Monday, February 21, 2011

Ayn Rand, the movie

It wasn't enough for libertarianism to ruin the economy. The ideology that destroyed America is now going to infect the movie screen. This trailer would be hilarious if libertarianism had not cost so many jobs, and if the Kochs were not intent on putting out the financial inferno by pouring on more Ayn-brand gasoline.


djmm said...

I suspect it will be as popular as Battlefield Earth.

Ms. Rand worshiped the brain but only its left side (ironically enough): she did not seem to understand that there is a right side of each brain as well. Perhaps as a consequence, although she created some memorable characters, there is no literary man more hollow than John Galt. The character is almost entirely undeveloped -- and from what I recall, lacking in any trace of humor as well.

I pity the actor who portrays him.


Tiro said...

ROTFL! Wow. Directed by and starring Paul Johansson, an over-privileged night time soap opera hunk. Boy, howdy, and does it look and sound like it. More power to him. If someone is going to run this train off the tracks, it should be done with the kind of stunning over-sized bravado that only a hunk actor can provide. I think it will be glorious.

Mr. Mike said...

I wonder if this will be like those books written by right wing kooks that top the charts only because truck loads are bought and sent to the nearest landfill?

Paul Rise said...

Who is John Galt?

Paul Johannson in the role of a lifetime!

djmm said...

Best I could understand from the book (and I have read all Ayn Rand's books), John Galt is a man who dumps his career, taking jobs such as that of a short order cook, because he did not feel appreciated.

So we should care because....????

The appeal of the Ayn Rand books lies in that they highlight the value of work, any work, done well, as well as the dignity of the individual. But they ignore the fact that regulations are there because some people and companies will cheat, lie, steal and pollute. There are exceptions but generally regulations benefit companies that do not cheat, lie, steal by eliminating the cost advantage created by the lying, cheating, etc. that the other companies do.

Her books also ignore (among other things) the value of government infrastructure and the free rider problem. There are some things that only we the people, acting through government, can do well, and we can only do it by working together. I am not sure why that was hard for her to understand.

I would not call her a kook, but her reasoning has flaws. Amazing when you remember that Rand thought she worshiped reason.