Saturday, June 02, 2007

Terror plot against JFK airport

Three people have been charged and a fourth is sought. (See here and here.) Prediction: Within hours or days, we will discover that FBI infiltrators within the group encouraged this action. And we will be shocked. Shocked. Yet again. You may also want to read the story below, which is completely unrelated.
This is very - VERY - reminiscent of last summer when the government seemed to bust up a new terrorist cell about every 4 weeks or so. See my blog entry from last July:

Now, here we are again with a new bust every few weeks. First it was the Fort Dix plot and now the JFK plot. And these all are, for all intents and purposes, rinky dink operations with dubious crediblity as legitimate terrorist activities.

If it's summer, it must be terror-busting season! Surf's up, dudes!
Greg Palast rules out controlled demolition.
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