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Demons in the White House: Bush linked to a theocratic cult

Have you wondered, as I often have, if Dubya's embrace of fundamentalist Christianity is fake or genuine? In other words, is this man a cynic or a zealot?

This fine Kos diary by dogemperor suggests that Bush really believes what he told the French president -- that the Iraq war is a battle against "Gog and Magog."

Dogemperor makes an amusing point: According to the recent book Dead Certain, Bush claims to have seen ghosts in the White House. Strict fundamentalist theology forbids the theory that ghosts are the spirits of once-living human beings. Fundies offer a simple, one-size-fits-all explanation for ghosts, UFOs, ESP, Bigfoot, and even Marian apparitions: "Demons did it."

Thus, Bush has admitted that his White House is infested with demons!

The YWAM connection: On a more serious note, we have this background information on Doug Wead, Bush's political/spiritual mentor (who confirmed the rumors that W did cocaine):
Wead, almost from the time he met Bush (during Bush the Elder's campaign; Wead was an advisor on George Bush's campaign, though the latter did not take dominionism to heart nearly to the extent that his kid did), groomed Dubya to be a good dominionist AND a dominionist president--one thing very rarely noted in writings on Wead is that he has connections with Assemblies frontgroup Youth With A Mission (in fact, being founder of Mercy Corps, a YWAM frontgroup--yes, he's literally founder of an Assemblies frontgroup within an Assemblies frontgroup).We have previously discussed the YWAM cult (and "cult" is not too strong a word) in connection with the egregious television docudrama Path to 911, which falsified history in order to blame the disaster on Bill Clinton. The film's makers, who have strong YWAM connections, somehow possessed enough clout to convince Disney to fund the work and to air it without commercials.
(The connections can make your head spin faster than Linda Blair's: Wead is also a leading figure within the cultlike "business" AMWAY, which was run, until recently, by Dick DeVos, who is the brother-in-law of Erik Prince, the head of Blackwater -- recently accused of smuggling arms.)

YWAM is vehemently anti-Catholic and pro-"Reconstructionist" -- that is, founder Loren Cunningham believes in replacing democracy with a fundamentalist Protestant theocracy. (For all practical purposes, the terms "Dominionist" and "Reconstructionist" may be used interchangeably, although many Reconstructionists object to the D-word.) The group has long held strange ties to both the GOP and the world of intelligence:
It seems that YWAM has sought political influence. Specifically, active participation in the so-called "Anatole Fellowship" later reorganized as the "Christian Public Policy Council". Ron Boehme of YWAM was an executive committee member in 1985. The group sought "to gain influence within the Republican Party" and later in a 1987 meeting discussed "electrical strategies" with "South Africa, Nicaragua and El Salvador (page 130)".

Further political involvement is evident through a meeting (June 1982) with an aide to Rios Montt, former dictator of Guatemala and a small group of so-called "Christian Right" leaders. This group included Loren Cunningham, head of YWAM. Montt was a leader in Gospel Outreach's Guatemalan Verbo Church. Gospel Outreach is based in California. Rios Montt traveled extensively throughout the United States on a speaking tour put together by leadership of the "Christian Right" (pages 164-167). The regime of General Rios Montt (1982-83) was later accused and exposed for its crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity.
A strange Florida airline. YWAM is connected to Agape Airlines, one of those bizarre airlines in Florida that Daniel Hopsicker loves to investigate. I highly recommend his piece PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: "Christian fundamentalists" & the CIA.

Many indicators suggest that Agape may be linked to either intelligence operations or smuggling -- or both.

(To read the rest -- including the YWAM connection to a sexual predator -- click "Permalink" below)

To repeat my previous summary:
1. Agape operates at the world-infamous Venice airport, where Mohammed Atta trained. The firm is locally notorious for secrecy. They usually do their business behind closed hangar doors.

2. A pilot named Mark Mikarts flies for Agape. The same pilot was Atta's flight instructor. He also has been known to use the name Mark Wierdak. His sister works for the American consulate in Venezuela, and, when contacted, would not offer any rational explanation for the use of two last names.

3. In 2006, an Agape pilot named Steve Huisman was flying a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 90 in Florida -- during a tropical storm predicted to attain hurricane status. The aircraft crashed into a private home, killing the pilot instantly.

There was no flight plan. Agape said that Huisman was releasing sterilized Med flies. In a near-hurricane.

4. Huisman also worked for Dynamic Aviation, a Virginia Company which hired him to fly in and out of Afghanistan. Nobody knows what he was shipping.

5. Agape rents office space and a hangar for the remarkable sum of $2,114 a month. (To put that sum into perspective, I recently saw a small storefront in a dismal area of the San Fernando Valley going for over $5K a month.) Agape leases out part of their office space for $5000 a month, which puts them into the black for doing nothing. (Interestingly, Agape faced eviction in 1999, back when they were in their old digs in Sarasota.)

6. The United States government has given Agape special permission to make regular flights to Cuba.

7. When Agape first moved to Venice, they shared hangar space with a man named Coy Jacob, who gave Hopsicker this startling report:
“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Its obviously a very well-funded operation, but the stuff they’re flying down to Haiti is junk,” he told us bluntly.

“Stuff that didn’t sell at garage sales. Used silverware and plates, used bedding. Every so often we’d see a new coffeepot, or a portable generator. But it was mostly all junk.”

“With the price of aviation gasoline today, it costs them between $6000 and $8000 just to fly down and back to Haiti. And for what? A couple hundred bucks worth of toasters?”
My earlier piece contains links to sites which suggested that Agape was either partnered with -- or a front for -- YWAM. Unfortunately, only one of those links still works. (This one.)

The sex offender. Few know that YWAM has also been linked to the central figure in a sex scandal: Paul Huberty, a lieutenant colonel discharged dishonorably for committing having sex with his under-age ward while stationed in Germany. Soon thereafter, and even though he was a registered sex offender, he became a leading light within YWAM, where he worked with...youths.

In Hawaii, where Huberty was found guilty of attempted sexual assault, he founded a similarly-named group called Families With a Mission. This strange organization later moved to Colorado. At this point, the notorious Ted Haggard -- "cured" of all gay temptations -- enters our tale:
One of the particularly interesting bits regarding Ted Haggard's suggestion to have folks donate to "Families With A Mission" is that the group does not exist, and may in truth not have ever really existed outside of Paul Huberty's circle of friends.

Paul Huberty is listed as the main contact agent for "Families With A Mission"--or, more properly, was listed when it existed as a legal entity in Colorado. Literally the entire membership board in Colorado is identical to the Hawaiian incorporation papers...
Ted Haggard has asked that personal contributions to his "cause" be funneled through this group -- even though FWAM has not been operational for years, even though it cannot legally act as a 501(c)3 charity, and even though FWAM is run (to the extent it can be said to exist) by a sex predator.

To me, this arrangement smells of money laundering. I don't think anyone could hope to get away with such a shady operation unless without powerful "helpers."

Huberty seems to have formally left YWAM before forming FWAM. The reader may judge whether to insert the words "plausible denial" at this point.

Bottom line: What are we to make of the YWAM cult? We have seen evidence of links to the following:

1. George W. Bush
2. A very strange Florida airline
3. Disney/ABC
4. American intelligence
5. The monstrous dictator Rioss-Montt
6. The theocratic "Dominionist" movement
7. A sexual offender who seems to have powerful allies

How do you put the pieces together?


Anonymous said...

It would be even stranger if we could trace that Huberty back as a relly of this Huberty, no?
Sometimes real life is weirder than we think.'s_massacre


Anonymous said...

Doug Wead is also the co-author of People's Temple, People's Tomb- the very first book put out on Jim Jones and the People's Temple cult, published in 1979, mere months after the catastrophe at Jonestown.

In the book, Wead makes occasional insinuations that Jim Jones was tied to Moscow and/or Fidel Castro's Cuba- a novel interpretation that I haven't found elsewhere.

Joseph Cannon said...

Thanks for the reminder. I used to have an impressive collection of books about Jim Jones, including PTPT. Wags have said that it came out so very soon after the tragedy that much of it must have been written before the event.

For an excellent take on Jone's possible CIA ties, go here:

Anonymous said...

And there's Bush's spiritually based inaugural address.

Anonymous said...

Check these out...

Terry Hildebrand said...

Gee, I live in Honolulu, and I have tried searching the archives of our two daily newspapers and the four TV stations, and I could find no matches on "Huberty." His conviction as a sex offender here and his organization "Families with a MIssion" seem to be blacked in Honolulu. Very interesting.