Friday, May 16, 2008

"The 400 Blow-hards" -- and Operation Turn Down

The rumor is spreading throughout "the internets" that the Obama campaign has hired 400 bloggers -- or blogland loiterers -- in order
to influence the public discourse and sway Hillary voters to "remember we are all Democrats", to give up Clinton's cause, and to become dutiful citizens of the Obama Nation.

Also, it's been noted by several HillBuzz readers, that Obama volunteers are being told to ratchet down the anti-Hillary hate, because someone in the campaign realizes Hillary Clinton supporters are not very likely to support Obama if he becomes the nominee.
Which means, of course, that Obama controlled the Hillary-hate in the first place. His was the hand on the spigot. He is the one we must blame for the ceaseless smears and calumnies.

Mine is a pro-Hillary site only by default. She was hardly my first choice. At one time I favored Obi, until his campaign played the race card and the progressive blogs became intolerable.

Since then, I've received a truly bizarre barrage of anonymous hate comments, and not from my usual opponents. This hate-mail has had no hint of the conciliatory.

These "drive by" comments appear every hour. They never make a detailed argument, and they never make much sense. Judging from the writing style, only two or three individuals are involved. Some of these messages make threats. I've learned to delete these comments (mostly) unread; a whiff is enough to know what the rest is like.

The sheer ceaselessness of the barrage surprises me. I can't help suspecting that money has changed hands.

Paid or unpaid, Obama's followers have displayed a shameless, brainless, cult-like fanaticism that many find revolting. Yesterday, we discussed PA radio personality Steve Corbett. He is spearheading something called Operation Turn Down:
Looks like Steve Corbett PA Radio host at wilk network has caught the attention of The DNC, yesterday Corbett launch Operation Turn Down campaign to let the DNC know that true Democrats where not voting for Obama. The phones lines lit up; calls came from state after state, blogger from a site called Confluence and others posted Corbett Operation Turn Down and the blog sphere was at a buzz. State after state voters calling and pledging they would under no circumstance vote for Obama this has to be the DNC nightmare. Operation Turn down continues Friday at 3 p.m. EST tune in folks this is going to be huge.

PS Please Let Everyone Know to listen in, on the net or radio, call in we got the DNC ears let our voice be heard
For those of you who want to know more about Corbett, go here:
I’m part of an impromptu movement born of outrage and frustration to which Democratic Party leaders need to pay very close attention. I’m a radical Democrat and proud of it.

Radical politics is one reason why I majored in “Community Development” at Penn State in 1970, after showing up there in September of 1969 with an open mind and a head loaded with ideas – not all of them good.

By November I was on the street in DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C., getting tear-gassed by National Guard troops during an anti-war protest. The next day I watched the attack on the Justice Department. The next year I watched my state cop father show up on my campus in riot gear.

I spent the next 30-some years developing my perspective and my honor as a daily newspaper columnist and broadcast commentator on television and radio.

I’ve learned from it all. I’m still learning.

And all these years later I still value my community development education and my degree from the counterculture school of hard knocks. The lessons of Kent State, My Lai, and the mean streets of Chicago under the first Mayor Richard Daley remain a part of my pledge of allegiance to real change I can believe in.
Hillary is the strongest, best candidate. Hillary can beat John McCain. Hillary is my Democrat.

Even if party bosses tell me that we must get behind the nominee and that the nominee will be Obama, I have a choice. Even if family, friends and colleagues tell me I’m wrong, I have a choice. Even if you hate my decision, I have a choice.
Corbett and I are not really on the same page -- he supported Nader in 2000, and he seems much rather more enthused about Hillary than I am. But he shares my aversion to political cults, and I think he understands that what passes for "progressive" politics today is a disguised form of Libertarianism, which has nothing to do with the left that he and I once knew.

If Obama were truly of the left, he wouldn't hire Libertarians like Goolsbee or Liebman to fix our economic ills, and he would not have Libertarians like Markos Moulitsas and Arianna Huffington in his corner. Obama's politics of unity means unity with Republicans, not with the core of the Democratic party, who have been treated like sewage.

Which brings us to these words from HillBuzz:
HillBuzz wonders if the year of brutal attacks on Clinton and her supporters could ever be forgotten by the 17 million people who have so far cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. These attacks were made, deliberately, not just by Tim Russert and Chris Matthews and the ilk of Olbermann: they were made on a daily, energetic basis, by the legion of Obama supporters online, encouraged by the Obama campaign.

We can't speak for everyone, but we can speak for ourselves: as lifelong Democrats who always considered ourselves dyed-in-the-wool true party loyalists, we have to be honest and admit the way Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been treated in this primary race, by Obama, the DNC, and Obama's supporters has caused us to question our party affiliation.
You think I'm going support Obama after receiving insults and threats? Like hell.
"like hell"
How ironic, since that is exactly where you are destined to end up. You must "like" it or you would not be so hate filled. Hate Hate Hate and don;t be late, to Hell that is.
I let the above comment through to demonstrate the sort of childish nonsense I receive on a 24/7 basis. If this is what the O team is paying for, they aren't getting their money's worth.
You are devolving into a worse character than we expected. Your reckelss abandonment of true concern for this fragile nation is becoming more blatant as you crawl on all fours into NaziLand in your hate of a truly liberal agent for change, Obama, and your swinelike grunt, grovel, and groan into the enemies camp.
Next you will be selling swastika filled artwork and pandering totally to the monstrous, slithering, lying, hate filled, blood sucking vampires of the right wing of the crippled eagle..but to no avail you pig, becase "We the People" are waking up and you and your new alliances with the Nazi camp has been noticed and the affidavits are in place. You are falling into the pit of snakes that you have admired because they "treat you like a son". Yes, they have snared you Cannon, you are now in our lexicon a "son of perdition".
Go to Hell!
Just another example. I've deleted three others more-or-less unread.

Maybe I should allow more of these things to get through? The psychosis displayed by Obama supporters is the best possible argument for supporting someone, anyone else.

My god, could Obi really be PAYING for this crap?
Joe please show them--- i mean i thought i was reading something cobbled together by an insult logarithms... Those are classic!! And are the Oteam also all religious nuts?? "your new alliances with the Nazi camp has been noticed and the affidavits are in place."

No, seriously, Joe these are better than those poems that people filter through babelfish 50 times to make look weird.

Please let them through as comments (i knwo i knwo... as opposed to me, i'm banned from here forever. because i think the R has been fascist forever and the Left well at least since the Truman show) but let these comments through. It would be great support for Hilary
The negative comments are everywhere. Lately, there's an influx of comments meant to stir up Hillary supporters. I think they are meant to turn them to the dark side, but they have no clue what they are doing. It's troubling because it can completely disrupt an entire forum or blog. Maybe that's the ultimate goal. Divide and conquer.
I've said it before and I'll say it now. I supported Hillary and will support Obama. Why you insist on qualifying anonymous comments here or anywhere else as indicative of Obama supporters is beyond me.

The GOP or Obamamaniacs as you call them can equally annoy you if you apply a standard of anon rules. You know better Joseph. You definitely know better.

Well, I sure as hell think those ceaseless weird comments are indicative of SOMETHING. The thought that Obi might be paying for that crap is -- well, it's just plain hard to fathom.

I guess what bothers me is that I've taken to deleting Anonymous comments after skimming the first line or two. And that may not be fair. See, the crappy comments pile up so rapidly that it's easy to deep-sixed a perfectly reasonable critique along with the wack-job messages.
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