Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poll the other one

Dakinkat cites a couple of polls with interesting results: Gallup polled a whole bunch of Texans and found that the folks out there don't really like their governor. (What's his name again? Mighty Joe Young? Kong? Something like that.)
The poll, released Tuesday, showed Perry with a negative approval in Texas: while 45 percent of the state’s voters approve of Perry’s job performance, 48 percent of Texas voters say they don’t approve.
Meanwhile, a Marist poll has similar, albeit slightly worse, figures for President O:
According to this McClatchy-Marist Poll, the president’s approval rating is at 39% among registered voters nationally, an all-time low for Mr. Obama. For the first time a majority — 52% — disapproves of the job he is doing in office, and 9% are unsure.
Behold, the magic of American democracy: Two politicians disliked by their constituents seem likely to head the tickets of their respective parties.

Who says the system doesn't work?


gregoryp said...

Joe, I've repeatedly said this over at Dakinikat's but I don't think they take me seriously. I've lived in Texas since 1985 and have yet to meet a person who claims to like Perry or to have voted for him, yet, he wins the election every time and in a landslide. Republicans will all say they hate his guts, that they won't vote for him but you know what I'll believe it when he loses an election.

Edgeoforever said...

Good, sad read. Ramsey Clark taking over the anti-war movement popped into my mind.