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Shall we get Darrell Issa in on this?

I sent the following out to a handful of bloggers this morning -- and received but one reply. Seems that my campaign to be known as the most unlikeable entity in human history has born fruit. Still, a good idea is a good idea, even if Satan himself proposes it. And this, methinks, is a good idea...

* * *

Anyone up for a little vengeance?

This morning, I re-read a piece that I wrote...

...and a piece that Brad Friedman wrote...

...and I thought: Instead of stewing in our juices about the wrongs done to each of us, why not achieve some justice?

Brad's piece is about the Chamber of Commerce plot to harass bloggers by spying on them, planting malware on their systems, and using "personas" to create the illusion of consensus on various internet forums. The "persona management software" suggested for this scheme apparently has existed for some years and has been used by DOD and the intelligence community.

Leading Democrats have asked Darrell Issa and other Republicans to investigate the issue. The text of the letter is on Brad's site.

I don't think that Issa will do this. He is an intensely partisan creature, and an investigation is not advantageous from a partisan standpoint.

But what if we sweetened the deal for him by asking him to look into Axelrod's exactly similar tactics on behalf of the Obama campaign in 2008?

Realistically speaking, we all know what Axelrod did. He runs an "astroturf" company called ASK. ASK used persona management software to create the pro-Obama, anti-Clinton firestorm throughout the progressive blogosphere.

In my case, malware was planted on my system by way of a fake email which I thought had been sent to me by Evelyn Pringle, the anti-Obama investigative reporter.

I know what you are thinking: "Yeah, that's what happened. At least, that is what we think. But we can't prove it."

That's the point.

The only way you are going to get courtroom-quality proof for a thing like this is to ask someone to mount an official investigation.

I propose that we ask Darrell Issa to do just that.

It's a controversial move. Let's face it: Issa is -- well, he is what he is. One does not want to ask such a person for favors.

On the other hand, a congressional inquiry is the only way of establishing the facts behind a scurrilous campaign of political intimidation. If we are committed to replacing Obama as the Democratic standard bearer, and (more importantly) if we want to assure that such ghastly behavior does not mar future elections, then we must expose what his campaign did to us in 2008.

We have an excellent opportunity here to awaken the public to the dangers of mass opinion manipulation. Campaign "attack dogs" of both parties will not be able to get away with using persona software in future elections.

We're all in favor of clean campaign fights, aren't we?

I'd like your feedback. If most of you think this is a good idea, I'll research what to do next.

And Brad (if you're reading this) -- by sweetening the pot for Issa, by giving him a partisan reason to launch an investigation, you would also increase the chances of Aaron Barr being forced to undergo congressional grilling.

-- Joseph Cannon
The idea is good.
Well, you are not going to get a Demcrat to start that investigation. Why not Issa? BO is the worst thing to happen to the Dems and this country, IMHO. Just as Bush was the worst thing for the GOP and this country. If Issa is a patriot, and partisan hack, he should see the advantages in that investgation.
I'm not sure you could get a Republican to start an investigation either... I suspect Obama IS the R choice for prez...

But I'd say Issa would be as good a choice as any...
Excellent idea, Joseph. Possibly brilliant. No harm done if he says no, but an investigation could be interesting. And yes, if it is wrong if done for/by the Chamber of Commerce, it is wrong for/by Mr. Axelrod.

um, I did not hit publish, but my last comment disappeared ... it was from Zee if the comment itself made it thru... it was a thumbs up for action, just in case...
Retrieved the comment if it didn't come thru....if so, no need to repeat, thanks:

If anything, keep going until you at least get Brad to respond. The utter scum of the earth, Will PITT and Mark Karlin, both of whom turned DU and Buzzflash into sewers for Zerobama, finally took me off of their "truth"out (and LIES-in) mailing list (which Karlin turned into a money-grubbing org) but altho PITT finally turned on his messiah, he of course did not blame himself, even after he scrubbed DU of anyone who early on said the same things about Obama Pitt finally, belatedly, retardedly admits. Point is, IMO, anything that rubs Brad's nose in his own willful ignorance is worth it, and if it actually results in an investigation, so much the better. Take every measure. I will spread the word or help in any way possible.
We need to get the names of the Obama people who called their fellow Democrats racists and throw them out of the party.
Good connecting of the dots, Joe, as to what Kos and others allowed to happen. Perhaps if some A-list bloggers didn't have their collective nose so far up Obama's butt they would have smelled the rat.

I think Issa will do something, not today but closer to election time. The politically smart thing to do would start an investigation in the summer of 2012 and let it drag on to the fall.

It will sink Obama's numbers and discourage Democrats from going to the polls come November. If he starts this year the Democrats can run another candidate if Obama decides to step down.

If that happens there is a good possibility blacks and youths will sit out the election, all republicans have to do is play the race card. Karma. But will it be enough to assure we get a President Jeb! or Palin, or Trump?

Sure, he could take out Axlerod now because you know Obama will throw him under the bus in a heart beat but will that be enough to cripple his campaign?
I wish this could happen, but it won't. These underhanded tactics are probably used by ALL the power players (since most serve the same money/power interests), and no one will be willing to expose the game, D or R.
I'd be afraid I'd catch some with Issa. I'm happier knowing he doesn't know I exist.
I remembered something tonite at work. There were allegations of sockpuppeteering flying around at Kos during the time of the primaries. I can't remember who was accusing who.
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