Thursday, July 12, 2007

We've only just begun

Most of us were under the impression that the "surge" has lasted six months. Nonsense, says White House spokesperson Tony Snow: This week marks "the beginning of the beginning of the surge."

So let's cut Bush some slack. True, this war has lasted two grueling years, but the President is simply cleaning up a mess he inherited from Bill Clinton. After all, Bush is only about 18 months into his first term.

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Anonymous said...

yes Joseph I agree. Let's all of us think kindly of George Bush. He comes from a good family, with good intentions but, was raised with a silver swastika in his mouth and Lord knows how crippling that can be.
The presidents "recovery" program has been a huge success, thanks to the expert counseling he has found with his close friend Karl Rove who also was born with a silver swastika in his mouth but managed to overcome that liability and now has a high degree of lie ability to deflect any and all negative opinions that are hurled in his direction.
I read a report recently that in order to keep George's nerves soothed that his closest advisors and best friends have designed a special room in the White House to keep George away from the prying press. The special room has ultra soft walls and excellent ventilation and good lighting so he can read his favorite books about goats (which he has learned to read upside down of all things).
Some of the illustrations have leaked out through the janitorial service inside the White House and are religious in nature. Upside down crosses seem to be the favorite pictures that he studies intently.
All in all I am optimistic that eventually we all will have the same conversion that he enjoys and the same kind of therapeutic environments, albeit made in china, that he enjoys, and we all will eventually be taught that same ability to read similar books upside down with the same illustrations available freely and generously provided by the government.
In other words let's just give him time and go about our business of seeking pleasure and enjoying all the fruits of our labors earned by the sweat of our brow. I also want to encourage everyone to watch more television because it is so effortless and also because it displays so many interesting products, sporting events, news and information from the rest of the world even though there seems to be a very large amount of warfare very similar to the video games I recently purchaed for my three year old son. So realistic oh so realistic. Isen't it all so amazing what we can enjoy with so little effirt?
We must give the president all the credit cause he has been steering this great ship of state so well, especially considering that after he swallowed that silver swatika at such an early age it is now lodged in his braiin.