Monday, June 22, 2009

The dangers of conspiracy theory

We shouldn't castigate everyone who believes unusual things, because sometimes those unusual things turn out to be true. Besides, interesting people often display a weakness for the outre. Some people, alas, are "interesting" in the same sense that Lucifer is interesting.

Take Shawna Forde, whom I first learned about via Red Dragon. RD quotes a HeraldNet news story:
Shawna Forde believed organized criminals operating at the border between the U.S. and Mexico posed one of the greatest threats to the nation's security.

Drug traffickers. Human smugglers.

The Everett woman was convinced they were helping terrorists sneak radioactive "dirty bomb" materials into the U.S. She feared the federal government was in league with the United Nations and allowing what amounted to an illegal-immigrant invasion.

In a May 20 "border report" posted on the Web site of her Minutemen American Defense group, Forde warned readers that soon "you will walk out your door and think you were just transplanted into Mexico."

Forde spent much of the past three years scouring the Arizona desert for signs of criminals.

Now, she finds herself behind bars, the focus of a double murder investigation in Arizona with potential connections to a home invasion robbery in California and other crimes in Washington.
Forde and her troop decided to fund their anti-immigrant crusade by robbing people they considered drug peddlers, which is one of the stupider ways to earn extra cash ever devised. They chose to invade a home in Arivaca, Arizona, whose occupants (as far as I know) may not have had anything to do with the drug trade. But Raul Flores and his wife did have a 9 year old daughter named Brisenia. She was killed in the resultant shoot-out; so was Raul. The mother is in the hospital.

If you want to hear the 911 call, go here.

Forde, I am happy to report, was caught.
"This is a very unusual woman," said Clarence Dupnik, Pima County Sheriff. "I don't really know what goes on in her mind, but she is obviously a very evil person. If you look at her history closely, and you know what we know, she is, at best, a psychopath."
She may have engineered previous home invasion robberies in California and elsewhere.

RD adds the kicker:
Do you suppose Fox News or Michelle Malkin will condemn these animals? Maybe Lou Dobbs or Hannity will come out and condemn these animals for their crimes?

Doubt it!

As you can see from the date, these murders occurred May 30th. and not one National piece has been done to bring this crime to light! Not one word from Dobbs. Nothing from that idiot Malkin! Not a peep from the Fox News people. Not a word!
Yes, I'm running way late myself. But a comparison -- which should have been immediately obvious -- suddenly commandeered my thoughts:

The entire nation (correctly) focused both attention and rage on James von Brunn, the racist maniac who shot a security guard in the Holocaust Museum. Shawna Forde was another murderer motivated by racism. Are you learning about her for the first time here?


CambridgeKnitter said...

No, actually, I'm not, but darned if I can remember where I did see it before. Nonetheless, thanks for posting this.

RedDragon said...


I have still not seen anything in the "National" press about this loony and her band of nut-jobs. Maybe this does not fit their picture of those "Patriots" patrolling the border for the bogey man. Who knows?

What I do know is as soon as another blond haired woman goes missing...It will be all over the airwaves and Fox news will, as usual, devote hours to finding her.

Who gives a shit if some "Beaner baby" and her daddy were gunned down by these animals. Just as long as it wasn't another Jewish victim. We can't have that can we?

What happened to that man and guard was tragic. Anyone that condones this shit is an animal. But, where is the outrage for this "Brown" family?

So much for "Change" eh Joe?

Zee said...

CambridgeKnitter, I'm with you...I did read all up on this, but can't remember where. Besides my usual blogs I peek in at Hinessight, Yahoo news and RealClearPolitics...but then I follow links to other stories, so it's hard to remember when and where I saw it. There was a haunting picture of the beautiful little girl these evil nutcases slaughtered, along with the commentary how no one would care because it's just a family of immigrant drug that point I could not read any more. And how true was that? No one cares. That beautiful little girl wasn't Jon Benet...

Marc McKenzie said...

Jesus Christ...

Joe, thank you for posting this. I have differences with you on a few things, but the one thing I will always agree with you on is this on: the dangers of conspiracy theory.

Granted, there may be a kernel of truth--tiny as it might be--to these theories. Sadly, that is all they are--theories. Without adequate proof, they should just vanish.

From the garbage spewed out about Clinton in the 90's (only to come back in full force from the Left in 2008) to the 9-11 CDers, CT causes more harm than good. In attempting to find the truth, the CDers often cut their own throats, bringing about scorn and disdain.