Sunday, August 12, 2007

The triumph of Dem-hate

I've been having a fun debate on FISA with Anonymous Liberal over on Crooks and Liars. He's a litigator, but I think I'm holding my own. The other comments in that thread are pretty kooky, and one in particular stood out:
Actually, the state of Ohio was stolen by Democratic fraud AND incompetence.
Kerry got screwed by Democratic fraud?

Damn those Dems! I hate 'em. And you know who else I hate? Martin Luther King. He had no business shooting at James Earl Ray.

Bad things are happening in the "progressive" community. Bad things. You may not be able to see the true scope of the danger yet, but you soon will.
Yep my theory is that these folks saying this type of BS are merely masquerading as dems- but I could be wrong. On the other hand- Cindy Sheehan has developed into a complete JBS tool with her conspiracy crapola...who's to say she's not a "libertarian" set up of the JBS - as many others have been in the past.
Well- something to think about.
You are one of the few who understand the Birchers' methods, so I figured I would comment here for once. Keep up the great blogs.
Jey K..said..
Yep my theory is that these folks saying this type of BS are merely masquerading as dems- but I could be wrong. On the other hand- Cindy Sheehan has developed into a complete JBS tool with her conspiracy crapola...
are you trying to suggest that there are no conspiracies in politics today? Were you born yesterday?
Yey..bad things are happening to the Dems says Joseph..well guess what Joseph, we Dems are simply cleansing the party of the Demoblicans that have infiltrated as a Trojan Horse.
Stay tuned because there is a quiet (bloodless) revolution happening and you are out in the cold, sipping grape kool aid, as you cling to the past and outworn politicians on the payola.
Isen't that exciting?
"Purity" is an admixture (it resembles bleach but is called "Grace" in the Holy bible), it turns anything impure, pure white.
We (God and US), are pouring that Grace into the bloodstream of the body politic from above. Definitely out of your scope and sight so proceed as you are programmed to do as if nothing "new" is happening..squirt
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you example number two, proving my point. It is maniac time out there.
Forget the fraud, but the dems were incompitent and did nothing to expose the fraud. The dems are like a 13 year old girls, so worried about what everyone thinks of her.

Steal an election, oh, get away with it cuz the other side is afraid of looking like sore losers.
Wow! Anonymous : 6:07 PM! It's like Bush's god against his (or hers). Would make a great disaster movie. Me, I vote for the one that doesn't exist--much less apocalyptic.
ladies and gentlemen, I give you (in the form of Anon 6:23) example number three. Amazing that these people feel that they are welcome HERE.

I see bad things arising.
I said "HER conspiracy crapola"- which coincidentally happens to fall in line with a great deal of the John Birch Society's specialy propaganda they feed on the internet.
you might be surprised to read that the JBS has had a hand in the impeachment of Bush:

An actual Conspiracy Theory can be used against a society, as well.
One might call this a conspiracy within a conspiracy.
That might be complex for some to understand, as it is not necessarily the end that meets the means.
I think Joseph would understand though.
I don't believe I've ever erased a bookmark as quickly as I'm about to do with this one.

The other new sites I discovered at the same time - and and still look to be 'keepers'.
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anon 11:36: This is the only happy news I've received all night. Have fun with the trannies.
Joe Joe Joe
What you just don’t seem to get
Is that they know
And it makes them panties wet.
"Republicrats or Democans
…same thing? You bet!"

Sure, cosmetically dissimilar
…and one’s meaner than the other,
actually, kinda sinister.
But for the corp. they do both smother.

Why don’t they get it?
Lickety split! Just like with
the recent judicial writ?
Dem po’foks fraid of getting spied on
And nerves all tightly knit.

Looks like we’re sinking into a
(non orchestral) pit. Like a
drowning man who won’t a lifeguard permit
Bit by bit he’ll scratch and kick
Until he finally sinks under it
Very interesting. So there are a bunch of people who think America is ripe for some sort of political revolution. Well I guess I would be in favour of something like this, if only cos I live in another country and it would be fun to watch. Thing is, I cant see why your commentators (or this that commentors?), seem to think that they are in the vanguard of a revolution. Seems to me that most of American is still far more interested in Monday night football than politics. Seems to me that are horrifyingly large number of americans think Bill O'Reilly is right, and the Enlightenment was a bad thing which should be reversed.

Where the nutters who think that the Revolution is coming come from is beyond me. They seem to be brighter than average but too dumb to realise that they are getting screwed, and it will only get worse unless the opposition to the Bushies gets organised and realistic. I guess the bottom line is that you are right Joe. The US is gonna elect another Republican cos the Dems are in complete disarray. Even Jesus couldnt get elected on a democratic ticket, the way things are going.!

This comment has been removed by the author.
"Dem po’foks fraid of getting spied on
And nerves all tightly knit."

Nothing I can say, it seems, will end the myth. Christ. You people would not read the law at gunpoint.

The new law does not give Gonzales or any subsequent AG expanded rights to spy on you. READ THE DEFINITION OF MINIMIZATION PROCEDURES. You will see that foreign to domestic communications were intercepted in 1978 as well. That's why procedures designed to safeguard Fourth amendment rights were instituted. The same procedures are in place in the 2007 update. All intercepted foreign communications are subject to those procedures. The law clearly states this. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Yes, I know what the NYT said. I know what the Washington Post said. I know what the progressive bloggers are saying.

Every article you read on FISA that does not include the phrase "minimization procedures" is lying to you.

BUT YOU JACKASSES REFUSE TO READ THE LAW! No matter how many times I link to it. This is so frustrating!

I think FISA was a bad law to begin with, for a number of reasons. Oversight was woefully inadequate and the minimization procedures, designed to should be stronger. But those faults were in the original legislation. The more I familiarize itself with the law, the less reason I see to view the update as giving this AG carte blanche to spy on anyone he likes. I still would have voted against it (were I in a position to vote) especially because it weakens oversight, when it should be much, much stronger.

But the law does not give this or any other AG the legal right to do data mining on Americans. Everyone who says otherwise is lying. I don't care if you're hearing that line from lawyers. (It's pretty obvious to me that Glenn Greenwald, for example, has not even read the law; he is simply responding to the misleading journalistic coverage.) The only thing that matters is the text of the legislation itself, and that text is clear.

IF you read it. Which you won't.
Yo! Joe!
Don't blame me
for mirroring back
the reality.
(it's not my opinion,
i side with thee--
but "Dem Po Folk"
exist. obviously)

Come on. You must realize that the poetry being offered in your comments are just making fun of the whole lot (in the UK it's called "taking the piss")? Seriously, do you think anyone who believes Gonzo has brand new rights, or who believes the dems are impotent, or that pelosi pulled WTC7 could even find words that rhyme??? gimme a little more credit than that :p

PS: i read it. don't understand it, and am not even American, but read it. was even trying to do a Dadaist cutup of it.. but it was too dry
I thought that equating "Dem" po folk with the actions of a drowning man who attacks the lifeguard would have explained that [sigh]
John, I hope you can forgive me. I've been up all night trying to catch up on work. And everywhere I go, I get attacked, which has not done wonders for my temper.

It's like, I'd be universally loved by progressives if only I would say the words people want me to say...

"Alberto Gonzales can now spy on all Americans without a warrant, thanks to Nancy Pelosi! She wanted the FISA update! So did all other Democrats, even the ones who voted against the Act! The Democrats pushed Bush to start the war in Iraq! The Democrats committed vote fraud against Kerry in Ohio! The Democrats started World War II! John Conyers personally planted the bombs in WT7! Bush is a DEMOCRAT! The only way to stop Bush is to vote Republican!"

Yep, if only I would recite the catechism, I'd be popular again.

I owe you an apology and now you have it.
Thanks, but you owe me nothing. Sure I may not be a real JBSer (or a real Rev. Hillbilly for that matter), but art is a hard thing to define, right? so it's understandable (especially when factoring the amount of abuse you get) that my words were not fully understood-- unlike a fag-bashing closeted meth-smoking reverend, however, I do stand up for myself! But again, Joseph, you owe me nothing, you have taught me so much, and are one of the few voices or reason out there... so if anything, I owe you better poetry.

John (aka lee)

Well, said person who claimed that the Dems are responsible for the imbroglio in Ohio back in '04 might be a troll.

Of course, I've seen stupid s**t spewed out on some sites that make me want to scream that great line from THE TWILIGHT ZONE: "Can't anyone think a intelligent thought here?"

I don't think Cindy Sheehan is a JBS tool, but she is being misguided by members of the "They're all the same" crowd. Sadly, too many liberals and progressives, it seems, are falling for half-truths and lies and not seeing the plain truth.

What's that? Simple: repairing the damage left by this Administration will take YEARS, not months. Seriously--how many expected to have everything spic and span in eight months? Did we really expect the Democrats to snap their fingers and presto! Everything all nice and neat?

If you thought that, you're a fool.

Will Pitt understood that it will take time. He understood that we will not win every battle. And he tried to tell this to all on DU. But, he was hounded off.

There are those who say the Republican party is in disarry and that they're finished for the next 25 years. Hmmm. Sorry, but I don't think so. The ugly truth is that it may be our side that is about to take a hard fall, because we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves.

Thanks again, Joseph, for being a voice of reason. Dem-hate sucks.
Right as rain, Joseph.
Though, I wouldn't put the blame directly on Cindy Sheehan or people like her. There are folks taking advantage of her frustrations. I think she falls into the useful idiot category to further camouflage the director (whoever that may be). People usually go where they're rewarded.
That goes for the 9/11 trannie shit, as well. Two groups of well meaning - yet woefully ignorant - individuals are at each other's throats while they laugh all the way to the bank.
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