Monday, August 17, 2009

Gunning for Obama?

People carrying guns -- including an AK-47 assault rifle -- have been showing up at Obama's speaking events. See here and here and here. This sort of behavior is monstrous.

The right brims with ill-educated thugs, driven into fanaticism by misinformation, overheated rhetoric and inane conspiracy theories. Republican lunatics simply will not allow themselves to be governed by a Democrat -- even by one as compromised and illiberal as Obama is.

I'm reminded of 1995, when fascism -- in the form of the militia movement -- threatened America. The Oklahoma City outrage forced the nation to step back from the brink. I hope to God that another act of mindless violence does not once again shock this nation into understanding the danger on the right.
Joe, I also remember the media making heroes of those in the militia movement back then. They were often on the cover of Time and Newsweek, they often came to Washington to cry on Arlen Specter's shoulder at his Senate committee , and given huge amount of attention. The attention of course was to gum up Bill's terms...
That level of media attention ceased when Bush got in. He was a militia type wet dream and media didn't need the home grown kind anymore.

It should be a crime to bring guns to such an event, no question . The Secret Service should be the only ones armed. Even in the old West you were made to turn in your guns for events!
This is the ugly side of the First Amendment, it allows the Limbaughs, Savages and Hamintys to whip up the Moran-American segment of the republican party into a frothing at the mouth rage. Fortunately, the M-A segment of the Dem party (O-Bots) aren't so violent ... yet.
I just don't understand where the SService is..tell me why when I went to the World Baseball Classic they took the stick out of my American flag? Tell me why when I was a delegate to the 2004 dem convention I had to go through metal detectors and have my purse and my body examined each and every day and protestors were put behind 20 foot fences.
This should say..Secret Service allowed them to carry guns...because no one got near Bush with a weapon or a stick..and in 2004 no one got into any event for Kerry with even a sign..let alone a stick with a sign....and now the stage is being set with visable assault weapons ..excuse me but where is the bullshit meter here???????

Oh pardon me..that wasn't me , that was my assault weapon I bumped you with..silly me I didn't think the lines would be so crowded..

So who is the Secret service taking orders from that they are allowing assault weapons or any weapons at any political event.Inside or outside.

I have worked for campaigns, and I worked security for my county in 2004 every time Kerry Came to town..which was alot..and not one dang stick or sign was allowed anywhere near the event!
In fact the Kerry Camp made signs to hand out when anyone got near the event!..One's people brought were removed from give me a break that this isn't propaganda being promoted for something..what?????Got to paint people as being the wing nuts...
Just like today it comes out it was a democrat from Chicago that did the "JOKER" signs of Obama posted all over L.A...and all the blogs said it was a racist republican that was doing it...and how many nasty things were said ..I was looking up today..go look through the archives at DU see what was being was Palins was Rove's fault, it was all republicans being racist..

who is setting up these stages ..that is what I want to know.

It is too obvious!
I'm with "Anonymous" - there's something really fishy about all these gun-toters showing up at the same time the Obama Permanent Campaign is trying to dismiss all of its opponents as violent, illiterate, knuckle-dragging, neo-Nazi racists. One or two I could attribute to random stupidity: three or more and I think it's a setup.
Just because it looks like an assault weapon doesn't mean it is. An assault weapon has a selector switch that permits full automatic fire, like a machine gun. You have to have a bunch of Federal permits to even own one of those. What was at the event was an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle based on the M-16 the military and police SWAT teams use. It wasn't an assault weapon.
well walter Clark..i don't care what kind of weapon they were ..I will never buy this bullcrap..when a mother has to drink her own breast milk at the airport, with no president present..and one can't go into a ball game with an American flag on a stick it was meant to fly on, are you honestly goning to tell me that anyone could get anywhere where the President is present with any kind of weapon?? Unless the Secret Sevice is allowing it for some nafarious reason, that is absurd in it's face!
During the Kerry campaign..with a Presidential "CANDIDATE" I worked on security for approx 14 events in my county and state, I had to clear each and every volunteer with the SS..I would be up all night the night before an event and clear each and every volunteer.They did background checks on all of them. Nothing could be carried in or out of an event, no posters, not posters with sticks, no nothing. So is anyone here going to tell me that i am to believe that anyone could be inside or out of an Obama event with a Gun?? No ..I do not believe that, and never ever will..unless they are placed there for propaganda!

Do any of you believe that any Diplomats would ever come to the USA if they thought the secret service would allow guns at political events?????
Please people be serious and use common sense..we all know secret service would never allow visable nor hidden guns anywhere near a is absurd on it's face. Unless someone "wants " those guns there to use as what ...propaganda perhaps??????

Is something going on to insight people for some disgusting reason? I just wonder.
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