Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A message to visitors from the Daily Kos

My dog Bella has disgorged a perfect rejoinder to you brie-and-chablis "progressives" and your perma-smirk attitude toward us working-class, old-school liberals.

You ruined the Democratic party by creating a false Messiah out of a Republican-at-heart who had dressed himself up as a progressive populist. You accused us of racism simply because we saw through that man's deceit long before you did.

And you still refuse to admit that you did anything wrong in 2008.

Get used to the taste. You'll be eating a lot of the stuff -- and you have no power to change history's harsh judgment.

The only way to ameliorate the foul flavor is to gargle with a mouthwash called "HUMILITY." But I suspect that you arrogant fucks would literally rather die than use such a rinse.

By the way, Kossacks, your pathetic attempts to pretend that the primaries are ancient history will fool no-one. The past isn't dead -- it isn't even past, as long as your man is in the oval office. You remind me of that recurrent gag in the Simpsons -- the one where Homer creates a calamity and then tries to excuse himself by saying: "Now, let's not play the blame game...."
Another righteous rant!
The democratic party is dead. We need a new party for us, a former democrat like me or I will continue to register as an Indy.

They accomplished their goal of defeating the Clintons and that was their only goal. Screw HC or anything else.

They will keep going because Hillary is still a threat so until she retires from politics, they will never give up.
The progs are missing the first step in the 12 step program -- Admit your mistake!

Can't go forward from there until Step 1 is accomplished. Sorry, Obots, I don't make the rules ...
yawn, yawn, yawn. The Turd Party cult got all confused by the cuisine....Bella's offering can work for them, too, since the Obots/Naderites/TurdPartyCult are all one and the same mentality.

Newsflash, Turdites. Hillary and Sarah aren't your little paper dolls who are going to make fantasy runs in your Magic Hero Party. You can register as nitwits for all that matters. The people who are going to enact real change are those registered and ready to vote in primaries on both sides.
Joseph, second huge grin (not the Bella-offering-eating type!!) of the day. Thanks.
So how bad will the GOPers trash the Republic this time around? Will we return to the antebellum U.S., with economic slavery instead of racial slavery? With what nation will we be engaged in eternal war? Will Rush Limpballs be the Secretary of Education? (Fill out the future GOPer Cabinet roster for a really depressing exercise.)
Zee, I have no faith in Sarah Palin. I don't think she has principles, even conservative ones. Right now, she is after power.
Yuck! I have enough doggie dooly of my own.

Not that the Obamatrons don't deserve it. I don't expect any of these terminally-deranged bots to admit in public [let alone to those of us who saw The One for what he truly was/is]that they were wrong. They will hold on forever that He was the only choice, that those of us who preferred the experienced candidate were/are sore losers or if all else fails: we're racists.

And btw, I would offer no mouthwash and make them eat them whole thing, every morsel. Even then, I'm not sure I'm up to forgiveness.

And I definitely won't forget.

PS: I wish Google would stop rejecting my password. I've changed it and they keep rejecting it. And so, I remain, Anon.
since the Obots/Naderites/TurdPartyCult are all one and the same mentality.

Quoted for blatant stupidity.
little willy with the lower case w (ruh-roh! See Joseph's new post, you naughty boy!) I'm not responsible for your blindness. Naderites. Obots. Turd Party Cult. All one and the same mentality. Fact. Deal with it.

Joseph, I have no idea what you mean by "faith" in Sarah Palin. I have no "hopes" for her one way or the other. Personally, I see Meghan McCain as more the future of the GOP, if it is to evolve, as I would hope to see both parties evolve. I was merely remarking on the idiot Turd Party Cult wetdreams, too often spewed here and elsewhere, of Hillary, Palin, or some combo thereof, forming a "new" Magic Superhero Savior Party.

The trolls are spinning that false "dream ticket" as if they are some kind of champions of women candidates, when in fact they are preying on discontent and treating Palin and Clinton as if they were dolls in some fantasy play, instead of real women dedicated to ousting corruption in their own respective parties. Nice try, tho, trolls.
You dont need a new party. You need to take back the old party. "Old Dems" are the majority not the minority. Dont fall for the "Bolshevik" line - Kosites are a trivially small "wholefoods" minority.

Its your party and its your country. Dont let your corporate elites and their "progressive" offspring tell you different.

You know, it isnt going to get better. The next battle is going to be over "Americanism". Please dont let them win.

Your message is lost on the hardcore Kos-bots, they are so far up their own butts they don't have to eat.
The same load keeps recycling.
As to going over to the Stale Cheeto to read the delusion, why should I give Markos' hit counter a spin?
Oh lordy, I am reading this on the heels of a humongous Kos diary on Obama's plans to gut SS. The diarist and 99% of the comments are filled with so much anger and disgust with Obama and the Dems that for a moment I thought I was on The Confluence. Even the few Obama apologists who dare to squeak up are roundly squashed.

Yes, it's deeply satisyfing but there is a problem: NOT ONE of these disillusioned, fed-up, Obama-is-dead-to-me posters ever ONCE says "Maybe I should have paid more attention before I joined the cult."

No. The whole meme is that Obama *changed* after the election, that who he campaigned as is not who he turned out to be. In this rationalization--which they all share--they were hoodwinked and bamboozled. They were told one thing and sold another.

Well I call MAJOR BS on that. What Obama is now, is exactly what he campaigned as. Exactly the same!! He never changed--it was all out there. And WE TOLD YOU, OBots. Over and over and over. We presented the same evidence you're wringing your hands over now. And for our efforts we got -- well, what we got has been amply documented here and elsewhere.

So I'm with Joe. I will never forget, and forgiveness will take a lot more than it seems the Obots are ready to do. The first step is to admit that you were wrong and we were right. That's just the first one. Everything else follows from that.
"You dont need a new party. You need to take back the old party. 'Old Dems' are the majority not the minority."

Amen, Harry!
Glad to see Bella's in rude health, to judge by the look of that log!
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