Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pilate's question

On April 1, 2006, Cannonfire published its most famous post. In that essay, I laid out the evidence favoring the proposition that the notorious British occultist Aleister Crowley was the father of Barbara Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush. Years later, rarely a day passes without my learning of a new site linking to that story. (Example.)

It has been brought to my attention that quite a few YouTube videos have discussed or dramatized the story of Crowley's linkage to the Bush family. Most of these film-makers advertise themselves as religious teachers, dispensers of the Truth of Truths. Oddly enough, not one of these sages contacted yours truly for further information, perhaps because they developed independent sourcing.

I give you a sampler:

1. Here's a segment from a multi-part epic which bears the lyrical title The Antichrist/Dajjal Will Be A Reptilian Shapeshifter. (Catchy!) This bit of video also contends that those awful, awful Rothschilds created Hitler.

2. Here is a broadcast by a terribly erudite radio preacher named Frank Lordi, which I'm sure is the name on his birth certificate. Lordi believes that Aleister Crowley was a very important world-historical figure, a theory previously promulgated only by Aleister Crowley (and maybe Alan Moore). Lordi's website has lots of important information: Did you know that the Washington Monument is the Shaft of Baal?

3. Here we have an elaborate production titled crowleys illigitimate grandson is a smooth criminal. Is that spelling "ligit"? Also, where's the apostrophe? Why do we see the disappearance of so many apostrophes that ought to be there, and the appearance of so many apostrophes that have no right to exist? (When driving through rural parts of California, don't be surprised to encounter a sign informing you that "Jesus Save's.") The scariest thing here is the soundtrack by Michael Jackson.

4. Here we learn that the AC-BB linkage is Much More Then Just A Conspiracy Theory... Before you mutter "Yes, but that was than and this is now," ponder the wise words which close this video dissertation:
I know that the Elite have had over 100 years of dumbing us down...
with things like television, sodium flouride, a very weak educational system and many more...
But how are we going to let the Order of the New Age continue when it's being orcastrated by a bunch of inbred clowns?
Treur words where never spokin. Speaking of orcastration, did you know that Mozart once wrote a part for a chestrato? Mozart was a freemasin, you know.

Ah yes, it all comes together....

5. Hey, all you hep cats and finger-poppin' mamas: Check out the cool jazz background score for Is Satanist Aleistar Crowley, Barbara Bush's Father?? AC might have bridled at the "Satanist" label, and he surely would have wanted to correct the punctuation on display in that title. But the misspelling "Aleistar" probably would have amused him.

6. Here's a radio broadcast which bears the memorable title Reptilians in the Matrix Part III. Your host is "Jack," who brings aliens, mind control, Dracula, angels, underground bases and the dreaded Illuminati into the Crowley/Bush tale. Did you know that Shirley McClaine is a member of the Illuminati Beatty family? Did you know that The Bourne Identity is a true story? Did you know that Hitler greatly admired Madam Blavatsky? Did you know that George Bush is a 42nd degree Mason? (If you work your way above degree 33, you learn about the interplanetary secret societies.) And did you know that Bernard Hermann's score for The Day the Earth Stood Still actually gets kind of annoying after awhile?

7. Here's a classic. Alex Jones. Did I ever tell you people that I wrote a script with a character based on Alex Jones? He gets killed in a most delightful way.

8. This photo montage proves that the OTO is a tremendously powerful organization and not just a gathering of fey artsy types, pretentious "supermen" and neurotic chubby chicks who give great BJs.

And finally...the ultimate...number nine number nine number nine...

9. This is a segment from a well-produced full-length documentary about Aleister Crowley, with "interview" segments featuring actors playing the roles of various AC associates. The title is In Search Of The Great Beast, and you can find the whole thing for sale here. If you want to read reviews, go here and here. For the most part, the documentary is pretty accurate, although the actors routinely mispronounce occult terms. ("Goetia" is pronounced "go-WAY-sha." Trust me on this. I got it straight from the mouth, so to speak, of a neurotic chubby chick.) In spite of all, a recommended production.

This era has finally given us an answer to Pilate's question: Reality is whatever you want it to be.

Some of you may now expect me to deliver some follow-up information about AC, given the demonstrated popularity of the original post. Alas, right now I am busy working as a "ghost" on Frank Miller's gritty, blood-soaked, ultra-noir graphic novel adaptation of Song of Bernadette. I should have a report on that project in, oh, say, a couple of months. Give or take.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a wonderful collection of conspiracy links and hilarious commentary. I'm not sure how many readers will understand just how brilliant some those jabs really are but I wanted to let you know they weren't lost to the ether. ;) I've only been following your blog since the primaries and hadn't encountered your 2006 post on AC and Barbara Bush's mother so it was a real treat to read it -- doubly so because so many of little things researchers (even the credentialed ones) routinely get wrong are correct. Great work!


Perry Logan said...

The conspiracy guys--providing comic relief for a troubled world.

I would love to see your script featuring a character based on Alex Jones. It makes sense to me. Alex Jones is a very colorful character who has fascinated me for years.

Alex Jones is on cable TV constantly here in Austin. For those unfamiliar with him, he is famous for his wild, undocumented assertions--e.g., the ruling elite of the world worship Moloch and can live forever; there are live AIDS viruses in the corn; "the government keeps giant, honeycombed hives of toddlers drugged on lithium" (actual quote).

Alex has been wrongly predicting more big domestic terror attacks for the last eight years, yet still repeatedly asserts that he can predict the future.

You can see why Joe might have been inspired.

Anonymous said...

Some hilarious commentary there, Joe-- Kudos!

Reminds me a little of Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco.

For those unfamiliar with the work, its premise is that a vanity publishing house receives unsolicited manuscripts of all types, but many of a conspiratorial nature. As a joke, the workers at the company slice and dice, and then cut and paste several of these more or less at random, and publish it. And then crazies come out of the woodwork to claim that THEY are the super-double-secret conspirators that are being described in the work. Fairly droll, until the dead bodies begin mounting up.

Some people just don't get the joke.


Anonymous said...

Great April Fools gag. I believed it the first time too. Mainly because of the truly uncanny resemblence between Barb and Crowley. I guess that's what inspired you. Nice job. Nothing can stop it now. Except you may want to take out the dateline just to be safe!

Anonymous said...

re #4

Maybe they meant to say "by a bunch of inbred *or* castrated clowns."