Sunday, August 23, 2009

In other words...

Remember the Swedish article which I recently translated, despite a complete ignorance of Swedish? Well, someone working independently of me did another translation of the same piece. Mine's just as accurate, or nearly so, and it reads better. Neener.

My ex (the first of many exes) was a professional translator -- German to English -- and when she was under severe deadline pressure, we would collaborate. She would hand me an ultra-rough translation and tell me to polish the text into something that read as though it had been written in English originally. Where the German text had "Schweinehund," she would write "pig-dog," which I would transform into "you bastard" or "jackass" or "son of a bitch" or "Pat Buchanan" or whatever else seemed right.

One of these days I may tell you about the early script by Roland Emmerich which she and I translated. Yes, it was actually filmed. You haven't seen it. Although the movie does not quite reach the sublime level of Troll II, it still cries out for an act of homage from Mike Nelson and co.

By the way: Israel is over-reacting to the Bostrom article, screaming about "blood libel" and anti-Semitism and racism and all the rest of it. In an impressive display of pro-forma indignation, the Israelis have pulled the press credentials of one of Sweden's most important newspapers, which now cannot report from Gaza. I'm sure the Israelis hated to do it.

I translated the Bostrom piece because I saw nothing anti-Semitic about it. Although the article received some combative commentary, nobody saw fit to defend the absurd premise that hatred of Jews informed the writing.

As we've seen in my earlier piece on the New Jersey affair, former IDF officer Geldaya Tauber Gadyn testified in court that an Israeli government official named Ilan Peri ran an international organ theft ring. The heroic Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who has risked her life researching a book about the worldwide organ theft trade, identified Peri as the man behind the New Jersey kidney ring run by Isaac Rosenbaum. Perhaps the Israelis will now try to argue that Gady is an anti-Semite.

The reason why Israel decided to hammer Sweden is obvious: This is intimidation. They want all journalists to think thrice before looking into the organ trade. The Israelis know that if this story is pursued, someone out there will eventually publish the Gady/Peri/Rosenbaum connection. And that would mean real trouble, the kind of trouble that can't be deflected by playing the "Racist!" card.

Nevertheless, I suspect that -- one of these days -- that linkage will come out in the mainstream press. Remember where you read about it first.

I'd still like to know why it is all right to talk about organ theft conducted by Chinese, Brazilians and Pakistanis, but not by Israelis.
Yep, the Zionists are intimidating Sweden and by extension, the rest of the world. I wouldn't call it 'over-reaction' though; it's just what one would expect. But why did Sweden publish the article at that particular time? The Rosenbaum story broke a month or so ago, and Bostrom's piece could have stood up without it, years ago... That ship, I'm tellin' ya.
The Jerusalem Post has finally covered the Arctic Sea story:

Israeli officials dismissed the reports as "classic conspiracy theories," but defense experts noted that Israel has a record of seizing foreign vessels carrying arms to its enemies.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spoke of a "conspiracy theory" (isn't that phrase getting a bit boring?), but didn't issue a denial. The title of the Jerusalem Post article is "Did Mossad hijack Russian ship to stop Iran arms shipment?"

Shlomo Brom, a retired senior intelligence officer, said he didn't believe such an operation could enhance Mossad's image, since it appeared to be a failed hijacking.

The final paragraph of the article relates how in March this year, Israeli forces "reportedly" bombed a truck convoy in Sudan which was allegedly carrying weapons intended for Gaza, killing 40 people.

The difference with the Arctic Sea operation being? Success (so admitted) as against failure (so not admitted)? Bombing Sudan (largely defenceless against the Israeli airforce), as against getting sorted out in the Atlantic by the Russian navy?
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