Friday, May 23, 2008

Proof: ALL Obama supporters are PSYCHOTIC! (Update)

Trying to make a point about how long primary battles have gone on in the past, Hillary Clinton said the following: "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

I might have said the same thing. Frankly, If RFK had not been killed in June, I would have forgotten that primary races have indeed been known to last that long. But the O-Bots interpreted this remark differently: They say -- get this! -- that Hillary was calling for Obama to be assassinated.

No, I'm not kidding. Moulitsas even published calls for Hillary to be killed.

(Update: I contacted a Secret Service field office and read off the death threat against Hillary published on Daily Kos. The person I spoke to seemed to take the matter seriously, and he has promised an investigation.)

We'll get to that presently. First, savor the psychosis over on DU:
She is not safe to be let loose
This Bitch has really done it now!!
Imagine the uproar that would (properly) result if an Obama opponent ever said: "This coon has really done it now!"
She is demented.
maybe she's so incensed about the nomination being "stolen" away that she and Bill are thinking of the unthinkable.

Howard Dean was worried about the Clintons' ties to the Dixie mob going back into the nineties.
Oh yeah. Let's see the Dean quote backing that assertion. What ties to the "Dixie mob"?
Get out the straight-jacket for her - this is outrageous!
While many have thought about this (because of the fear in it, and worry about Obama...)..... for her to mention it, as an opposing beyond belief...
My God, Hillary, that's just sick.
She is OFFICIALLY a fucked up human piece of trash.
Oh! My! GOD! This woman is wacko!!!!If you ask me, I think she's trying to "plant" ideas. If anything happens...she's Guilty as hell. I'm saving this link and I will make sure she is charged and brought to justice!
I would prop up a stinking corpse before I turn to her.
Now the only vote I would give Hillary is for her expulsion from the party.
I don't care what her point is, you don't talk about the possible assassination of a presidential candidate as reason to stay in the goddamn race.
Do you Hillary supporters have NO shame? This latest scummy utterance from Hillary Clinton is completely indefensible. Completely.
this latest effort on her part clearly destroyed any shred of decency she had.
She is pulling out every trick she can think of. She has stooped as low as Limbaugh now.
So now she's staying in the race just in case somebody kills the nominee?
How much is the bitch offering for the job?
Guess we know where to look if anyone takes aim at Obama. And there for all those years I dismissed those rumors of Clintons killing to get what they wanted or to stay in power. Guess I was wrong!
HRC's intention is clear: Some RW gunman, lone or not, *could* make an attempt on Mr. Obama's life
Hillary is appealing to the very people who could carry out such a deed, both domestic and foreign.
SHE IS THE WORST PERSON OF THE CENTURY!!! I hope the Secret Service pays her a little visit.
But when Michelle threatened physical violence against Bill Clinton, that was okay...?
Good Plan, Hillary. You could probably wrangle your way to deliver Obama's eulogy. You'd get at least an hour of free air time. There would be pictures of you hugging Michelle Obama. And best of all, there would plenty of contributions coming your way to pay off your campaign debts as well as your hit man.
And now, let us strike the Messianic note:
Obama is too good. If the some of the forces in our government are as evil and dark as some of us suspect, then he will be a target.
Over on DU, the main post is -- of course -- a variant on the theme of "Get this to Keith!"
Please do not give this violent pathological woman the benefit of the doubt. Remember "obliterate Iran" and her war vote. She is violent.
She calibrates everthing she says for political gain
This, from some idiot who believes that she wants to kill Obi. Conclusion: She must think that there is political gain to be had in announcing murder plans to the world in advance. Typical Kossack logic, right?
Put it together with the rest of her garbage. She is hoping that will happen now. itis her last hope.
What kind of society condones political opponents talking casualty about their rivals being assasinated?
and a "who will rid me of this turbulent priest" possibility is one strong reason why this shows a terrible lack of judgment.
I never wondered that she did not have this in the back of her mind...She is that low and that blindingly ambitious...We have been talking about what she meant by 'something might happen'! for a long time!!!! True colors will out!
She wants to be president, if she believes he needs to die for her to be nominated, then I believe she wants him to die. She is a monster and should never be trusted with any decisions regarding the future of this country.
Of course she's saying she wants him dead.
Turns out Sullivan was right--they are sociopaths.
Her words are unconscionable. She no longer deserves the title Democrat. I'm done with her.
The media has given this awful woman an easy time for too long. She is just awful, and it has reached the point of outrageousness. When will they admit that there is something seriously wrong with this woman?
Well, she is, after all "Our Nixon". The American id come to life.
Hillary -- the Id? She was considered Ms. Overly-Calculated not many months ago.
How amusing: A Kossack calling someone else unstable! Let us continue with this bizarre "dog whistle" theme:
Just like she dog whistled to all her racist friends in WV and KY she's calling for his assassination!!!


I swear to god I will leave this country and damn it to hell if anything happens to him!!!!
It seems like she is possibly using the "dog whistle" technique that could encourage some crazy person out there to act on her comments.
I think it's another seed she's planting
Desperate desperate things.
Hillary, though, is always calculating about everything she says. This is no different.
The "calculation" note is struck again. Odd, isn't it? These people refer to the statement as a major gaffe -- and yet they also think it is calculated.
She couldn't pick another candidate out of all the presidential races who was still in it in June? She had to pick one who was assassinated?
Actually, yes. 1968 was the last time (if I recall correctly) a "come from behind" candidate could have raced out in front in the final stretch. RFK did not have front-runner status going into June, but he probably would have had it by month's end. RFK would have won the nomination late in the game, if not for the assassination. I don't know how you can mention this history without making any reference to his death.

In other words, in terms of Democratic primary history, she was comparing her chances to RFK's chances at a similar point in his campaign. The full video makes this clear. Rosy thinking, perhaps -- but she was hardly saying "Kill Obama!"
I've had it...FUCK YOU HILLARY
She's become a madwoman.
"Bitch" is too kind a word to describe this megalomaniac.
You have to read the following comment in context to understand that this is a Kossack calling for Hillary to be killed. Moulitsas does not delete the comment or alert the Secret Service.
And a Drive-By Won't Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
The same commenter, jcarter, later writes:
Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.
The Vince Foster Issue Should Be Investigated Again. Clintons just showed that their ambitions know no limit.
Does she have a hit on him?
She knew the ramifications before she made the statement. She is playing percentage politics.
Again: This is from someone who thinks she called for assassination. Apparently, there is a "percentage" in making such a statement in public. Kossack logic.
I know she is capable of some real slimy subliminal messages.
So Hillarys "Nuclear Option" Is An Assasination
She is giving permission to nutcases to lock-n-load and to aim-n-fire, to 'help' her.
Looks to me like all the nutcases are on Obi's side.
This strategy worked quite well in ancient Rome. I think the preferred method of knocking off rivals to the throne was by poison. Maybe Obama needs a taster.
Kay has a list of dead peoples somehow related to Clintons.
HRC: Why Cant We Kill Him Bill Why Cant We...
She IS a Republican
Breaking* Hillary vows to continue race until all the bullets are counted.
You know that racists and nutty supporters are out there listening to you. You know the effect this is having on them. Your behavior, Sen. Clinton is subhuman. In fact even animals will be ashamed of you if I were to compare you to them.
A Kossack accusing someone else of being subhuman. Now that is funny.

On another subject, we have this from DU:
They're both, at heart, southern racists who know how to play WEDGE politics.
I know it hurts ... yes, it hurts BAD to realize that "the Clintons" are shameless race baiters and do not deserve our respect.


OTE admin said...

All one has to do is go to the Argus Leader website, Hillary is 44, my blog, or any number of other sites to get the complete video Clinton's remarks in context. Of course she was talking about the historical context of extended primaries, which have been the rule rather than the exception. She made a good argument against the frontloading of primaries.

Clinton was brilliant in the interview. She answered a variety of questions, including questions about water issues, Native American issues, health care, and so forth. She was great.

Clayton said...

i just got done watching a dvd about Nickolas tesla. When Edison said AC kills people, and then was used in an electrocution, the masses went crazy for Tesla's blood.

It's nice to see that the progressive movement is so, ummmm progressive?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you called the Secret Service, Joseph. While I feel Clinton's remark was inappropriate, the response from her critics has been INSANE. I understand why some are upset, but there is no excuse for promoting violence.

At this point, especially considering the response from Obama supporters, I am just as worried about HRC's security as Obama's security. This thing is out of control.

Joseph Cannon said...

Having seen the whole long video, I don't thinks he said anything inappropriate. I mean, RFK entered June as a come-from-behind candidate. He probably would have ended the month as the sure-thing front-runner. So that is the precedent one must point to in order to show that front-runner status can change in June. I don't see how you can tell the story without mentioning why RFK never actually became the front-runner.

RFK Jr took no offense at her words.

I haven't spoken to my old friend who was shot that night (frankly, we've fallen out of touch), but I got to know him reasonably well, and I feel sure he has not taken offense at these words.

I can't speak for the late Phil Melanson (the foremost expert ont he case, IMO) but we did speak and correspond fairly often, and I feel confident that he would have taken no umbrage at Hillary;'s remarks.

The idea that Hillary would send out "dog whistles" to potential assassins -- while speaking in a private interview with newspaper editors! -- is unimaginably ludicrous.

Even more ludicrous is the notion that her statement was "calculated." HOW? For what purpose?

Anonymous said...

I think it was inappropriate because it was a reference to an assassination of a presidential candidate during the late primaries and well, she's a presidential candidate and we're in the late primaries. She and her opponent are both facing security threats from an unstable populace. In a race many compare to 1968, when the aforementioned assassination actually happened.

I don't think she should have "gone there" for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that referencing Bobby Kennedy's assassination during a primary is kinda...scary? Why even bring that up? There were other ways she could have chosen to communicate her position, including simply mentioning that Bill Clinton campaigned later than some may remember and leaving it at that. I further think that a political figure referincing RFK's death in public at this particular point is in questionable taste considering Ted Kennedy's recent change in health status.

But this is not to say I believe she sat down and planned to say something she believed would be intentionally hurtful to her opponent, or that she deserves to be threatened because of the statement. I just think it was highly insensitive and unwise.

rjarnold said...

And now the Kossacks are worshipping Olbermann as a hero because he insulted Hillary non-stop for about 5 minutes. That's ironic and hypocritical for two reasons-

The over-reaction may actually incite violence against Hillary and about a month ago he called for a super-delegate to taker her into a room and only him to come out (and Obamabots didn't get outraged by this).

Anonymous said...

If the Obama followers (I had another noun in mind but decided against getting down to their level) are so sure he is the winner, why they keep attacking everything Hillary does or says? If RFK'son was not offended by the remark but took it in the context it was made, why anybody else should? It is not Obama but many of his rabid followers who worry me.

Anonymous said...


What does she know about the prospect of a plot? What has she heard? From who? When?

One thing is certain:

She didn't learn of it from Vince Foster or Ron Brown.

Just as Lieberman will be installed as McCain's #2, leaving the "Senator From Israel" in line for the Presidency in the even some "accident" (like the USS Liberty incident) befalls McCain, so to Hillary would be in position to make her husband the "First Lady" instead of the "Second Lady" in the event some "accident" befalls a "President Obama."

Inciting your most wacked out supporters to contemplate an act against Obama in order to enable your installation in his rightful spot SHOULD have land you in prison.

As a sitting US Senator, making such a remark against another sitting US Senator SHOULD lead to your immediate removal from office.

Are there ANY laws that politicians can't break?

Joseph Cannon said...

I let this idiotic comment through because the perfume of insanity should be obvious to anyone who gets a whiff of it.

I'm amazed that anyone thinks this way. I'm doubly amazed that people who think this way lack any sense of how bizarre they sound to normal people. I'm triply amazed that people who think this way come HERE.

Hit me with more psych-O-sis, my O-Bot friends. I'm putting all your choicest comments on their very own website, and it will be there until November, if Obama wins the nomination.

I'm sure you will keep sending me this material even though it is against your interest to do so. As the Scorpion said -- it is in your nature.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. This latest trashing of Hillary is a step-by-step example of the Obama cult's technique: 1. wait for Hillary to use words 2. assue the words are all about Obama in the worst possible way 3. go apeshit

Anonymous said...

All right-thinking people know the intent behind Hillary Clinton's remark to cite a timeline, not voice a wish for Sen. Obama to meet a ghastly fate. Everyone would be horrified if anything happened to Sen. Obama, as we would be if something happened to Sen. Clinton (although I'm not at all certain Sen. Obama's supporters share THAT sentiment).

Worse comments have been made, to slide by the American public's consciousness and replaced by this newest one for media to twist and for egghead supporters to hurl toward their opposition. Of more concern are comments which show a lack of geography by a candidate of the country he wants to lead: i.e. we have only 50 states, NOT 57, Oregon borders no Great Lake, and which states border the one in which he resides.

This latest attempt to demean Sen. Clinton is a pile of BS, and the media and Sen. Obama's campaign handlers and supporters are having a blast smearing themselves in it.

Joseph Cannon said...

Well, Sandy -- the worst lie I can think of this primary season -- and one of THE worst ever -- came during a debate when Obama said that he barely knew Tony Rezko and had done merely five hours of legal work for the guy. An FBI mole later reported that Obi and crime boss Tony were on the phone EVERY DAY, and that Obi was always coming by the office.

Furthermore, that law firm Obi worked for was a small place set up almost entirely as Tony's game preserve -- Tony spotted BHO at Harvard and offered him a gig.

Can you imagine -- CAN YOU FREAKING IMAGINE what would have occurred if Hillary had told a whopper on that level?