Friday, June 01, 2007

The 1990s: The NIGHTMARE decade!

Giuliani attacks Hillary Clinton:
"She wants to go back to the 1990s. ...It would hurt our economy. It would hurt this area dramatically."
In my boyhood, pundits confronting such an inane statement might have made a joking reference to the famed Uncle Remus story: "Please don't throw us in that briar patch!" Is that phrase politically incorrect nowadays? If so, is there a pop cultural reference that conveys the same idea?
When Bush was first selected in 2000, I predicted that in short time Americans would look back on the Clinton years as a golden age.

The reality is that it's almost too painful to look back at all.
You nailed it, unirealist.

I avoid thinking about the Roaring '90s because dwelling on those years is possibly the only thing more upsetting than thinking about what BushCo. might be planning for Iran.
This brings to mind The Onion's "inaugural address" of 2000: At Long Last, America's Long Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Over.

Many a true word is spoken in jest.

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