Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rove to Justice Department: Screw the Dems

Is former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman an American political prisoner? Read Larisa Alexandrovna's terrific two part investigation here and here.

Here's an excerpt from her interview with Don's daughter, Dana Silverman:
DS: ...This is a dangerous situation. When Dana Jill Simpson came forward with her testimony, her house was burned down. My dad's lawyer's office was broken into. Our house was broken into....


AitchD said...

Rove resigned, so there's no money in it for the Piss Stream Media anymore. Former Governor Siegelman's case is the worst of the news. But godammit, it's not recent 'news', is it? The DOJ indicted (important PA Democrat) Cyril Wecht in January 2006 over nothing; in December 2006, DOJ agreed not to pursue allegations of nothing against John Conyers. LBJ: When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Everyone is shaking everyone else down, so no one will spill, no one will turn, except for David Iglesias. Yeah, so we know. But knowing isn't enough because criminal prosecution is discretionary.

Always we keep hearing the same frustrating complaint: the mainstream media won't take up the stories and run with them. That has to mean that the MSM controls the public and political welfare by setting the agenda or ignoring storm warnings. If it's not on TV, it's only fringe. If it's only fringe, it's whacko. Refute my logic and make my day.

Isn't it time to squeeze the MSM guys? Who elected those fuckers? Does it matter anymore which Senator, House Member, or any other government official is on Larry Flynt's steenking lists? Joe, what do you know about Wolf? Why does Russert grin like that? Ask his camera operator to tilt down. Who did Brian (kn)ow to get his gig? He likes fast cars, and we know what that means. You know who would love to see those guys shaken down and shape up? Eric Alterman. Do you know Eric? I don't. Get plotting; it's late, amigo.

Anonymous said...

“FOLLOW RILEY’S CAMPAIGN MONEY BACK TO MICHAEL SCANLON AND JACK ABRAMOFF“. Before the 2002 gubernatorial elections, Bob Riley asked Choctaw Indian lobbyist Michael Scanlon who represented the casino-operating Choctaw Indians in Philadelphia, Miss., to funnel money from the Choctaw Indians in return for helping him get elected governor over Don Siegelman and if he was elected he would kill any hopes of Alabama getting a state lottery and block the Alabama Poarch Indians from getting a class 3 gambling license. Scanlon was to see that the money was laundered before the 2002 election through the Republican Governors Association, the Alabama Republican Party and to the Business Council of Alabama.. Scanlon had an interest in the 2002 Alabama elections, where Riley faced Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman, because Siegelman was advocating a state lottery, which could have attracted customers away from the Choctaws' two casinos in Philadelphia, Miss.
In 2002, Scanlon funneled the following amounts of Choctaw money to help Riley’s election campaign:

(1) Scanlon funneled $500,000 in October 2002 to the Republican Governors Association, which soon after transferred the money to a related Republican committee, which in turn donated $650,000 to Riley and $150,000 to the Alabama Republican Party the same month.

(2) Scanlon funneled $100,000 to four Alabama-based political action committees controlled by Montgomery lobbyists Joe Fine and Bob Geddie that contributed heavily to Riley's campaign.

(2) Scanlon funneled $9,000 plus later another undetermined amount to Progress PAC, the fundraising arm of the Business Council of Alabama, which also contributed heavily to Riley.

(3) Scanlon' also funneled $75,000 to "Riley" through the National Republican Congressional Committee, $50,000 to the NRCC, and the NRCC gave Riley $360,000.

In late 2001 Scanlon had paid $155,000, for the Choctaw Indians, to the public relations firm of Lunde and Burger for professional campaign services in Alabama which was used to defeat the lottery and gambling in Alabama while Siegelman was governor.

Anonymous said...

It's called the Dixie Mafia, and it's all over the deep South. If an honest investigation starts pulling at the loose thread of the Siegelman persecution, they might follow it all the way to Florida, Jeb Bush, a certain murdered Florida journalist, and a whole lot more. But that's a big if.

Anonymous said...

The three big Alabama papers have twisted everything that they have printed about Democrat politicians.

Every time I see Riley on TV I want to change channels knowing what a liar and cheat that he has proven to be. If a book is ever written about Siegelman it will be a best seller, because I don't know of anyone who has been abused and thrown into prison with the perpetrators still in office.

Joseph the son of Jacob was beaten and sold into slavery and later falsely accused by Potiphar's wife and thrown into prison to rot; however, he remained faithful to God and ended up being put in charge over all his perpetrators and saving mankind from a 7 year famine.

I believe that Bob Riley and the others who stole and lied to take the governor's job from him and who threw him in prison will one day appear before Him. I believe that Siegelman will be acquitted of what he has been charged with and that he will be appointed to a high position under the next Democratic president.