Thursday, April 07, 2011

A simple prediction

The government will shut down, and will stay shut down until Obama agrees to end Obamacare.

Perhaps even until he agrees to the complete Paul Ryan plan, including the gutting of Medicare and 25% top tax. The appalling degree of media praise heaped on Ryan tells me that the fix is in.

On the other hand: Perhaps if the Republicans get what they want now -- if they inflict genuine pain, if they measurably worsen the quality of American life, if the people understand that a bad plan bears their signature -- we may have the political basis for the candidacy of a real Democrat in 2012. The Bush years proved that conservative propaganda can triumph over anything -- anything except for the inevitable failure of conservatism in power.

On another topic: I was utterly shocked by the college campus shooting in Alabama. There's a college in Alabama?


Mr. Mike said...

If the government shuts down so does Social Security and unemployment assistance right?
Will the republicans be willing to weather that storm?
Or will the spineless Dems cave before the checks are due to go out?

John Myste said...

Like you, I am horrified by this. There are too many people who don't realize what is really going on. Obviously, only residents of Alabama know how it got there or why it was constructed.

Anonymous said...

Fine point. I wonder who gets the blame if they get their budget cuts and the economy does what it did in the 30s in response to ill-timed budget cuts.

Dont get me wrong. I am not a big fan of Mr. Krugman or anything. I think he is ignoring international aspects. But what sort of muppet cant see the parallels between recent events and the 1930s?

So by all means, get the deficit down. If you dont then you will get much higher inflation. However if you cut the deficit say goodbye to stock market rallies, lower unemployment etc, and hello to double and triple dip recession.

I dont know whether to laugh or cry about it. I think all you can do is step out of the way and get a ring side seat for what should be the economic collapse of the century. I just hope they blame Obama and not all black people. Silly really. I mean, these idiots blame minority lending for the banking collapse!

Your country is run by selfish idiots, who only care about their narrow self-interest and are two dumb to recognise their Anasazi-like economic policies. No wonder Charlie Sheen is so popular. He is the living manifestation of the current republican psyche. Banking collapse? No way dude, just say "winning!" and hop in bed with a couple of porn stars. Collapse of career/economy - ignore it and launch lawsuit/new military campaign. Reality is for Trolls, We have Tiger Blood - Winning!!!

"Manifest destiny", my black/brown *ss.


Zee said...

The Daily Howler has been calling out that absurd meme about how "brave" Paul Ryan is. I've been fuming about about ditto heads. The Narrative calls for character tags, I guess. Now that you've noted the motive, I'm even more disgusted by this Kabuki Theatre.

Anonymous said...

"There's a college in Alabama?"
They even have a university as I
learned yesterday from my stats.
Auburn university.
I collect early registrations to the internet and theirs is from 1989 ! Then i put on my tinfoilhat
and stumbled upon a tidbit (or NONE)-> Hugh_Shelton, Richard B. Myers, 11. September, Auburn University
(no,I'm NOT Your common T.)

Boilermaker said...

If the government shuts down on Friday, the Country should be shut down on Monday by a general strike. No working, no buying, no selling, no banking. If our "leaders" had any convictions, other than criminal, they would ask the people to join them in their shut down.

Caro said...

>>There's a college in Alabama?

Yes, but of course it isn't funded.

Carolyn Kay

Silent Kate said...

Sure, there's a college in Alabama. Where else do you think Joe Scarborough could have gone to school?