Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's heart

If you are looking for a laff, stop by Democratic Underground today. The self-deception of the Obots remains boundless. See here and here and here and here.

You'll see many examples of what I call the "blame Witte" syndrome. The nomenclature comes from Count Witte, the adviser to Czar Nicholas, who got the blame every time the Czar signed off on a policy that his opponents didn't like. To wit (or Witte):
Medicare-for-All:"Si !!" - - Private Mandates (Romney-Baucus-Lieber-Care): "NO !!!!!"
I agree with the sentiment. But this writer couldn't bring himself or herself to use the proper term: Obama-care.
Do you think it's time to boot Kaine and Rahm (and bring in Howard Dean)?
No, it's time to boot Barack Obama.
Possibly Obama is just a good man. A man who believes he can inspire those from the left and right to do the right thing. Possibly he doesn't have the stomach for the the really gritty work of dramatically changing policy and knocking down the people that stand in the way of that change.
I believe he is. He's just getting really shitty advice from his staff.
I'm sure it was Rahm who insisted that Franken's progressive views be kept out of the HCR debate as long as possible.
NOW is the time for a major shakeup.
Don't hold your breath.
"President Obama has since surrounded himself with DLC members including appointing one (Tim Kaine) chairman of the DNC".
Remember when the progs were telling us that Obama was the anti-DLC candidate? (Of course, I've long maintained that the DLC is far less powerful than progs like to think.)

Rhetorically addressing Obama, Truthout (republished on DU) achieves a rarefied Basil-Fawlty-meets-the-Germans level of tomfoolery:
Your friends are not the suits on Wall Street, the same ones who fooled Timothy Geithner for years. Your friends are not the timid centrists, who Rahm Emanuel coddles. Your friends are not the giants of the mortgage industry, who fought you tooth and nail to keep the foreclosure crisis out of the courts. Your friend is not George W. Bush, whose crimes you continue to conceal.

Your friends are the progressives across this country, who, when you asked for their faith and inspired them with beautiful words, placed you on their shoulders and carried you to a historic victory.
Believe it or not, this gets even funnier. Prepare for a spit-take:
We know that, in your heart, you're one of us. Your heart is the element you seem to have forgotten, the element we miss. You used to wear it on your sleeve; we could hear it pounding in your chest when you spoke.

And the laffs keep on coming. On single-payer, one DUmmy writes:
Well, I've read Obama has committed to moving further left. This is the ideal issue to prove it.
Surrrrrrre he will.

On the other hand, some progs are waking up:
Yes, I wish I could get my donations back. My family teases me and breaks out in laughter at the word "hope."
I thought I could spot a con man a mile away by now, but I got taken in too

And so did a LOT of others on this board but they'd rather die or blame a progressive than admit it.
I spotted the con a long time ago. If Obama's NAFTA lie didn't clue you in, you're an idiot.

And I do blame the progs. That's why I decided to call myself a liberal.

On the other hand, FOX has proven that they can be even funnier than Democratic Underground:
America Betrayed President Bush
George W. Bush seemed to have an almost mystical understanding of what the American people needed when we needed it most.
Speaking of mysticism, let's hear from a certain turban-wearing seer from the east, as he tries to guess the contents of a sealed envelope:

"Scheming and reaming and twilight's last gleaming."

(Opens envelope)

"Name three Bush policies still in effect." Hi-yo!!!


jackyt said...


No... It's more like

"Baddaboom Baddabing!"

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me what kind of wine goes with schadenfreude?

I told them a Rhine or Mosel, but beer is much better.

Joseph Cannon said...

Bock beer. The situation is tragic.

Incidentally, the Germans capitalize all nouns.

Anonymous said...

"Scheming and reaming and twilight's last gleaming."

(Opens envelope)

"Name three Bush policies still in effect." Hi-yo!!!

Still laffin' about this one, Joe. Thank you!


Bob Harrison said...

That was a two tissue screen cleaner! ROFLMAO!

Snowflake said...

Evidently this same video is used over and over in different spoofs. Who knew?

I heard people going on today-the same loud mouths types who last year were flapping their jaws about Obama's impending sainthood-talking about how he should just resign.

Oooops. Now that would be Change I could believe in.

S Brennan said...

DCL put out three memes to it's minion blogs.

1] Coakley is a bad candidate, IE "she's a bitch theme"

2] Massachusetts voters are stupid, IE "voters are a-holes theme"...

3] We don't care how you voters vote we'll move further to the right. IE "let them eat cake theme" We are going to pursue policies that benefit our high end donors.

They will backfire. Let me explain briefly, in 1] you are telling those who voted Democratic in particular, you're idiots, in 2] you are telling voters in general "we think you are stupid", 3] you might as well stay home because voting for us will not give you any influence.

Again, Brown didn't beat Coakley, the Democratic "leadership" put in place the worst possible policies and forced Coakley to sign on to them. Brown owes Obama, Reid & Pelosi his victory. From the way Obama, Reid & Pelosi's minions are talking they'd like to expand the career opportunities for other Republicans.

As I said:

Coakley was doing okay [20% lead], then Obama, Reid, Pelosi made her reverse her stance on Stupak in the Dem's health insurance reform bill. Which made the election into a referendum on a bill that is wildly unpopular. i don't care what the blog boyz say, this loss is directed explicitly at Obama, Reid, Pelosi & minions

So I'd like to propose another meme:

Obama, Reid, Pelosi & minions are idiots and need to go find other work.

Year one Obama, Reid, Pelosi

There's FISA,


Tax Cuts for the wealthy [called stimulus],

3 separate expansions of the AF-PAK War,

Continuation of the Iraq war,

Keeping Guantanamo open, expanding the Bagram prison complex,

Successfully arguing before the Supreme Court for the destruction of Habeas Corpus,

Expanding our rendition program,

Health Insurance Bailout Bill,

Cutting Medicare,

Cutting Medicaid,

Another Bailout bill coming [4 Trillion this time], thanks Barney,

The right to seize citizens funds until financial institutions can be made whole, thanks Barney,

...and I believe he is on track for the big take down of Social Security next year.


So let's give Obama a little credit where it's due.

Unknown said...

Resign? Only if Biden, Pelosi, and Byrd quit first.

Bookhorde said...

"Oh, if only the Tsar knew of his people's suffering!"

Zee said...

S Brennan, Coakley did not reverse her stance on Stupak. She was asked about it again and said she would not be voting for any plan with Stupak language again....but that she didn't think it would come to that.

Joseph, thanks for this delusional-DUs rundown.

Here's a delusion of a different stripe:

Taylor Marsh, who ran off a lot of her following by aboutfacing and becoming a total devoted Obot, has now conveniently "forgotten" all that and thinks she has a claim to say "I told you so!" regarding the implosion of Obama's brand!

Uh, Taylor, no. WE told YOU so.

allan said...

Not sure why you spend so much energy on the DU comments (and many worse places) so often -- I don't think the blather of random insane people is a good measure of any very large group -- but it's your time.

I have become so sick of posters' contorted defenses of Obama on things they would have completely (and rightly) ripped Bush for, I pretty much never look beyond the actual news posts at DU anymore. Even so, I spent far less time there than I used to.

Another of the excuses is that anything bad is being done by "a left-over" from the Bush/Cheney years. So it doesn't have anything to do with Obama. I know that admitting you got totally suckered (again!!) can be hard to do, but man ....