US to be a battlefield and allows the military to indefinitely detain any citizen suspected of terrorism with no trial, the biggest tool out there, Rachel Maddow, had this to say:

...that she was covering the latest Cain sex scandal because there was "nothing else going on in the news".

Anonymous said...

Cain had so many stumbles that he became irrelevant. The worst I think was how he handled the question on Libya or when he was asked to define Medicare benefit plan or premium support, he turned to Newt and said: "You go first Newt".

Cain demonstrated he's a joke. The sex was the last straw.

Anonymous said...

I am seconding the 'straw that broke the camel's back' theory stated above.


Alessandro Machi said...

The difference between Cain and other sex scandal situations is that Cain was in the position of authority, and, appears to have inquired about sex in exchange for employment or financial gain.

Even Lewinsky actually approached the president and allegedly made the first move by flipping her skirt up over her waist.