Thursday, August 07, 2008

The new Democratic party

I had not planned to post again today, but this demands attention. Steve Cohen, a very progressive Democrat, holds Harold Ford's old seat in Tennessee's 9th district. Cohen is white; the district is mostly African American. He just won a primary race against a black lawyer named Nikki Tinker, who portrayed Cohen as a Klansman and a Jesus-hating Jew. (This, despite the fact that many modern KKK-ers hate Jews even more than they hate blacks.)

Tinker obviously believes that black people have a god-given right to be as bigoted as they please.
Tinker's supporters argued the 9th District, which is 60 percent black and 35 percent white, should be represented by a black candidate.
Would Tinker have dared to flaunt her prejudices if Obama and Reverend Wright had not shown how to do it? Some of us of Italian ancestry still smart from Wright's disgusting insults toward "garlic noses" -- which he published in bold letters, while the Lightbringer was still a member of his church.

Clemons was an early supporter of Obama. Yet Obama signaled that he favored Tinker...
Cohen said then that he’d asked the Obama campaign staff if Obama would come to Memphis to campaign for him, but they rejected the idea, saying Obama wouldn’t get involved in congressional primaries. Yet Obama did do a radio ad in June endorsing Rep. John Barrow of Georgia, another white Democrat who faced an African-American primary opponent.
When Tinker began spewing racism, Obama refused to condemn such tactics -- until election day. As the votes were being cast, and far too late to do Cohen any good, the Lightbringer finally issued a bland statement condemning "incendiary and personal attacks." I think this exchange with MSNBC's Tom Curry summarizes the sitch rather well:
When I called Cohen’s campaign manager Jerry Austin a few minutes ago, he had not yet heard of the Obama statement denouncing the inflammatory ads being aired by Nikki Tinker.

Referring to Obama, Austin noted that this statement was not an endorsement. He said sourly, “We’re going to win without his endorsement.”

As for today’s statement from Obama condemning the Tinker ads (although not Tinker by name) Austin said, “The ads started last Friday. He could have said this earlier rather than on election day. Better late than never.”
Mark the day: The "Messiah Supporting National Barack Company" actually let some truth slip through.

Added note:
You should read the comments for the above-linked older Cannonfire post -- the one which discusses Wright and the "garlic noses." This site had far more Obot visitors in those days. They defended Wright's bigotry.

What has happened to the Democratic Party? Barack Obama must be discredited completely. He must not only lose in the Fall, he must lose his Senate seat.

Obama-ism is political rabies.

Added added note:
Never blog while angry. At least, not while THAT angry. In my wrath, I originally misspelled the name "Tinker" as "Tyler." Probably my mind was wandering toward some of the more disreputable DVD covers I've slopped together in order to make ends meet. (So to speak.)


Anonymous said...

Joseph - "Nikki Tyler" is an infamous porn star currently not running for anything printable here. Nikki Tinker is the woman who ran against Steve Cohen - or maybe that was not a mistake on your part, which makes your excellent post a little funnier, but no less disturbing, especially after that anti-semitic post on Obama's official site.

Anonymous said...

Given that you will no longer post my comments is it possible to get back the money I sent for your 'girl-on-the-couch' bit? At this point I'm not sure that's what the money went for.............

CognitiveDissonance said...

I agree that these kinds of reprehensible tactics can be dumped directly on the head of Mr. Unity. I don't think we can underestimate the hate that is going to flow for a long time in the Democratic Party because he thought it was cool to win an election that way. While I despise Tinker's ads, Cohen is not an innocent man. He is the one who compared Hillary to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. When you dish out sh*t, sometimes it gets thrown back at you. So I don't consider him to be a fine progressive. Progressivism and misogyny don't go together.

Joseph Cannon said...

jack: Yes, she got the money last Xmas. She says "Thank you."

Anonymous said...

From the desk of the Girl on the Sofa...

Yes, I am very real and I am very appreciative.

Ms. Vandal.