Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live Metaphors, False Intelligence, and Gore Vidal's USA

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I've tended to notice that, during times of crisis, the frequency of synchronous events increases exponentially. Either that, or just our sensitivity to them increases, whatever.

But, there they are, slapping you up side the head like a 2 X 4, tossing all your neatly arranged puzzle pieces into the air and leaving them there, suspended and floating in defiance of all your efforts to keep your world tidy and intact, yet providing - in their light thumb-nosing at gravity and human intention - the most elegant re-statement of meaning. The synchronous event becomes the profoundly ineffable metaphor for this rearrangement, itself the symbol for both structure - both new and old alike - and for the breaking away from any structure at all.

Forgive my heady nonsense, but then please go read this remarkable ...metaphor that appears in today's offering of The Nation by Ted Gup.

And then recall Joe's remarkable piece on Mr. Vidal from this weekend, and then just let all the lovely synchronicities float around your head like so many disjointed - yet powerfully meaningful - puzzle pieces.

And then smile, in spite of it all.


AitchD said...

OMG! Gup's piece is how The Da Vinci Code begins!

Joseph Cannon said...

Jeez, I was a little sad to read that. Vidal seems to be in poor shape, and here I've been razzing the poor fellow a lot online.

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder what Vidal has got in common with his pal Gorbachev. But then again, there is practically zero recognition in the West that something is fundamentally wrong in the social conditions - which was the meaning of glasnost.