Friday, December 12, 2008

What crap!

The Roland Report tries to convince us that Valerie Jarrett -- a.k.a. Senate candidate #1, the Daley flunkie and Obama enabler who (if you read Pringle's work) is as crooked as the rest of 'em -- dropped out of the Senate contention race for reasons which had nothing whatsoever to do with anyone on Team Obama catching wind of what Fitz was doing.
That's why on November 9, while she was in New York on business, he offered her the job as senior advisor to the president and assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs and public liaison. This position has her reporting directly to him and places her in the inner sanctum of the president of the United States, and ensures that her voice will be heard on nearly every issue.

I know the date well because on November 10, she confided in me that she had been offered the job, but I couldn't report anything until the announcement was about to be made. I had been working the phones to ascertain what jobs were being offered to a litany of Obama campaign officials, and she was certainly high on the list because of her relationship with Obama.

On November 12, with speculation increasing that she was going after the job, she announced that she was not interested. And on November 14, I reported that she had been officially named to the post.
No one still knows whether the Obama camp found out about Blagojevich's alleged wheeling and dealing for the seat. But the notion that Jarrett's decision to drop out of the running because of Pay Rod just doesn't jive with the facts.
Oh, come off it. How does any of this prove that the decision was not based on inside info about Blagojevich's impending troubles?

Moreover, Blago was talking well after that date as though he knew that Jarrett might still be interested. That's why he was talking about the 501(c)(4).

Who are these people trying to kid?


Anonymous said...

Roland Martin Googles his name and responds to personal posts about him. You'll probably hear from him soon. He doesn't seem to object to people recognizing his self-appointed Obapologist role, though.

plainjane said...

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Anonymous said...

How dare you imply rolly-polly Roland doesn't know what he's writing about? If that's what you mean you're probably racist! LOL!

Edgeoforever said...

Reading his commentary, I understood this: that B0 had 2 people vying for his post - his national chair and Jarett. He preferred to give Jarett another plum job. To me, this only shows him very active, interested in the selection of his successor in the senate.