Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Question for Andy Breitbart

Andy Breitbart -- the intellectual son of Zsa Zsa and Matt Drudge -- is trotting out more Big websites. You guessed it: He'll be providing even more propaganda outlets for all the YALs and YAFs out there.

(Long-time readers know my terminology: YAL = Yet Another Libertarian; YAF = Yet Another Friedmanite.)

As always, these sites will operate under the grand pretense that the YAFs are outsiders, perpetual underdogs struggling to be heard. In actual fact, the YAFs have been running, and ruining, most of the world for quite a few years now.

In the preceding post we looked at Matt Taibbi's piece on Obamanomics -- which proves that the present administration is extremely YAFfy, despite all the tripe about "socialism" which you hear from the teabaggers. Thus, our dilemma: We have YAFs running the show and YAFs leading the revolution -- which means that, no matter what happens, we face a YAF future.

One of Breitbart's new sites will be Big Tolerance:
The site “will be run by my own version of the rainbow coalition: black and Hispanic conservative libertarians, Jewish, gay conservatives and libertarians. Those who are viewed in multicultural realm as traitors to their race, sexual orientation, and other cultural Marxist categories...
If you ain't YAF, you're a bolshie. False dichotomy is a YAF specialty.

So is Orwellian nomenclature. Big Peace will try to rehabilitate Cheneyism "in an era of ‘progressive pacifism.'" How many days will pass before a Michael Ledeen byline appears? I'm guessing maybe five.

Anyone can maintain a blog -- hell, even I can do it. But making money at this game is a very different matter. It takes a large amount of capital to set up a high-profile website with paid staff and "name" writers and an advertising budget and all the rest. So where is Breitbart getting his dough?

That's the Big Question.

And the Big Answer may be lurking within this paragraph:
He plans, in the not-too-distant future, to unveil new sites as part of his “Big” network, including Big Education, Big Tolerance, Big Jerusalem, and Big Peace, among others. Each site will be a mix of aggregation and group blogging. There will be overlap among the sites’ contributors: For example, if an Israeli politician wants to offer his perspective on a Hollywood film, he will be able to post something on a number of relevant sites.
Well, I'm terribly grateful to hear about this. Jews have had an awfully difficult time getting their voices heard in Hollywood, what with that glass ceiling and all.

Here's Andy on his plans for Big Jerusalem:
“If you think it’s bad to be a conservative in the mainstream media or Hollywood, think what it must be like to be a small democracy in the Middle East and challenge the postcolonial approach. Israel is the ultimate victim of Marxism, which is ironic, since its economy was initially founded on Marxist principles. A nation that preaches and practices tolerance is treated worse by the world media than they treat radical Islamists who practice violent jihad.”
As if many Israelis aren't violent, radical, or driven by religious fanaticism. Israel is the most racist nation on the face of the earth today -- and it will never deserve the title "democracy" until every person under its governance has the right to vote. At least Andy admits that Israel is colonialist, although that's rather too nice a word for a country founded on 19th century principles of racial and cultural superiority.

Is being anti-colonialist necessarily Marxist? Here, I suspect, is another example of Andy playing that familiar YAFfy game of setting up a false dichotomy. Andy tends to toss the word "Marxist" at anything he doesn't like. If a bad pizza comes to his door, he blames Uncle Karl. He screams "Pinko!" whenever his dog soils the rug.

Another question: Is Breitbart really trying to convince us that Hollywood and the media continually foster hatred of Israel? If that's his game, he'll have an easier time convincing people that the Earth is cubical. Then again, I'm sure that there are paranoids out there who will accept Andy's nonsense at face value -- just as there were people who didn't laugh when Alan Dershowitz called Desmond Tutu a "racist and a bigot."

I think you may now guess my suggested answer to the Big Question. The one about funding. Get real. Could the answer be any more obvious?

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Ken Hoop said...

But you do realize,serious, authentic libertarians like Justin Raimondo and Ron Paul or the fellow running will not be welcome at the phony's sites.