Monday, June 04, 2007

The terror Complaint

Let me ask one additional question about the terror plot. The official Complaint, dated June 1, is listed as "under seal." I was under the impresion that "under seal" means secret. So why are we reading it on the internet?

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Hyperman said...

The same happened in 2004 just before the Democrat convention. They released a bogus terrorist "alert" to divert the attention from the Democrat debate. I wonder if they will restart their color coded terror alerts for the 2008 elections...

Toying With Terror Alerts?
"The 18 months prior to the 2004 presidential election witnessed a barrage of those ridiculous color-coded terror alerts, quashed-plot headlines and breathless press conferences from Administration officials. Warnings of terror attacks over the Christmas 2003 holidays, warnings over summer terror attacks at the 2004 political conventions, then a whole slew of warnings of terror attacks to disrupt the election itself. Even the timing of the alerts seemed to fall with odd regularity right on the heels of major political events. One of Department of Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge's terror warnings came two days after John Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate; another came three days after the end of the Democratic convention.

So it went right through the 2004 election. And then not long after the champagne corks stopped popping at Bush campaign headquarters, terror alerts seemed to go out of style. The color codes became yesterday's news."