Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on the murder of Quarles Harris....

The murder, as it turns out, had no connection to the passport scandal involving Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Harris, now being hailed on the right as an American hero, was arrested for marijuana distribution and credit card fraud. He had been receiving info derived from passports -- lots of passports -- from a contact (or contacts) in the State Department. Obviously, this was a simple exercise in theft, especially identity theft. Just as obviously, the cops pressured Harris to snitch on his contact(s). Snitches run certain risks, as Harris discovered.

The original Washington Times article on the murder tried to link it to the passport scandal involving Obama, Clinton and McCain. But a close reading of the story indicates no actual linkage.

Nevertheless, you can bet your bippy (remember when people had bippies?) that the right-wingers will continue to place Harris on the Obama Death List.


RedDragon said...

Where I come from you will get a cap in your ass for "snitching." Now I do not believe it is right but it is the reality.

Someone must have gotten wind of his duplicity and decided to smoke him before he could implicate them.....or did they?

My conspiracy juices are flowing...LOL

Perry Logan said...

The phrase "no connection" is not in the conspiracy vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

My bibby ran off with the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew you could get to the bottom of it. Of course I still want to know what Obama was doing in Pakistan, but I'm glad this murder had nothing to do with it. Of course we're going to keep hearing about it till the end of time anyway.

-- Boston Boomer

Greg said...

Nice try, but no sale. Who in their right mind would try to steal the identity of 3 of the most well known people of the day, who had their pictures in the paper on an almost daily basis, and had Secret Service protection?

Joseph Cannon said...

You didn't read, did you?

Look again at the original WT article, then look at the piece I cited.


At no point does the WT say that Harris had anything to do with violations inflicted on Obama, McCain and Clinton.

Rather smarmily, the WT suggests as much by injecting a paragraph about the presidential passport scandal into a story that has nothing to do with that scandal. But READ CAREFULLY and you will see that there is no actual link.