Monday, November 23, 2009

The Israel lobby in Britain -- an extraordinary documentary

This incredible Dispatches documentary has aroused a great deal of controversy in Britain. Even if you're tired of the Middle East conflict, this video is a must-see. It details the methods by which the limits of permissible debate are created in the UK -- and, one must presume, in the US. I was particularly impressed by the segment which contrasted the BBC's relief efforts for the first Lebanon war with the BBC's callous attitude toward the victims of the recent Gaza attack.

The "megaphone" phenomenon is discussed, though not by name. The documentary does not finger Mossad as the organization behind these pressure campaigns, although most viewers will come to that conclusion.

This is investigative reporting done to a very high standard. Some of the people complaining about this documentary obviously have not seen it. If you use Firefox and VideoDownloader, you should be able to download the film to your desktop in order to watch it -- or at least listen to it -- at your leisure. This fine piece of journalism is definitely worth the investment of your time.

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Anonymous said...

This doc was naughty and unfair.

Remind me to comment on it later. Im concerned people I know and depend on would be offended.