Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stack's attack

Why did the FBI take down the website of anti-IRS terrorist Joseph Stack? More interesting question: How did the FBI prevent people from accessing that site via Google's cache function? (See here, two or three listings down.) The intent cannot have been to prevent people from reading Stack's manifesto, since it has been reprinted here. What else was on that site?


Anonymous said...

Joseph - You can view the cache of his site if you go to the pages that do NOT have the suicide note.

I am being somewhat generous and saying that they probably did not want the traffic to shut a server down, but it could be anything....also you can schedule the bots to cache pages when you update pages. I think.

Alessandro Machi said...

I can understand taking it down short term, but if it is taken down forever, that would seem like the wrong course of action.

Short term it may make sense to prevent copy cat motives, but long term it probably should go back up.

Anonymous said...

Stack was a software contractor CIA and Pentagon, including REMOTE CONTROL PROGRAMMING OF AIRCRAFT: Company Profile (1995 cache)

Embedded Art is a small independent software house, specializing in process control and automation. In its current form it represents the culmination of 20 years of experience in the software development consulting business. Founded by Joe Stack in 1983 (under the name of Prowess Engineering) in Southern California, the company thrived for 15 years until shifting focus to the Sacramento area to take advantage of growth in the Silicon Valley.

Now, 5 years later, the expertise of Embedded Art has landed in the Austin Area expecting to lend a hand to the growing high technology industry in South-Central Texas.

The concept behind the success of Embedded Art is that we provide the experience and muscle for addressing complex software engineering development tasks. Much of today's programming is a step-wise refinement of previous development projects. With 20 years of experience, we provide the expertise that can effectively navigate around many of the pitfalls that snare the unseasoned engineer (indeed, we've seen many of the same mistakes made again and again by the inexperienced).

Interstate Electronics Corporation

Project: IEC 9002 GPS-based Flight Management System
Define and analyze requirements
Implement a flash file system for pilot-defined route storage management (based on the Linear File Storage standard for PCMCIA flash memory)

Project: The IEC 9002 Navigation Database Update Processor, a Windows-based, off-line data reduction tool
Complete and supervise upgrades and modifications
Supervise release cycle and CMS process for product release

Project: IEC 9002 MCDU, an ARINC-739 compatible Multi-purpose Control and Display Unit
Design and implement a Windows NT-hosted development environment for the embedded target's RTOS and operational firmware
Implement the production unit's Built-in-Test Manager and Bootstrap Program Loader (which allows the flash-based firmware to be updated)

Project: GPS Satellite Simulator (Military & Commercial unit)
Design and implement firmware/software for process control

Project: IEC Military Plasma Display, an 80186/82720-based "intelligent" terminal boasting multi-mode text graphics display, ANSI Standard compatibility, multiple virtual screens, and downloadable display generation capability
Design and implement firmware to manage the display, keyboard, and communications hardware

arbusto205 said...

Thank you John Lee for adding content and not just opinion. But this kind of suggestion of CIA and military links is rather tiresome. Obviously the guy had an 'interest' in aviation. Obviously a huge percentage of all high technology work done in our country is funded through bloated military budgets. You and Alex Jones trying to turn this into some sort of Northwood's crap just plays into the delusion of people believing improbable speculative obscure things at the expense of actually bothering to deal with straightforward real problems that we have today. So sit back, speculate wildly, surf, post and do...fuck all.

arbusto205 said...

In rereading the edit of my previous post I find it overly harsh (but please don't filter it Joseph). I like people coming up with new theories and digging up facts, I just don't like them automatically being binned into tired right-wing propaganda models. This is what I should have said, but your links JohnLee on your piratenews site to Alex Jones made me grumpy. Apologies.