Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWS: The provocateurs have arrived!

Well, we predicted that the provocateurs would hit Occupy Wall Street, and we should have predicted the methodology. In an obvious ploy, the bad guys sent out a few guys with anti-Semitic signs. On cue -- with a telling immediacy -- Breitbart's site picked up on this, and charged the whole movement with anti-Semitism. Also see NewsBusters, which is pushing the major media to parrot their line.

A transparent ploy? To you and to me, perhaps. But not to many other Americans.

How can I be certain that the anti-Semitic sign-holders are agents? Well, I can't be certain about all of them. But...come on. At least one of these clowns is the biggest, most obvious plant I've seen outside the Muir Woods. The reliably vile Pam Geller has the story here (quoting CBS News):
“Blame the Jews.”

That’s the message one Wall Street protester was trying to spread in Lower Manhattan to anyone that would listen.

A new video posted to YouTube shows the protester loudly and aggressively proclaiming “the Jews control Wall Street.”

In the nearly 6-minute video, the man is seen standing in Zuccotti Park ranting against Israel and Jews while holding a sign reading “Hitler’s Bankers – Wall St.”

The protestor, who would not give his name to those gathered around him, is also seen arguing with members of the public who took offense to his choice of words.

A number of others also ask the protester if Fox News had paid him to stand and display his sign to which he responded: “[expletive] Fox News, that’s [expletive]. [Expletive] Jew made that up.”
He's nameless, he's with no-one, and -- like the fool on the hill -- nobody seems to like him. He shows up with a cameraman just to get his mug plastered all over YouTube, and of course the resultant video immediately goes viral. Classic provocateur profile. The whole thing is being pushed by an out-of-nowhere Republican front group which calls itself the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Keep in mind that this sort of thing has happened before.
Ten or so protesters tried to force their way past security and were pepper-sprayed in return. One was Patrick Howley, an editor at the conservative magazine The American Spectator, who shoved his way into the museum even after being pepper-sprayed. "As far as anyone knew I was part of this cause — a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine [it] in the pages of The American Spectator," Howley says in his (since-modified) article. Did he step beyond the bounds of journalism?

Yes. Blame Howley for the weekend's violence: Howley's obvious attempt to discredit the Occupy movement wasn't victimless, says Charlie Grapski at Firedoglake. Without his instigation, innocent tourists and bystanders probably wouldn't have been maced.
I wouldn't be surprised if the guy holding up that sign turned out to be dear old James O'Keefe.

These days, being called anti-Semitic is almost a sure sign you're doing something right--like being called a commie by a wingnut or a racist by an Obamacrat.
"Hate is not an American Value?"

Someone needs to tell the right-wing nutzoids that before they produce anymore hate dripping ads and posters. The very fact that the provocateurs are getting into gear is a clear signal that OWS is starting to the rattle the cages. Opponents cannot dismiss the movement [too many people involved], so now they'll try to discredit it. The hippie charge didn't pan out, so now we'll try the anti-Semitic accusation. This is standard right-wing fare--the divide and conquer theory, pitting one group against the other.

Will it work? I don't think so. People have begun to wake up, finally.

Peggy Sue
Agreed, Perry L. The placard-holder's apparent belief in the neutrality of Google is sad, though.

For those who do not believe that Zionist Jewish interests control the United States, here's a question: if they did (just imagine it, please), what signs would you expect to see that you don't see now?

I really would like a proper answer to that question.
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