Friday, November 20, 2009

Maybe Xenu runs ACORN...?

I am no fan of Barack Obama. I would have preferred a McCain victory in 2008. And I wrote posts critical of ACORN during primary season.

Even so, I cannot freaking believe the latest polls: The majority of Republicans -- and some 26 percent of the overall electorate -- think that ACORN stole the election for Obama. By comparison, only 13 percent of the country thinks that vote fraud helped propel Bush to victory in 2004.

(Those 13 percenters are almost certainly right, by the way.)

C'mon. Get real. In 2008, the Democrats could have won even if they had nominated Squeaky Fromme. What need of vote fraud?

The Republican party gave the country an unpopular war and an economic meltdown. (Alas, a lot of people now seem to forget that both the catastrophe and the bailout occurred before the election. A lot of people also can't remember the date when 9/11 ocurred. Americans suck at chronology as much as they suck at geography.) John McCain, for reasons best known to himself, ran the softest, squishiest Republican campaign in memory. His inability to pretend to be a religious nut depressed the religious nut vote.

Are we to believe that ACORN could engineer massive vote fraud in a number of states -- faking up hundreds of thousands of votes, maybe millions of votes -- without access to either the machines or the tabulators? Are we to accept that this brobdinagian degree of vote burglary occurred without a single instance of cheating being detected by the Bush Department of Justice? Were there any significant telltale discrepancies between the actual vote totals, the pre-vote polls and the exit polls?

I'm continually stunned by humanity's ability to believe in hallucinations. The majority of the American people are also under the impression that you can end a recession by combating the deficit. (These same people couldn't get worked up about massive debts during flush times. When Dick Cheney said that deficits don't matter, did any Republicans care?) Worse, a growing percentage of the citizenry thinks that Democrats caused the recession.

We shouldn't make fun of the Scientologists for believing in Xenu. Most of your friends and neighbors accept fairy tales that are every bit as risible.
Waaaaaaiiiiiit a minute. I live in one of the most conservative parts of the country and I have yet to hear that Obama "stole" the election. Is this a Fox news poll or something.

And this about election fraud. My City Councilman was seated at a table next to me and was talking to others about voting processes etc. He just loved voting machines, like they were the black box of integrity. I leaned over and said, well of course, Bush stole the election in 2004 with voting machines--basically the best way to commit election fraud because it is the most efficient. He said, "Oh yeah, do you have any proof?. . .Not that I would believe you even if you do."

Nuf Said.
(Alas, a lot of people now seem to forget that both the catastrophe and the bailout occurred before the election.

True. HOWEVER... Obama left the campaign trail to whip the dem caucus to vote for the bailout; an effort he has failed to make for UHC or any other worthy legislation.

Also true Acorn didn't need to game the general. The primary, on the other hand, was stolen.
The voting machine issue is scandal. What the heck happened? After 2004, we raised hell as we pleaded for investigations, not only of the machines but also the companies that manufactured and maintained them. Being in Florida, I stayed involved and still am. We were promised investigation after investigation. In particular, we were promised major hearings in Congress by John Conyers. We had a few, no follow-up as the 2006 elections brought the Democrats to power. I guess if the machines can give us a democratic majority, the problems must be over (The corporations just gave the gov't to the Democrats - Republicans didn't want the mess).
We will never have another fair and free election in this country again. As far as ACORN and voter fraud. People are confusing the nomination and election. ACORN and others (the DNC) cheated to get Obama the nomination. The Republicans made sure he won the election. They created the mess, knew he'd screw up any kind of fix and the Democrats would get the blame for everything. Played right into their hands.
People don't know much and haven't been paying close attention, but they do know that trillions of dollars went out to the bankers courtesy of the taxpayers of the future.
The right has this fantasy that simply filling out and mailing in a voter reg form will get you registered to vote. In the real world, the post office does not deliver voter ID forms to addresses where they have not delivered to a person by that name. The voter id form is then returned to the county voter registrar and the name is dropped from the list. Fraudulently registering to vote is not as easy to do as it seems to the right.
I've heard it. It's part of the multi-prong attack on his legitimacy as president. If you don't agree that the Birthers have a case, you can still consider him illegitimate as not truly elected by majority vote.

Look, these memes go viral and become semi-immortal. How many people think La Palin said she could see Russia from her house (when that was La Fey)?

How many people still think Gore openly and illegally fund-raised at a Buddhist temple?

The Acorn message has been hit hard and often, however mendaciously. Somehow evidence of election REGISTRATION fraud (which ACORN reported to the authorities themselves) has been transmuted into proof of election fraud in the minds of far too many.

My favorite fairy tale - cutting taxes increases government revenues.

I was young and dumb and voted for Reagan way back when and even then it didn't make sense.
Great post Joseph.

All I can say is that I believe our society is mentally ill and completely apathetic towards and oblivious of the truth. Everybody in this country goes on believing whatever the heck they want regardless of what actually is happening.

This all reminds me of that bunch of idiots in one of those Michael Moore movies (I think it was one of his) who built bombs and terrible ones at that. Those idiots were cheering and writing their names on the bomb, etc. so elated that their weapon of mass destruction was going to actually kill other people. What they didn't stop to realize or care was that those other people were often innocent men, women, and children.

The people of this country are undoubtedly "special" in so many ways that we have virtually invented our own kind of narcissistic evil and perpetuate our terrible deeds across the globe. Only in a mentally ill society can people blatantly disregard the truth on virtually every level and about virtually everything just so they can feel better about themselves or superior to someone else who happens to find themselves in less than ideal circumstances.
What was ACORN's role in the caucuses?
As far as who stole the 2000 elections, it was the media. They're the ones responsible for the vote being close enough to steal. They own the 911 and the Iraqi invasion dead as far as I'm concerned.
Help, Lassie! Timmie's fallen into the 8th circle and can't get out!
"... continually stunned by humanity's ability to believe in hallucinations."
->You may be helped ->
Did you mean brobdingnagian? Or is 'brobdinagian' the americanization-- like color, neighbor, y'alls and Babbydaddy?
I am sure the primaries were stolen. About the Republican half assed attacks on obama only a fool can believe they actually didn't have a hand on him in the WH. Why not as chomosky said corporations actually preffered him over Mcain so they gave him the big money. and so far he delivered what he promised them.
Was ACORN involved in the bullying of little old ladies in last year's caucuses? If so, then they helped steal the election (he couldn't have won the election if he hadn't "won" the primary) for Obama.

I don't know if it was, I'm just asking.

Carolyn Kay
Since I subscribed to Media Matters emails some time back...I'd have to wonder about any thoughts of yours as to who wanted Hillary to lose !
Not that either Obama nor Clinton have exhibited the moral fibre of Kucinich.
And it's funny in a way that I care : it wasn't my election nor do I believe a choice between warmongers was any alternative...but BradBlog was really the 'Go To' source on Diebold and election fraud for years now.
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