Thursday, July 10, 2008

This and that...

Dennis Kucinich has introduced a measure to impeach George Bush.

I regret having spoken against Kucinich in the primary. He and his lovely wife have my humblest apologies. If The Two Towers taught us anything, it taught us that elves have balls.

Karl Rove did not appear before the House Judiciary Subcommittee -- and by failing to appear, he has defied subpoena. If the House does not file contempt charges against Turdblossom, our congress-critters will advertise their impotence as unabashedly as Bob Dole ever did.

The Subcommittee wants to tallk to Rove about the Don Siegelman scandal. The fact that Rove has risked contempt charges to avoid questioning tells you much.

Jesse Jackson: Yesterday's post deserves a few follow-up remarks.

This is not the first time the elder Jackson has broken with the Obamaphile party line -- a line set, in no small measure, by his own son. Remember the artificial outrage over Bill Clinton's remarks after South Carolina? Jackson Sr. doused the fire by expressing no offense at anything said by the former president.

One of my readers has snarkily opined that Jesse Jackson Sr. has a history of playing the race card. Oh yeah? I don't recall him doing so in '84 and '88. Sure, he talked about racism on occasion -- as well he should have. However, neither he nor his staffers ever hinted that Dukakis, Mondale or Hart might be bigots simply because they ran against him.

A few people (including yours truly) have suggested that Jackson's "hot mic" remarks were delivered "accidentally on purpose." This piece suggests that the accident was genuine.

Moulitsas on FISA, Clinton and the PUMAs: The Cheeto-in-Chief is fuming because Evil Hillary did the right thing on FISA and the Lightbringer did not. Ultimately, Obama's move is justifiable (when seen in CheetoVision) because it helps him win, and Winning Is Everything.

That justification works only if your initials are BHO. If your initials are HRC, different rules apply.

Kos, the kwasi-literate King of Blogland, has deigned to notice the PUMA movement:
That has cost him some intensity of support, some bad headlines, a new avenue of attack for Republicans (even though McCain didn't even bother showing up for the vote), and ... renewed energy and sense of purpose for the ridiculous PUMAs. That last one is really fucking annoying
"Ridiculous"? "Annoying"? But Markos...! You created the PUMA movement! You're the father!

Didn't you spend six months screaming at everyone in Clinton's half of the party to go and be gone? Didn't you insult the judgment of Clinton's supporters irrevocably by telling them that the candidate they favored was actually a Republican?

So off we skedaddled, re-registering indy and vowing not to vote the Lightbringer ticket. Why doesn't our absence make you happy? Isn't that outcome want you wanted? How can you call us "ridiculous" for fulfilling your command?

By the way, Markos: You slam McCain for not showing up for a vote. That's very amusing, coming from the blogger who gave us Barack "I-voted-Present" Obama.

One more thing, Marky-poo: Learn how to write.

Look at your words: "That has cost him...a new avenue of attack for Republicans..." Are you trying to imply that a Republican "avenue of attack" was something Obama once possessed but now possesses no longer?

The Big MO: Rasmussen's latest poll shows that in Missouri, Obama has slipped from an even-steven position vis-a-vis McCain to five points behind.

Donna Brazile: She's gotta go, says blogger Lynette Long, who has fired up an email campaign. Since Brazile is known for her nasty replies, this could get good.

You know who really has to go? Howard Dean. I used to like the guy, but let's face it -- he has run the Democratic Party with all the skill of a lobotomized Buddy Hackett trying to program in Assembly.


Twilight said...

"Elves have balls" ????

Joseph, please don't sink to that kind of schoolyard sneer. I thought you'd be above that.

Dennis Kucinich was the best man on the Democratic platform early on in the primaries - a true case of pearls before swine. It probably takes a Brit like his wife (and yours truly) to recognise it.

Anonymous said...

Ain't no way I believe Reverend Jackson didn't know that mic was hot. Just saying.

And yes, please, for the LOVE OF GOD, let's ditch Howard Dean. He (and his adoring Markie-Poo) brought the now infamous "progressives" to this show back in '02 in the name of kick-starting his pathetic campaign and now we're all paying for it. Gotta go.

Sorry. It's just that now my computer is broken and I've resorted to uncharacteristic afternoon indulgences to dull the pain. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogger.

Anonymous said...

Jackson portrays nearly every issue in a racial context. He always has.

In 84 and 88 Jesse considered anyone opposing him to be a racist. Ironically, the Jackson campaign referred to Dukakis as "the little Greek from New England".

Back then, Jackson used his influence within the so called "black community" to paint Dukakis and Mondale as weak on civil rights and not on their side.

Jesse Jackson is a one-trick-pony. He takes legitimate issues and makes them about race to boost his own status. Lately though, he just accuses people of racism and/or discrimination, then demands compensation. For the latest crusade, check out the satellite radio merger that remains in limbo.

Jackson is a poor leader.

With all that said, who really cares about any of this?

The whole 2008 campaign has been a trivial joke.

Corporations and criminals run the government, the environment is collapsing around us, the country has accumulated an unfathomable debt, and a nuclear war for the world's remaining resources appears inevitable.

Why, pray tell, are we talking about Jesse Jackson cutting off Barrack Obama's nuts?

Anonymous said...

Half or more of the 'electorate' never heard of Jesse Jackson. Another half wonder if he's one of Michael Jackson's brothers. Still another half confuse him with Mister October. A majority of the electorate misremember him as the great two-sport guy, but half of them wonder if that other half are confusing Bo with Michael Jordan, and an untold number of new voters think the race card has something to do with NASCAR.


Anonymous said...

Re Karl Rove's contempt: Like it matters what Congress does now? Like it mattered that Fitz brought in a conviction on Libby? You need to drop the pose, you need to begin all your blogs with "Even though I'm very naive and forgetful ...".


Anonymous said...

I regret having spoken against Kucinich in the primary. He and his lovely wife have my humblest apologies.

Dear shit for brains. In the condition you are in right now you would backstab Jesus Himself.
Look for help Cannonn because right now you are a fat ugly troll and a slob with no hope for recovery.

Joseph Cannon said...

I get this sort of comment two or three times a day, sometimes more often. It's been going on for months.

Every once in a while, I let one slip through. Just to let you have a glimpse of the true Obot mentality.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 8:41: Give up. No, seriously. Sociopathy isn't fixable, nor is it realistically treatable. That leaves you with limited options if you want to protect civilization from your sickness.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with Anon 8:41.

However, in my time here over years, I must say our host's peripatetic peregrinations have revealed quite a number of fierce wholesale reversals of previously held positions on various political personalities.

Now, whether this is an admirable reflection of a constant philosophical position (properly adapting opinions to changing circumstances), or kind of a flighty reactionary emotionalism akin to teenage love angst, who can tell?

(Cue up 'Used to lover her' by Guns and Roses)


Edgeoforever said...

It's good to see that Kos has his priorities in order. 4 Amendment? Pish posh! PUMA getting the upper hand on him - oh, the horror!
Senators should have considered the effect of their vote on Kos, damn it!

Anonymous said...

It is simply delightful to know we PUMAs are "fucking annoying" to lord kos!

I live to annoy. I only wish I had become a member of his community (which I found too annoying to bother with) just so I could've annoyed him in persona.

J. said...

kwasi ????