Sunday, June 05, 2011

The conspiracy: It's all coming apart (Update: "TwitterBreaker"...?)

No, that's not Weiner in the infamous "crotch shot." (He's just not built that way.) Yes, his account was tampered with. Yes, there really was a conspiracy against him. We're learning a lot more about the conspirators. Deal with it.

See here and here and here.

Update: Also here and here and here.

By the way -- here's an advertisement (click to enlarge) for a little program that claims to break Twitter passwords automatically. Does it work? Dunno. This may be a scam or a malware-dropper -- or it may function as advertised. I won't try it, and I won't tell you where to find your own copy. But it's interesting to know that such things are available...


Stef said...

Thanks for linking and here's one more. Big fan of your blog, great work, what is your Twitter? Also, how did you find the original uncropped photo, is that from Dan Wolfe's cache?

<a href=">Weinergate Ends When Mike Stack et al Are Investigated</a>

alix said...

Just want to say, you did a great job. What's most important is before yfrog fixed the glitch, you took the time to record it and prove it existed. Great work.

I just wish the MSM would pay attention. CNN of course has its own conflict in its blogger/rightwinger who apparently got involved, and so they don't seem interested in correcting the record.

But you know, this is actually a much more interesting story than some congressman acting out. But they don't see it that way. I wonder if there's any pride there at all that says, "We're not going to be made into fools by this Breitbart guy anymore." I guess not.

Stef from DK said...

Joe, we're discussing the upside down photo <a href=">here</a>. I think you are really on to something. Thank you.

Joseph Cannon said...

Stef, I don't think the photo is fakety fake. But I don't think it is Weiner, unless he stuck a fake penis in his pants.

The reason why it is important to know that the man in the photo is reclining rather than standing is because it might have been taken of a sleeping subject, or a subject caught unawares.

But now that we know that Mike works in porn, I'm thinking along a different line.

I actually spent an hour or so yesterday studying the issue of well-endowed men in porn. This is not my idea of pleasant research.

Could you contact me privately at my email? There is rather more I would like to say.

prowlerzee said...

Joseph, have you seen this? It's being passed around at dumb-down sites like Newser:

The headline is how Weiner's tale of being hacked is "unraveling" because all the tweets came from the same place. The takeaway of this drumbeat is that the "only" way for Weiner to end this is to call for an investigation. I do believe you called this a while ago...they're on a fishing expedition.

prowlerzee said...

Actually, that article references your work and links here. Their rebuttal makes no sense. In particular, it's maddening for them to say that if anyone did mean to make it look like the picture came from Weiner they'd know his tweetstream and just when to insert the picture to make it seem like it came from Weiner. In that case, why is there any doubt at all? None of the previous tweets were suggestive! Doesn't that bolster Weiner's claim?

ANonOMouse said...

Great Investigative work Joe. We all know who is pushing this story at this and other blogs. Resurgence of the ratfuckers is underway

Anonymous said...

I lol'd.

Dustin said...

You people are totally crazy.

Mike reported the truth about a corrupt congressman who uses his office for sexting and his staff and congressional clout to cover it up. His hired 'private security firm' set out to frame the messenger as hackers and liars, and really slime the people telling the truth.

And nowhere do you see that slime worse than this blog.

Weiner sent those pics. He was not hacked. He was not framed. He was not impersonated. Breitbart consistently tells the truth, and consistently, the answer to his claims is that he's a liar, so no one should listen to what he's saying.

It's disgusting.

When Weiner refused to answer directly, the honest people realized the simple explanation was that he accidentally sent the message publicly. The kooks and hacks tried to create a lie, however implausible, to attack the good guys.