Thursday, June 09, 2011

Right wing sickos attack Huma

A lot of people (including the National Review) have accused me of engaging in conspiracy theory. Oh yeah? Let's look at what folks on the right have been up to.

Nobody else on the left has the courage to denounce the many conservatives who have victimized Huma Abedin/Weiner. From a very popular Tea Party site:
Huma (Weiner’s wife) is a Muslim from a strict upbringing, who married a Jew. If Huma and Hillary are indeed lovers, it might explain Weiner’s obsession with women online.
Hillary still harbors a driven desire to be president – a goal she has held for many years. It would not do well for Hillary to be entangled in a lesbian relationship making headlines, and what better way to take the heat and speculation off those two than for Huma to find a husband, if only a faux husband? Otherwise referred to as a ‘beard’ -

There are several media outlets pursuing renewed interest in the 2 women and their relationship, including mainstream media such as LA Times, NY Daily News, Village Voice, and others.
It should be noted that when considering the 3-way relationship – each gains in a way that is of special importance to each person – Hillary has a beautiful young woman for sexual favors, and ensures that the young woman has a lavish lifestyle to keep her close.
Hillary is not what she appears, in any regard. She is a CLOSE ally of George Soros...
Yada yada. When a right wing conspiracist mentions Evil Soros, it's time to tune out.

What stuns me is that these evidence-free attacks have become incredibly widespread in recent days -- and the conservatives get away with it. From another popular Tea Party site:
Hillary and Weiners wife Lovers? Clinton-Abedin-Weinergate? or Desperate Weiners
Maybe The Weeeiner sent his pictures to Obama also since they are sooooooo close!

So let me see Hillary and her Huma are Lovers? And Weiner married her because it's hot for a man to marry a lesbian? When he finally figured out he wasn't going to get any He (Weiner) sought out college girls. Only one didn't play his game and turned him in. Now Hillary and Huma get caught with their bras off and Poor Bill with his bad heart can't get Monica back or eat a cheeseburger.
From BareNakedIslam:
Did Anthony Weiner, a Jew, convert to Islam to marry a Muslim?
That's the headline. From the story:
The New York Times reported that Weiner “sometimes fasts with her (Abedin) during Ramadan.” This would indicate that the congressman is more amenable to practicing Islam than Abedin is to practicing Judaism.
I think she is a sleeper agent who was given permission to marry a non-observant Jew. After marriage she could work on him to move him into Islam.
Here's an entire right-wing message board where the topic is "Hillary and Huma Lesbian Lovers?"
Hillary and Huma were probably lovers. Hillary has always been bisexual. Bill and Hillary only married for political reasons. I seriously doubt they ever had sexual relations. Hillary became pregnant with Chelsea so that Bill could become Governor. Of course, Bill can't be her biological father because he's been sterile since he was very young.

Funny how few people know these things outside of Arkansas. They really kept a tight lid on all this. I guess it's better to bite your tongue than to end up dead.
Are you saying Mrs. Weiner doesn't like the Weiner? Is it any wonder why Bill played around so much?
Lookee here:
Huma Abedin Loves Hillary Clinton. But Just How Much?
And because we believe that butch dykes are meaner and tougher than any five sissyfied liberal democratic men put together, we imagine that a bull like Hillary who has managed to turn a hot young Muslima (Luke - PICTURES, please!) into her body slave is just the sort of woman who can drive the Muslim world insane to the point of impotence.
Free Republic, on the Weiners:
One’s a lesbian, one’s a pervert. Plenty in common.
Now let's go here:
If Hillary Clinton had a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin then everything in Weinergate fits
If they are daughters of Sapphos wouldn’t it have been a good deal for Anthony Weiner to become Huma’s beard or faux husband?
The coverage of Weinergate has nibbled around the edges. The reports have carefully avoided mentioning the scandal’s “third rail”: the relationship between Huma Abedin Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife and her former boss Hillary Clinton.
Now let's go here:
My dialogue with my sources left me with no doubt Tuesday night (Oct. 30) that Hillary’s made passes at women and that Muslim Huma Abedin is Hillary’s most likely source of romantic and sexual love.
From Andrew Breitbart's Big Government (admittedly, this is a comment):
This is the biggest sham in history. We have one effeminate loudmouth pretending to be a stud and sending dirty pictures, to who-knows-who.

All this while while being married to hillary's girlfriend, while she and hillary are off together thousands of miles away . And to top it off, the couple's wedding was performed by hillary's "husband".
There's much more; you can Google for yourselves. The point should be clear: Conservatives now pretend to care about Huma, yet they can't stop themselves from attacking the woman and placing her at the center of bizarre conspiracy stories.

Just a few years ago, right-wing writer Edward Klein made the alleged Huma/Hillary affair the main revelation of a book based on anonymous sources. One reviewer termed his volume "the sleaziest, most derivative, most despicable political biography ever."

The hard-to-credit rumor of Hillary’s Sapphic excursions is being stoked by right-wing bloggers. They suggest that this supposed romance shows the candidate is not only a lesbian but consorting with terrorists, given that the Michigan-born Abedin is reportedly from a family brimming with known Muslims.
Dude, why are giving these crazy folks any play at all. They're crazy and they like being crazy. No hope for 'em.
Maybe we should take a step back and view this through a wider lens...

In the view of our rulers, whom I'll refer as plutocrats, but which encompasses our politic class and punditry:

What has an honest left-oriented blogger/muck-raker ever done to perpetuate the plutocracy, or serve it's agenda? Nothing.

If the left can't serve the interests of the plutocracy, what good are they? None at all.

If they're not useful to our agenda, should we afford them any attention? Of course not; ignore them and they'll largely go away, or be marginalized to the point of being ineffectual.

On the other hand...

What has the far right / tea party ever done to serve the interests and agenda of the plutocracy? Plenty.

Even if the far right / tea party goes off on some odd tangents now and then, what's to be gained by calling them out for it? Nothing, or less; it would undermine their ability to advocate for the plutocracy in the future.

I generally agree with the characterization of the pundit class as "villagers" or "royal courtiers" - stenographers for the powerful - and so I'm sympathetic to the argument that mainstream media tends to adopt the viewpoints of those in power.

Those in power have absolutely nothing to gain from the left's agenda, and everything to gain from the right's.

And so it makes sense that everyone turns a blind eye to batshit crazy propaganda coming from the fringe right, since - in the end - it will serve the plutocracy. Nobody wants to call bullshit on the guy who's trying to put more money in their pockets.

Now... put that in your 2008 democratic campaign analysis and smoke it.
If it's Thursday it means the republican nut bags are spewing their vile hatred, so what else is new?

For a conservative, spouting this disgusting filth is as natural as breathing, and as necessary.

These few quotes are by no means an aberration but reflect the soul of those who identify as republican.

I think the word I am looking for is projection. The people who wrote this trash are guilty of doing it themselves ... or wish they had the nerve to do it.
Joe is right to call it. This crap has changed the centre of gravity of the debate. Americans actually think they have a left and right when all they really have is a centre and hard right. You guys even think public provided health care is socialist, rather than the only sensible way to arrange things. If all left wingers are fair game and all left wing wives can be labelled lesbians then you just encourage different standards of public behaviour for left and right. You guys need to push back before these assh*les start loading you on trucks.

Jeez. I keep forgetting how obsessed the Right are with the sexual lives of the Left. Tell me these weirdos aren't turned on by us!

Plus they totally know what Hillary Clinton is thinking and feeling.

Re being a conspiracy theorist: Joe, I do think much of your writing could be categorized as conspiracy theory. But your conspiracy theories are nothing like what are usually called such. They are interesting theories that a sane person might want to consider, nothing like the laughable scenarios of the 9/11 Truthers.
The idiocy and ignorance given off by someone who uses the phrase "a hot young Muslima" is quite amazing.

These right-wing morons spewing out their demotic right-wing talking points probably think Mexico is Muslim.
"reportedly from a family brimming with known Muslims.

You gotta wonder whether those of us who want a more human society should spend less of our time dealing with the details of any crap put out by scumbags who write like this. It can function like a tar-baby.
Notice that nearly all of the criticism of Weiner is sprinkled with gay hating, Hillary hating,
muslim hating? It's what they do, they can't help themselves. They think when they stir in the gay or muslim component it makes the offense even more egregious. They've taken a situation of bad judgment and the distribution of salicious pixs and turned it into a sexual 3 way with 2 lesbians with the veiled inference that Huma is a covert agent. And they think Weiner has problems? What a bunch of psychos.
"The jaded cart-horse of the commonplace bourgeois mind falters of course in confusion in front of the ditch separating substance from appearance, and cause from effect; but one should not ride carthorses if one intends to go. coursing over the very rough ground of abstract reasoning."

Tagged : stage-illusionism;
Whence You know the TRICK, its simple.
They KNOW.
The sheeple ("left","right" : NOT.
Even Gawker is now feeling as though they need a cyber shower after seeing that Andrew Breitbart was showing that photo around to his buddy Ann Coulter (s?)...with glee and joy while:

The Three Lies of Andrew Breitbart

Notice the photo by them says he was "draaankin"!

When a site like Gawker is in eawwe mode you have to wonder, just how obsessed people like Andrew Breitbart and Coulter with people and their privates.

Notice that Gawker has now put 'Bullshit' on the Andrew Breitbart story...

Andrew Breitbart was passing around Anthony Weiner's photo as if it was his pride and joy. One of your commentators was spot on: 'Andrew Breitbart shot the hostage'. Clearly someone not to negotiate anything with!

Woman Voter
This is the screeching mob in all its glory. Not satisfied with simply pillorying Weiner for his reckless virtual sexcapades, the haters need to spread the hate and vicious rumors, involving his wife, Hillary Clinton and Muslims in general. What's next? That the threesome is killing puppies while chanting Assalamu Alaykum?

I mean seriously--who has the sex problem here? I find this nonsense far more disturbing than anything Weiner did. Though laughably ridiculous this is the demented garbage that the unhinged run with. Then a tragedy occurs and the very same hate spewers insist they have clean hands. Not our fault, they scream.

Enough already!
The commentator above is correct as the media is desperate trying to get the working class to follow the Florida case of a mother who murdered her child and still we have NO PHOTOS of the caskets of the soldiers returning long will these wars continue?

Notice Joe Biden who went to Iraq to say we would be there for another 10 to 20 years.... Notice he isn't saying anything now.

The power Greedos are concerned that the people are noticing all the Billions going to countries to be handed out to other Greedos while they tell us we can't have the Public Option as a choice, women can't have reproductive care, eliminating Medicare (A program YOU and YOUR employer paid for!) and continue to increase the age of retirement (Obama's idol Ronald Reagan was the last to do so...DINO...YOU and YOUR employer paid for this program too!) so you never see it, which is similar to eliminating it.

So, the media was all too willing to negotiate with Andrew Breitbart and he and his buddies are laughing all the way to the bank! LOOK over there!
The video of Breitbart on Opie and Anthony showing Weiner's dick off like it's a bowling trophy is too funny. He never intended to make the picture public, he just intended to describe it in detail and make fun of it! Out of respect for Weiner's family!

Breitbart and Lee Stranahan claim that the left is waaaay worse than the right when it comes to these kind of posts. Breitbart obsessively retweets any tweet that's homophobic towards him or in some other way hateful but they just ignore how common it is on the right. They complain about Daily Kos but forget that Free Republic is 10 times worse.
The fools who continue to amaze me are the ones who think they can support Hillary [l]and[/i]the Tea Party. They're completely antithetical. You cannot be for a liberal woman and a group whose whole ethos is profoundly anti-woman.
Wow and I suppose the nut-jobs think Hillary impregnated Huma with a turkey baster filled with Vince Foster's sperm. I have to say, as a lesbian I find this right wing sexual fantasy about Hillary and Huma pretty amusing. In a creepy, psychotic way.
Vile people. Sad, but vile. I am waiting for them to suggest that since Huma is (according to their evidence-free theory) gay but pregnant, Hillary must be the father of her baby!!! (They never let logic or reality impede them, so it is just a matter of time...)

Barbara Walters and Chris Matthews blamed Huma. Do they qualify as right-wingers?
If they're blaming his wife, they qualify as idiots.

Why is it so many are so willing to absolve men of almost anything and try to blame women for the actions of others? Don't we all as individuals have enough to handle in being responsible for our own actions, without having the actions of someone we have no right of control over dumped on us as well?

Or do they simply have so little respect for men, that they have no expectations of them behaving like responsible adults?
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