Thursday, March 06, 2008


I fear that the superb work of AntiFascist received short shrift the past few days, since we've all been focused on electoral matters. I hope to republish his last two pieces as one long essay very soon.

Doc e's piece below was held up for a half-day because I wanted any controversy engendered by my response to Kos piece to play itself out. I'm not sure I agree with everything the doctor has to say below -- we've been trading theories behind the scenes -- but let's stir up discussion.

As for Obama: I have decided that he is Jesus. I like Jesus. It's his followers I can't stand.

Or as a friend of mine puts it: "Over the past month, the Obama people have been making me feel like I'm in Rhinoceros."


Anonymous said...

thanks Cannon for the Rhino reference. It ignited my "play" instincts and now I have new "cannon fodder" for my fevered imagination.
Apppearantley there was a movie made (Billy Wilder, Zero Mostel) in 1973. Have you seen it? It would be quite applicable today n'est pas? I am concerned for your mental state sir. Your new found "adoration" of Obama with the I "like" him tag, and your comparison to Jesus of his persona has confirmed my suspicions that you suffer from the ol fashioned malady "the split persona".
After your "holding your nose" episode in order to cast your lonely vote for him, you now seem to have accepted his charms and savoir faire as a modern messiah. Has the plague reached your door step? Or did Daisy seduce you into your new found delirium?


Joseph Cannon said...

Small correction: Gene Wilder, not Billy. The only acting Billy Wilder ever did was in an episode of the Jack Benny show. He was okay.

I saw the movie, although I was too young to appreciate it. The central metaphor was pretty obvious, even to the pubescent. Mostel and Wilder were funny. Karen Black did her best work. There's a TERRIBLE song somewhere in there, as I recall.

The original play was set in a small French town, which made people think of the Occupation. The movie is set in New York City, which made people think of urban conformity. Both readings work.

So now I'm a worshiper of Barack, eh? Wow. Just yesterday, I was accused of being a Barack-hating disciple of Eeeeevil Hillary.

Seriously, I've decided that pretty much all of my reasons for disliking Obama have little or nothing to do with Obama. The circus around him is just...vile. It's getting so that if you say anything bad about Obama in public, people will react the same way they would have reacted if you had dissed the flag on September 12, 2001.

I'm told that there are some Hillary supporters who can be just as vile. These people tend to be hard core feminists who think that anyone who doesn't want to vote for a woman must be a misogynist.

Well, this brings us to an interesting question: At what point is it legit to judge a leader by his or her followers?

An image just came to mind -- the famous tableau of an aged Karl Marx, stunned to see what followers were doing in his name (even in his own day), announcing with a sigh: "Well, at this point I know only one thing: I am not a Marxist."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cannonfire and Rigorous Intuition are on a "The Masses are Asses" kick because we slobs don't like Hillary.

I'm certainly not interested in Obama because of his "savoir faire" or whatever... guess I need to brush up on my French