Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fire Timmy and Larry!

At last, a Democrat who makes sense. Peter DeFazio is a hero -- a good populist. (I apologize for not presenting this video clip earlier, as I should have.)

I want to see this message on t-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons and bumper stickers: FIRE TIMMY AND LARRY!

And while you are making up those bumper stickers, see both this excellent BBC documentary on "The Greed Game" and Ian Welsh's excellent post on the same topic. The bottom line is the same: The banks which received bailout funds will use the money not to get the economy going again but to buy up undervalued companies. Welsh has some common-sense suggestions regarding how to fix the problem, but he doesn't expect any action:
Why? Because everyone knows that fixing the problem will end the gravy train for a lot of very rich people. A lot of very rich people who give a great deal of money to Democrats in general, and gave a lot of money to Obama in particular. If the cost of keeping that gravy train and the donations it enables going is tens of millions of unemployed people, well, so be it. Because serious people know that real change isn’t going to happen under Obama or under this Democratic Congress, so there’s no point in even talking to people who might suggest it.
If only DeFazio -- not Obama, not Pelosi, not Reid -- were the face of the Democratic party. We have been betrayed.
Congressman DeFazio hesitated when asked if he would tell Obama what he thinks. Until he and the rest of the Progressive Caucus start to really put the heat on and really go public with this nothing will happen. Unfortunately. Because he is absolutely right on what the problem is and how to begin to fix it.

It is interesting that Schultz had DeFazio on his show at all and allowed this discussion to take place since he was a big fan of Obama and trashed Hillary without any shame in the primary. I say to Ed – part of this mess we are in is your fault for promoting the most unqualified candidate for President.
La La Summers has GOT TO GO!

As a former constituent of DeFazio's, I was mostly impressed by the choices he's made, including taking the money he has gotten from Congressional pay raises and turning them into need-based scholarships (which he says he intends to do until the federal budget is balanced)... to the tune of almost $300,000.

Where he pissed me off was when he announced he was supporting Obama... prior to the primary in Oregon. Obama won pretty handily in Oregon, and I would have not had so much of a problem with his support of Obama if he had done it AFTER the primary election.
Yes well there is a sort of Amnesia setting on among Obama supporters about what they actually supported.

Hopefully they all forget to look both ways before they cross the street as well.
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