Friday, January 09, 2009

Fighting Depression

I suppose I should say something about Barack Obama's plan to stop recession from morphing into Depression. But what can I say that hasn't been said better by others -- here and here and here, for example? The last link goes to a great piece by dakinikat on the Confluence, and I strongly urge you to read it.

What is needed is not the blind tossing of dollars at business -- although some smaller businesses do deserve aid -- but the outright nationalization of some failing concerns, government ownership of foreclosed and about-to-be foreclosed properties, and lots of government-run work programs.

Will that happen? Of course not. This is Obama we're talking about.


2Truthy said...

Thanks for the Confluence link, dakinikat nails it: "Again, it’s very hard to argue for business tax credits when most businesses are just looking for customers. If you don’t put the money into the hands of customers, a few tax credits here and there aren’t going to accomplish anything. There has to be income first."

Exactly. Income comes from jobs, you know, the kind Obama wants to give away to imported workers from India. The first order of events is to stop handing off white collar jobs to guest workers from India. Heard of Satyam? Political whiz kid Obama's genius plan is to keep importing MORE workers from India to further drive down wages and take scarce white collar jobs from this country's citizens. Who voted for this guy? Oh right. High school grads.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment and linking my article with folks way up the food chain compared to me