Friday, April 10, 2009

The turning of the worm and the eating of the crow

I see a lot of turning worms on the big prog sites -- but when will they get around to placing crow (with a side order of hat) on the menu? In other words, when will "Obama is disappointing us" segue into "We were wrong about those PUMAs"?

For example, here's Democratic Undergound:
Sure the Primaries were brutal around here and I’m told I was lucky to have joined after the 2004 election. I know I’m still nursing bruises from this one.
Maybe it’s the “hippie at heart” in me but, peace, guys and gals. Can we put the flowers in the barrels of our rifles for awhile and agree to disagree on how our new President is doing without becoming generic internet assholes to each other?
I'm going to address the following to the person who wrote those words and to all progs everywhere. (Before proceeding, let me repeat my standard definition: I am a liberal who despises "progressives" -- a word and a movement defined by Moulitsas, Huffington, Obama and other Libertarians-in-liberal clothing)

There ain't gonna be any flowers in rifles until you Obots fucking APOLOGIZE.


Apologize for the atrocious, disgusting behavior documented here and here and here and here.

Apologize for calling Hillary a "liar and a cunt." Apologize for calling Bill Clinton "a cancer on liberalism." Apologize for telling all non-Obama supporters to leave the party. Apologize for redefining the term "racist" to mean "any Democrat who won't vote for Obama over Hillary." Apologize for the death threats -- and believe me, there were plenty.

Have we ever heard one apology for the "darkened video" smear? No, we have not.

Have we ever heard one apology for the NAFTA smear (click on the greenish ad at the top of the right-hand column for details)? No, we have not.

Have we ever heard one apology for the RFK smear (which the progs kept repeating even after RFK Jr. set the record straight)? No, we have not.

Have we heard any apologies for the incessant claims that Bill Clinton was and is a racist? No, we have not.

Have we had any apologies for the resurrection of every loopy right-wing conspiracy ever voiced against the Clintons during the 1990s (including "Vince Foster! Vince Foster! Vince Foster!")? No, we have not.

Progs, don't you dare attempt your usual weasel-worded rationalizations. What we underwent in 2008 were not "excesses" -- they were political atrocities, and we demand that you use that exact word.

These atrocities were not committed by "some" Obama supporters. Refusal to denounce the evil committed by your compatriots equals participation in that evil. Thus, even if you personally did not try to race-bait the PUMAs into submission, you share guilt with those who did. (That is, if you did not attempt to restrain the perps -- and don't try, at this late date, to pretend that you did so unless you can cough up documentation).

The progressive hate barrage directed at half the Democratic party was not just a daily outrage. It was worse than hourly. Every minute of every day, we were assailed and insulted in the most scabrous terms imaginable.

Don't you fucking dare try to say now that "some" Obama supporters "got out of hand."

Don't you fucking dare try to argue that there were "problems on both sides."

Just click on the links above, and then click on the links within those links. See for yourself just how much "trouble" the Hillary supporters caused on D.U. and Kos. In fact, the Clinton wing was 100% innocent and the Obama wing was 100% guilty.

Yes, it really is that simple and clear-cut.

And unless you fucking progs admit that obvious fact -- using those words, no excuses, no rationalizations, no bullshit -- there will be no forgiveness.

We don't want a dialog with you. Being unfairly called "racist" for an entire year does not incline me toward dialog. And I'm sure that the others who underwent that barrage feel as I do.

2008 was a life-changing event -- a wound that still refuses to scab over. Alas, progs are so lacking in both humility and self-awareness that they don't even realize the depth of the injury they inflicted. It is deep indeed.

So deep that we never will negotiate with you or hear your side of the story. Jews (rightly) don't want to hear Hitler's side of the story, the Chinese (rightly) don't want to hear Tojo's side of the story, black people (rightly) don't want to hear Jefferson Davis' side of the story, and the innocent victims in Lebanon (rightly) don't want to hear Israel's side of the story.

Victims don't want to hear any shit from their oppressors.

We liberals who supported Hillary were and are victims. You progs were and are just plain evil bastards -- all the more evil because you remain convinced of your rectitude.

We don't want to hear one word -- one phoneme -- out of you that reeks of self-justification. We simply don't want to hear it. We just want you voluntarily to undergo complete and absolute loss of face.


Until you do, the Democratic party is an earthworm -- a bifurcated being.

No unity without apology. Don't sit back and try to come up with reasons why you need not apologize. For example, don't try to hit us with "Well, Hillary has moved on -- she's working for Obama now." (I have already addressed that issue.) If your psyche has no "humble" setting, if you're the sort of egomaniac who blames the stop sign for being there after you've drunkenly smashed into it, then at least have the decency to shut up.

Your obstinacy nearly brought about a McCain victory in 2008 -- he was poised to win until the disastrous economic news of October, and even then Obama got a mere 52% in what should have been a blow-out year for the Dems. The party will lose seats in 2010, and a large measure of the responsibility will lie with the public's growing revulsion at smug, arrogant, supremely stubborn Obot progs.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology from that crowd.

Its only a matter of time before they try to start shifting blame for all the bad things they did-censorship, character assassination, bold faces lies, defamation etc.

They will of course say that PUMA was only right by chance, and was primary driven by racism-you can't expect them to say anything else given how evil and corrupt they are.

What will to see is how they turn on each other trying to pin the blame on this one and that one for their own evil acts.

So predictable-poor things, poor things.

Trojan Joe said...

Joe, I share your feelings about the fishy presidential campaign, and I am pissed off at this two-faced administration, which is waging war, invading our privacy and enriching Wall Street just as much as the preceding administration. But unless the progs who are now expressing disappointment are THE EXACT SAME POEPLE who supported the smear campaign against the Clintons, your cries of hypocrisy are misplaced. You cite a variety of blog postings and anonymous comments as if they were equally representative of the pro-Obama party line, as if the administrator of pro-Obama site A must apologize for visitor rantings on the same site (or worse, on site B) before you will have a dialogue with ANY Obama supporter. Surely there are millions of disappointed Obama supporters who never participated in or endorsed the smearing of the Clintons. We need those people if we are going to steer this ship to the left.

elliewyatt said...

No. It's far too late for apologies. I packed up my shit and moved out. It wasn't easy, but I am better for it.

I'm not going back to the abusers. No flower bouquets delivered the morning after and romantic cards will lure me back into that abusive relationship. I have grown and moved on.

My black eyes have healed and I am wiser now. Never again. I am gone.

They can take their half-hearted "regrets" and excuses and discuss them with their therapist.

They can take their flowers and shove them. Hard.

Cinie said...

Joe, I agree with you to a point. I don't care if they apologize or disappear off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Even if all of the Obots got down on their knees and apologized, I couldn't forgive what they did. And yes, they are all responsible for what happened. All the Obama supporters who are complaining now are hypocrites.

Much as I respect Johnathan Turley, I have to wonder why he didn't just do a little simple research. There is no excuse for that kind of laziness. Same with Glenn Greenwald. And I don't care how much Keith Olberman criticizes Obama. He is dead to me.

Great rant, BTW.

-- Boston Boomer

native1 said...

First time commenting here. This post says a lot of how I have felt for quite some time. I don't want to forget nor forgive. I don't know if apologies and/or crow are enough at this point.

Fran Fusco said...

"2008 was a life-changing event -- a wound that still refuses to scab over. Alas, progs are so lacking in both humility and self-awareness that they don't even realize the depth of the injury they inflicted."

I will never be the same after last year, but I am stronger for it now. I have a deep, visceral experience of what principle truly means, and for that, I am grateful. The treatment of Clinton supporters--by our own Party--was a reprehensible violation, and a complete abnegation of the very definition of liberal. It was primitive, violent, hateful, and ignorant. I do not know what possessed these people, in the name of such an empty, duplicitous, self-serving hypocrite, but now that what we knew all along is starting to be acknowledged, I do not feel at all like making up. I will only support candidates that represent strength, principle and true liberal policies. The rest of you need to do your own soul-searching. I am not hopeful that many of you will gain understanding and humility anyway. There seems to be a direct correlation between supporting Obama and a willful denial of facts.

MrMike said...

This former Democrat is one of the reasons Obama won by a small margin. I kept my Dem registration though. That way I can vote for the loon in the primary that hasn't got a chance in the general election.
I intend to keep doing this until the caucuses are gone.

Sophie said...

Don't you fucking dare try to say now that "some" Obama supporters "got out of hand."

Don't you fucking dare try to argue that there were "problems on both sides."

Thank you for this post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There are no words that will satisfy me. A family member who called me racist is now unhappy with Obama. That's my satisfaction. Like with GW, I want all those voters regret their support for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, "2008 was a life-changing event" for me as well.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for any apologies. They don't have it in them.

My support will never be for any party ever again. A candidate must earn my vote. I'm happily Non-Partisan now. If I need to register as a Dem to sway a primary, I'll do so. But they beat all the party loyalty out of me.

Anonymous said...

It's not possible for them to apologize. Their behavior was so over-the-top, so batshit insane, so indefensible, that the only way for them to apologze is to own up to how atrociously they behaved amd start come to grips with why they did it. They don't have enough self-awareness for that. They took it so far that it would take a tremendous amount of character to try and walk it back sincerely and make amends.

elliewyatt said...

How could anyone believe an "apology" from someone who continues to shack up with Donna Brazile?

Nadai said...

I don't care if they do apologize, I have no forgiveness for them in me. There's a line. They crossed it. I'm done with them all.

Anne said...


These atrocities were not committed by "some" Obama supporters.

Lord knows it. But even apologies 24/7 can't fix it because they don't really think they did anything wrong...and would do it again in a heart beat.

This is so like Barry who pisses on someone and then if there's a ruckus, calls them and smoothly says We're cool, right?

No,Barry we are not

Anne said...

Much as I respect Johnathan Turley, I have to wonder why he didn't just do a little simple research....

Exactly BB. And that goes for every journalist one used to respect. It would have taken all of 10 minutes on google to see who Barry was by looking up those "advising " him,
and his past campaigns to know Barry stank. There's no excuse for these people to say "who knew?" That's just another slap in the face

Still4Hill said...

January 2008, what drew us together was Hillary and her platform.

Last May, what drew us together is that we were FOR. We were for Hillary, for counting the votes, for an authentic and fair roll call. For a fair Convention.

I am still FOR Hillary - that is not going to change because as I know Hillary, she will not disappoint me. She will always be who she was then and was before. So I am FOR her. I believe she will run again and I will still be for her. That's my name, and that's why, and that's that!

But now I am also AGAINST. I am against a president who mouths words he did not write or even review; who rather than lead, makes appearances as if on the campaign trail; who laughs and makes fun of the helpless, the unfortunate, and the victims of wrong-headed policies; who goes overseas and insults us and lies about our values; who bows to a sovereign of another nation; who refuses to prove he is eligible for this post. I am against a Congress that refuses to respond to the citizens who elected them; that passes bill after bill that co opt our hard earned money and curtail our liberties; that approves one after another nominee who has shown contempt for the laws we all are supposed to follow. And I am against a Supreme Court that seem to feel the term Supreme implies that they function in an atmosphere higher than that of the citizens and so need not occupy the concerns of us mere mortals.


Joseph Cannon said...

Truth is, Still4HIll, I was never really for Hillary. I always thought she would make a good President, but I never liked the idea of a Clinton "dynasty" comparable to the Bush dynasty. I was an Edwards man. And I still like Biden -- would much prefer to see him become president.

As some will recall, I voted for Obama in the primary -- and almost instantly regretted the decision. I turned against him when I learned more about his background and when his supporters showed their true obnoxiousness. Cults always repulsed me.

NewOrleans said...

There's a line. They crossed it. I'm done with them all.


There is nothing they can ever do or say to make up for their disgusting behavior.

Perry Logan said...

The primaries taught me that most progressives are foul-mouthed Philistines who don't know a neocon ringer when they see one.

I cite Democratic Underground, Huffington Post, and BuzzFlash as proof.

Thanks to these clever people, the left has completely blown its shot.

LiVo said...

Still4Hill, you took the words right out of my head. Verbatim.

Great post, Joseph.

Sophie said...

I never got the "dynasty" argument. I thought the word implied bloodline, which would make Chelsea or even Roger the dynasty candidate, not Hillary (a Rodham).

I also thought it was pretty telling that people who used the dynasty argument against Hillary (not you) were FOR Caroline Kennedy taking Hillary's Senate seat.

Gary McGowan said...

Video snip: Obama, Hillary Clinton backyard meeting this week on the South Lawn of the White House.

Reporters on the driveway who stumbled onto the view were directed to take another route.

I am totally uninterested in what scribblers at huffpo, kospo, et al have to say about it, if anything. My guess is that the exit of Larry Summers was at least briefly discussed.

MrMike said...

Hey, Joe, I voted for Hillary in the primary with some trepidation. She had two things going against her, you named the one one, that dynasty thing. The other was the CDS that brings all the kooks out of the woodwork egged on by the print and broadcast media. The shocker was the O-bots parroting those smears and making new ones. Still with that handicp she would have pulled it off had Dean not stabbed her in the back.

Anonymous said...

I don't want apologies, I want restitution.

Anonymous said...

First time poster here but regular reader. You have expressed very eloquently the disgust that many of us still feel towards what happened during the primaries. That experienced really opened my eyes to what some in the democratic party stand and it's not principles. Over time, I have tried not to think about their thuggery because it gets my blood pressure up, but my disgust towards them (MSM and obamabots)is still present. My biggest sorrow is for our country who got cheated by a derelict media, some corrupt super delegates and the obamabots. No, I will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Abso-fuckin-lutely, Joe!

Anonymous said...

Great rant, Joseph! I seriously doubt any of them will apologize, though or make any changes to their cultlike behavior. That requires courage - they are cowards.


gary said...
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glennmcgahee said...

Thank you for posting what is going on among the Obamalite supporters in the blog world. I don't read those sites anymore since they became an echo chamber for each other while banning people who had opposing points of view. Just HuffingtonPost alone banned me for stating my preference for Hillary and pointing out Obama's past. Another thing that has gone unmentioned was lazy journalists who googled talking points put there on google by "google-bombing", making sure that anything you queried led you to an Obama campaign site where their talking points were repeated ad-nauseum, no questions asked. They never bothered to pick up a phone to check the rhetoric. It made me aware that the internet can become a dangerous tool if facts aren't checked. As for the dynasty? I wish the Clintons really had one. We wouldn't be in the pickle we are if they had. Somehow, I think those that talk about it were the ones who voted for Bush in 2004. How did that happen? Dumb shits.

kenoshaMarge said...

Great rant JC! As far as I'm concerned an apology won't cover the damage they did to what was once my party.Obamacrats are dead to me.

I've moved on. Now I am an Independent and will never again cast a vote for some pinhead just because he/she has a "D" after their name.

b said...

If what's happening in the real world off-screen and away from celebrity and expert speeches is off-topic, here's something that's off-topic... Did anyone think interest rates were falling? In the UK, credit card interest rates are at their highest for 2 years, at around 17% per year on purchases, around 25% on cash withdrawals. Never mind any speeches by mouthpiece errand-boys Brown, Obama, and the newsreaders on TV. Finance capital hasn't loosened its grip on most of the population's painful parts; it's tightened it. And it's continuing to turn the ratchet, squeezing as hard as it can.


PS I remember in the 1970s when the UK State went with a begging-bowl to the IMF, and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) Denis 'CIA' Healey spoke of taxing the rich "until the pips squeak". (Wikipedia say this is a misquote, but it's the one most people know). Far be it from me to be an ultra-left purist. It would have been damned nice had it happened. But obviously it didn't; the 'government' faces are there to help the rich and for no other reason. But as well as helping to pacify the working class, such talk had another effect too - it helped feed positive attitudes among the Tory-voting bourgeoisie towards the possibility of a coup and a Pinochet-style solution. I remember at that time most of them were telling their kids that the Labour Party was "communist". No sh*t.

I don't see any reason for Brown, Obama, etc. to get given scripts like that to read now. They don;t need to. We're 40 years away from 1968, not 5-6. People's minds are like mash potatoes. The rich have won this round of the class struggle. Any upsurge from the lower orders won't be on the cards before the 2040s, if that. But if these bozos in 'executive office' do start spouting such a line, consider the above.

elliewyatt said...

"I don't want apologies, I want restitution." ~myiq2xu

My new motto!!!!

DancesWithPumas said...

Don't forget all the miscreants who called Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton a "ball-buster", "witch", "nag", "cunt", "bitch", "twat", "whore", and then tried to use the other side of their their faux-compassionate mouths to use theie roe v wade scare tactic on us.

I don't want an apology. Words mean something, to those of us with principles. When someone tells you who they are... believe them.

We know who they are now, and it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

"I looked at your first link where the "disgusting behavior" was "documented." You write, "Did you see Michelle Obama as Hillary spoke? She glared daggers. Her eyes radiated hatred." Real documentation. I did see Michelle Obama as Hillary spoke and I didn't see what you did. ""

For as long as I live I'll never forget the way Michelle pouted throughout HRC's speech. As my husband commented at the time: "she looks like she just sniffed shit."

In other words, you're an F-ing liar for trying to rewrite that piece of history. Everyone saw it.

BTW, Joe. Nice Rant. But it's too late for apologies now. I'm no longer a member of the so-called "progressive" movement. No Democrat automatically gets my vote because they have a D next to their name.


Mr. X said...

Great post. Exactly how many of us feel. The false cries of racism... nay the ironic projection of their own racism onto us was the worst. That, I can never forgive.

Lori said...

With Obama to the right of Reagan on the banks and to the right of Bush on state secrets and with him expanding the war in Afghanistan, I think we can safely conclude that most Obama supporters are closet Republicans. And ultra-conservative ones at that. it explains the stupidity and the rude behavior. They're just dumber than fenceposts by and large.

Oh, Obama throws us liberals an occasional bone, but for my money, I'm expecting him to appoint the judge that overturns Roe V Wade, and anticipate him going after Title IX as well.

The GOP spent virtually no money opposing him. This hasn't dawned on teh dimwits that support him. And as long as he is behaving like an ultra-conservative on banks, and state secrets and keeps the war machine cranked up, they'll keep the ruckus to a minimum. As soon as the Mighty Wurlitzer winds up, that support will drop. And if it doesn't wind up, well, that would sspeak for itself.

elliewyatt said...

Tuesday, February 5th 2008.

I remember it. I have not forgotten.

"Asked if she could see herself working to support Clinton should she be the nominee, Michelle Obama replied, "I'd have to think about that."

"I'd have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone," she said."

Zee said...

Good post, Joseph...but Sophie said it all.

okasha skatsi said...

I'll go myiq one better. I don't want apologies. I want revenge.

I want BO disgraced for the cheat and liar he is, and forced to resign.

Dakinikat said...

Yup, yup, yup,

What Joseph said a million times over...

I will NOT be appeased.

Marsha said...

Me, too, Okasha - I want him ridden out of DC on a rail...trailed by Brazile, Axelrod, Kerry, Dean, all Kennedys, Olbermann and Kos...on rails of their own (and I can think of a great spot to stick those rails, too!)

The only good thing about Obama are his daughters - and I hope they grow up like Hillary (never Michelle!) and live long enough to see a women POTUS.

Gary McGowan said...

I found these among over 300 comments at Glen Greenwald's current posting. [my boldface]


I voted for Obama and I support you Glenn

Good job keep at it. The fact that you are willing to criticize regardless of which side of the aisle they occupy shows your integrity, not as the hopelessly grasping suggest, as an effort toward personal gain.

Don't listen to the nay sayers - there are many of us who are behind you.

It's time we forget about the party or even the candidate - it doesn't matter who they are, we need to expect more of them, and Obama isn't sizing up at the moment. If he reforms, so will my opinion of him.
-- scathew



Thank you for your postings. I do not mind saying, for the record, that I voted for Obama for many reasons, chiefly among them that he would introduce a new era of decency, transparency, respect for the law in our government.

Apparently, Obama got lost between being a candidate and now being the president. The man holds view that are completely the opposite to what I believe. [Snip For Brevity]

The question is: Why didn't we see this coming? Were we so hateful of Bush because we thought he was the evil of all times? Now, we have replaced that evil with a new evil. [SFB] …as of now Obama is in the same shitty category as Bush, and what makes it worse is I voted for Obama!

Let's face it. The man and his team are slowly but surely becoming a Bush redux. And what is even more depressing is that we're only 3 months into his presidency. All of the hopes for a better society that so many of us held then, and we still do, do appear to getting hit and of all people by: Obama.

I was so proud of what I thought he was going to bring! And for this guy to be doing what he is doing, it sucks!

I've always argued that though I am a progressive democrat, I am also not stupid. Like so many out there I get emails from the Obama team asking for money. Well, guess what? [SFB]

Am I disappointed? Absolutely! Did I see this coming? No. Is Obama fucking up the deal? No question.
-- fwinya


I don't know how the two above people who voted for Obama would react to Joseph's posting at the top here.

Part of another comment at Glen's also struck me as worth consideration. Although the writer is referring to something happening now, it could apply to the pre-election evil-doings:


I have to wonder how much of this is being coordinated offline, and and how much of it is by genuine (if misguided) Obama supporters, and how much by astroturfers, trying to sow division and acrimony on the left and push their issues.

I suspect that there's more of the latter than we realize. This is right up Mark Penn's alley, and I wouldn't put it past entities in whose interest it is for Obama to hold these odious positions to stir up some fake grass roots support for them by alleged Obama supporters (and perhaps in the process make Obama believe that some on the left are ok with these positions).

I obviously have no direct proof of this, but the similarity of these defenses, along with the pervasive use of astroturfing in politics, makes me suspect that this accounts for at least some, if not much, of what's going on here. Not that Obama doesn't have millions of genuine diehard supporters. But that just makes it easier for a PR outfit to exploit such support to ill effect, given that many of them are politically unsophisticated.

okasha skatsi said...

It occurs, belatedly, that there's something else I want, too.

I want to see every BO upsucking frat boy blogger who called Hillary a cunt, a bitch, a hag, a murderer, drafted and humping a rifle and 120-pound pack over the Khyber Pass. In January.

Edgeoforever said...

I'll make peace, no apologies needed.
Just restore the stolen votes, have the brokered convention the results required, and correct every electoral abuse - in the caucases and elsewhere.
Then we'll talk.

Edgeoforever said...

What myiq said.

nomobama said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't stand the "new" Democratic party... a party lead by a despicable cabal of mean-spirited, self-righteous assholes. I am a registered Democrat who always voted Democrat until the past election. My vote for McCain was a direct response to the nastiness, and unfair treatment of both Hillary Clinton, who I supported in the Florida primaries, and also Barack Obama, who was unfairly given a free pass during the Democratic primaries. Now look what we have, a "not ready for prime time" egotist, who is a cult of personality. I see Obama's new dog will be named "Bo", supposedly after Bo Diddley. Come on now, do you think we are all that stupid? Bo will be named after Obama's initials, just another example of this personality cult. Obama and his clique make me sick. I'll be voting against the Democrats in 2010. I hope many disaffected Dems do the same.

Anonymous said...

Everything Okasha Skatsi said!
Great rant Joseph. I've been reading you for months but this is the first time I comment.

Anonymous said...

brilliant post, joseph. I am still mad as hell and not in the mood for silly ass BS about ""peace", "flowers in gun barrels" and "agreeing to disagree". These people are vile and evil. They have created some big karma that belongs to THEM. The lesson for me is detachment. I want absolutely nothing to do with what they are bringing back on themselves. Unfortunately we will all suffer from their ignorance and that's all the more reason to be REAL CLEAR about HOW obama got elected.

dot48 said...

Yes, the worm turns. Obama is a disaster and many of us knew this would happen.

Expect no apologizes though.

Ann said...

Thank you for your excellent rant. I will neither forgive nor forget the horrid behavior of his more virulent supporters, the backstabbing DNC elders or the complicit media.

donna darko said...


And Riverdaughter's response:

"Joseph Cannon wants an apology. With all due respect to Joe, an apology is pretty pointless if the offenders don’t know what to be sorry about.

So, to any of you DU lurkers who are out there, let me tell you what the problem is. The primary *IS* the problem."

Anonymous said...

Excellent rant!

I don't want an apology. I want them to publicly admit to the fraud and undemocratic methods they used to promote their Dear Leader to get him selected by the DNC. I want them to go on NPR, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC and to ADMIT TO THE WORLD that they f****d up by supporting Dear Leader at any cost because they believed without a shred of evidence that their Dear Leader would promote the goals they wanted. I want them to ADMIT that they shunned principles in favor for their goal to elect Obama because they just liked him.


Anonymous said...

"But that just makes it easier for a PR outfit to exploit such support to ill effect, given that many of them are politically unsophisticated."

So what is this Obot saying exactly? That they are politically unsophisticated because they were so obviously and easily hoodwinked by Obama?

Here's a clue for the Obots to have been able to tell that Obama was a liar --

When Obama proclaimed that he was a politician who was above politics!

Need I say more? sheesh


Anonymous said...

Joseph, perhaps this could lead to another post -- Obot idiotic moments

Sean Penn in his awards speech at the Academy Awards for playing a gay populist politician, Harvey Milk, thanking God that the US had elected an "elegant man" . Apparenlty, it never occurred to Penn that Obama had refused to pose in pics with gay politicians ... redux 1970's.... Obama would never have posed with Milk.... especially after Obama knowing that anti-gay marriage activists were using his voice in robo calls for Prop 8.... never tried to stop them from using his own statements or did he made a public denouncement of such use!

Wake up you Obot lurkers...

BTW -- I want revenge... which will result in a one term presidency ... not this president for life the Obamacrats are hell bent on making!

donna darko said...

With Obama to the right of Reagan on the banks and to the right of Bush on state secrets and with him expanding the war in Afghanistan, I think we can safely conclude that most Obama supporters are closet Republicans.The netroots elected a Republican because many were Republicans or they supported the Iraq War.

Former Republicans

Arianna Huffington
Markos Moulitsas
John Aravosis
Andrew Sullivan
John Cole

Supported Iraq War

Markos Moulitsas
Andrew Sullivan
Josh Marshall
Matt Stoller

There are others if anyone wants to list them.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a post!!! I love it but you forgot SEXISM. That was unbelievable and still it is. Women don't want to hear sexist-men's side of the story. Never.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just Wow.

Brian H said...

You're not NEARLY ambitious enough. Apologies are "Just Words". How about "make amends", undo or compensate for the harm, etc?

Look up the wording in the 12 Step program if you/they aren't sure what that means.

DancingOpossum said...

What more can I say? Agree with everything posted here, and won't settle for less than humiliation followed by restitution.

Whenever I'm told to "get over it" by an Obot, I ask them if they are "over" Bush v. Gore, or the stolen Florida votes. Of course they're not -- it's a point of honor with most Dems to NOT be "over it." I then point out that this was ten times worse, at which point they start twitching and sweating and screaming about John McCain. Or they ask "So who did you vote for?" as if (a), that makes any difference to my viewpoint or (b)any of their damn business. (I generally give one of three answers, depending on my mood and the Obot in question -- I'll either say I voted for McKinney, for McCain, or wrote in Hillary.)

There is no forgiveness in my heart for them, none.

DancingOpossum said...

Wanted to add, I like the idea of a 12-Step program for Obots. Isn't there something in there about a "fearless moral inventory"?

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you speak MY mind! The bots AND the DNC were such cheaters, above and beyond all that you said, that I refuse to ever call myself a dem again - I'd be ashamed to. I'm now an independent.

And I will not forget the sexism. Ever. From my own (former) party.


petunia politik said...

Brilliant. Cathartic. Necessary. Nary a day goes by that I am not moved to tears from the memories of the incessant Hillary bashing, internet stalking, Obot computer hacking, and life altering realization that for me, this is the day "the music died."
Until MSNBC replaces Kdoberman, Chrissie, and Shuster.
Until the POPULAR VOTE is the ONLY vote that counts.
Until the documentary on the caucus fraud is shown in multiplexes nationwide.
Until SEXISM AND MISOGYNY are prosecutable offenses.
Until HELL FREEZES OVER, there is no forgiveness.
Joe, you are my hero.

morninmist said...

I am not holding my breath for most of them to say sorry. Especially for the 'obots'--the swooners who are still swooning. They called many of racists and their language was vile and sexist toward Hillary. They don't care. They think it was cool. They have there rockstar and are happy with him. The press yesterday during his visit to the CIA repeatedly said the Messiah got a rockstar reception. The Obots smacked their lips.

Anonymous said...

I read Air America is going down - bankrupt and will be off the air end of this month. Admit I am enjoying that one since they denied my many email and phone complaints of their horrid treatment of Clinton during the primary. So Ed, Thom, Stephanie and Rhandi, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!