Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THIS is the enemy?

Supposedly, Al Qaeda claims responsibility for the attempted bombing of a Northwest airliner. One must wonder about the quality of their hires. The 23 year-old would-be terrorist, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab of Nigeria, turns out to be a classic lonely-hearts schlub:
"First of all, I have no friend[s]," he wrote in another online post with informal, imperfect grammar. "Not because I do not socialise (sic), etc but because either people do not want to get too close to me as they go partying and stuff while I don't. or they are bad people who befriend me and influence me to do bad things.

"i have no one to speak too, no one to consult, no one to support me and i feel depressed and lonely. i do not know what to do."


Anonymous said...

The underwear/Knicker Bomber has the same MO as the SHOE Bomber...lonely, and not too many personal skills...lack of socialization. The Shoe Bomber was from a poor family where the underwear/Knicker Bomber was from a more well to do family. Even the Army Shrink couldn't get a date...hemmm.

Common in all three, they couldn't get female attention and thought they would some how get social skills once they got to heaven.

Here is the welcoming party:

S Brennan said...

An Islamic nutjob sets his pants on fire on an aircraft and...

President Obama vowed an “accelerated offensive” against Yemen, it's "a serious reminder of the dangers we face and of the nature of those who threaten our homeland...we do not yet have all the answers about this...[but] we will use every element of our national power to..defeat the violent extremists who threaten us...anywhere".

In fact, we had already been bombing Yemen. So maybe this is retroactive tag line when Obama says "accelerated"

And speaking of "The Three Stooges".

If you had sent an "suicide bomber" on a one way mission and all he did was sent his pants on fire and burn his ding dong would you post something like this?

"[T]he Al Qaeda affiliate said Abdulmutallab coordinated the plot with members of its group, using explosives that they had manufactured. The Web site posting was titled, "The Brother Mujahid Omar Farooq al-Nigeri's Operation,'' and it included a photograph of a smiling Abdulmutallab in front of an Al Qaeda banner".

Who in their right mind would post something like this? I mean...c'mon folks, I'd go into hiding. Not because I was afraid of Obama's threats, but because I'd be afraid of appearing on a remake of "Jack-Ass". If we would laugh at these fools once in while, we'd do ourselves and the world a favor. Because, we wind up looking like fools for saying this is "a serious reminder...threaten our homeland...we will not rest" We need to get a grip. We are talking about a man who burned his own wee wee here.

"Haven't we, at long last", run out of Bobbit jokes? Doesn't Abdulmutallab, have all the makings a man who can step in and fill our need for a national fool? Of course we'd have to shorten his name to something like "A-dull-mut"...well, maybe I should sleep on it.

Anonymous said...

This is more than just sad, it's indicative of the manipulation of young boys who feel ostracized by their contemporaries. Al Queda would prefer to do that then man up and face their so-called "enemies" face-to-face. While it's pitiful that this young boy had no life that gave him a reason to live, he is still responsible for his actions that would have taken the lives of those who do.


MrMike said...

Janet Napolitano and Michael Brown could staff an Arabian Horse show by themselves.
Did you know that Bill Clinton was the last President to appoint as director of FEMA a person with real emergency/first responder management experience? Not some hack that drove him from the airport to campaign speaking engagements.
Meet the new boss, same as the Bush boss.

b said...

Schiphol airport, eh? Guess whose main European HQ is based there!

I typed that before I confirmed who runs security there. Not that that's a surprise.

In 1992 the Dutch state were stopped from investigating the crash of a flight 1862 that took off from there.

"State within a state" is a phrase that sticks to Schiphol a lot.

How much more of this shit does it take?????

Snowflake said...

I guess this was Obama's 3am telephone call.

Wonder what the weather was like in Honolulu that day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boo-hoo. We're suppose to have a pity party for a kid who attempted to blow himself up and nearly 300 other people for good measure? And now he's Mister Loney Hearts?

This kid comes from a wealthy and influential Nigerian family. His father is a banker. Initial reports indicated he is very bright and was referred to as "The Pope" by teachers and classmates. He was educated at the International British School.

Excuse me if I don't pull out a hankie and sob uncontrollably. I'll tell you who I give a great deal of credit to--his father, coming forward and at least trying to warn people about his own son's radical turn.

I'm a parent and I have sons. That decision could not have been easy, even though it was the right thing to do.

We were lucky this time. But if we keep up the nonsense, our luck will run out, again.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Dixon makes some interesting points:


Grumpy Geezer said...

So it's another Al-CIA-Duh sock-puppet show, this time to prepare the 'Merkins for a surge into, let's see... Yemen, that's it!!!

Joe, if you are (rightly) skeptical about the "official" story of the underwear-bomber, does that mean that you are starting (finally) to also have doubts about your implied faith in the "official" 9/11 story?

Or do you still hate the September-truthers (generalizing them all to be a motley, paranoid, CD-obsessed crew) so much that you still won't go there?

At least your hero Hopsicker had the insight and courage to reveal the "hijackers" to really be a gaggle of drug-mule pilot-trainees that Uncle Sugar HAD to accept and promote as Boeing-bording patsies -- when the real authors of the cover story gave the servile FBI their 9/11 marching orders.

But you got your own knickers so twisted over CD/Thermite smoke plumes, catalyzed by your (justified) long-term despising of rightist con-theorizers, that you may have lost sight of what a total video-game charade the whole 9/11 freakshow really was.

Lately the bogus identities of not only the plane sim-passengers but also the towers sim-occupants are starting to unravel, making the initial 9/11 death toll only in the hundreds, not the thousands.

But you're an absolutely terrific web-and-digital-image researcher, Joe, and unraveling the bizarre and sometimes threadbare fakery of 9/11 (and each of its egregious mini-sequels) is a challenge you should embrace, even at this late date.

Anonymous said...

This young terrorist wannabe sounds exactly like you. At least you only terrorize the truth with bad cartoons.

Joseph Cannon said...

Ah. So you admit that what I say about Obama is the truth?

Gottananswer Foreverything said...

I've said it a hundred times before. You want to end all the problems in the middle east (without giving away our bejesused East Jerusalem and giving the Palestinians some *human* rights)? Well the way is easy. And 'easy' is the operative word.

Stop sending drones to Pakistan, and troops to Afghanistan. You want to end this war? Send easy american girls (no offense to the feminists in the lot). I mean lots of them. The easier the better, and toss in some ecstacy... It's an American staple, and more plentiful than peaked-oil. Get every Suzi and Debbi (with a heart on the 'i') and send them off to the land of the rugged, handsome, not quite fully bearded young men. And let them learn that one hot & willing chick is equal to at least 70 virgins, plus you don't have to die to get any. Sorry for saying this in a crude way, but i stand by it--- you wanna end this? GET THESE GUYS LAID!! Have hottie-ops planted in maddassars and in the villages, and make the average Arab guy as horny as the average american 18-year old.

keep them getting laid and you will see no more subway bombs, underwear bombs, shoe bombs, or other AlQ-type plotting... everyone will be WAY too busy.