Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dick, begone!

Impeachment charges against Cheney are here. Here is the synopsis and here is the warning letter to the Dickster. I hope all our readers give thanks to Dennis Kucinich.

Here's a summary of the summary:

Article 1: Intel manipulation and lying to Congress about WMDs in Iraq.

Article 2: Ditto regarding the Iraq/Al Qaeda fib.

Article 3: Threatening war against Iran despite an absence of a threat to U.S. This, says Kucinich, violates the U.N. Charter, to which we are a signatory: "All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force" unless the nation under threat has committed an act of aggression.

You can probably think of a few more ideas, but that's what DK has for you right now. Enjoy and savor.


Anonymous said...

Today Sen. Reid, after being called a defeatist by Cheney, responded, "I'm not going to get into a name-calling match with (a slight pause) the administration's chief attack dog."

Anonymous said...

That was not fair!
STING you did!
How did I become a Kerry hater? Or a Tranny?
True that I do not trust Politicians or Preachers.
True that I am not a Republican but only because they have traditionally represented the power base(B'sness).
True that I am not a die hard Democratic party supporter either, only because I see most of them in the pocket of the same B'sness.
True that I wish there was a political party in the US that truly represented the American people and I would gladly get involved and give of my time and money.
True that I do not regard organized religion as an asset(all of them) but only because they benefit from keeping people stupid and blinded.
But a hater of anybody I am not!
Not even you Joseph after you put me in the category of Trannies.
My question was an honest one. I am only trying to understand the motives behind actions that have major consequences for this nation.
The fact that I read your blog out of a thousand other blogs should be an indication of my quest for knowledge. I very rarely comment on any blog and only read selected blogs.
My skin is not as thin as yours(even though you did cause a tear or two). So thanks for answering my question(I still do not agree with you)and I will keep reading your blog and you can put me in any category you wish.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

um, ok. back to something we actually give a shit about...

Kucinich IS awesome. This guy's hot balls. Definitely worth a second look.

Anonymous said...

This was an answer to a much earlier posting(for anyone that finds this comment on this post puzzling).
And DK is my choice(if I really had a choice)for POTUS.

Joseph Cannon said...

Oh, beeta, look -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean you. Honest. I was anticipating what some of the more predictable commenters might say.

I guess what bothers me about certain types of commenters (not just on this blog) is that they keep saying the same damn things, in the same damn ways, as though I've never heard it all before. I would allow even the trannies a voice here, if they could just be, you know, a little more original. Maybe if they could recite their catechism in the form of quatrains.


Never in history was there a fall
Of structures of steel in blazing inferno
'Twas Cheney and Bush who started it all
Pre-dousing those spires in three tons of sterno.

As hologram jets on radio beams
were to their predestined impaction points led
The Rovian one, amidst maniac screams
did set off the the bombs and then, cackling, fled.

See? That's all I'm asking for. Style!

Now the readers should try their own hands at it. Poem 1: Why everyone must buy a Mac NOW. Poem 2: How John Kerry betrayed the Democratic party and was really in league with Bush all along something something Skull and Bones something something.

Take it away, friends!

Anonymous said...

Uh, anon 7:30...

Sen. Reid's remark was about as funny as a politician gets, and apropos the post.

Beeta's was in reference to Joe's attack on her previous comment.

Be kind.

Anonymous said...

All is fine sweetheart. I know you are one the good ones(even if you get grouchy sometimes). I just didn't want to be misunderstood.I do know how it is when you just have enough, I am listening to Charlie Rose interview Bush.....what can I say?....Bush is an idiot and Rose is a bigger idiot for giving him any air time(I used to like him....now I don't know what to think of Charlie Rose and PBS). I got invited to go and listen to Bill Moyers(PBS is just not the same without him)and I am afraid the FBI or the CIA or the Homeland Security will take my picture and brand me a terrorist!
So I didn't go.
There seems to be very few places I can go. This is one of them.
Best wishes as always

Anonymous said...

TNX for caring and the support. It is appreciated!

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Tonight on PBS:
"'Devastating' Probe of Press and Iraq from Bill Moyers Coming.

Joseph Cannon said...

Oh, okay. My readers didn't take the bait, so I'll have to do it:

We must defeat the fiendish Gates
So buy a Mac at great new rates!

George and John conspired to rule
for they be Bonesmen bound to Hell.
No longer will we play the fool
believing lies that Bonesmen tell.

I can't sleep because I've had this shit going through my head for the past few hours. Conspiracy-buff cliches, expressed in the form of doggerel, keep running through my noggin. My inner Alex Jones has joined forces with my inner Wayne Brady. For the love of god, help me! Make it stop!

Anonymous said...

I once met a charming young fellow named Rove
whilst traipsing about a bohemian grove.
He prattled off memes, like: no child’s behind,
but between breaths he’d hiss
how the majority’s blind.
…And not giving a rat’s behind.

This sibilant quiffe, this doughy-sneered creep
left me wondering if it was safe to sleep.
And all through the woods dewey and airy.
Were sounds of young sex slaves breaking their cherries.

So I sauntered with Karl, the political prodigy
and we tossed our “old cares” onto burning effigies
And he sang to me. In twisted elegies:

84’s got more than I ever did dream,
mo’ coke to snort
and more money than needed
to be-feed my en-greeded
but really,
I just like when the game’s dirty and cheated!

The hippies may protest, and even write poems
But I have bigger cojones than that Alex Jones.
So go run back you scribe, cry to the hoi polloi
You have no idea what I can deploy
…and your sneer is starting to annoy
Besides now I must go, and rape a little 8–year old boy…
(couldn’t find a rhyme for thermite)

Anonymous said...

Come and listen to a story bout a man named Bill
Married himself a layer-ess with talons --named Hil’
They were out one day a-looking for some crude
But instead stumpled upon something even better, dude,
Coke that is, Contra bake sales, just throw in a little baking powder…

Well the next thing you know ‘ol Bill’s the next in line
41 says; “heck Bill you’re doing fine! Fine like the powders
that we sell to Ricky Ross….” To stop Daniel Ortega—at any cost.

Now Hillary’s no stoolie, she knows to toe the line,
She MENA no harm to any special airlines,
singing: we got trained Seals flying and a Rose Lawn Firm,
turning parking meters in to M-16s to burn
(Crack that is, yayo rockies—
from Crips to Bloods through the shizzle)

But Daniel O is back again, and Ollie can’t do shit.
And Hillary can’t win no matter that she sits
…squarely on the fence she does in almost every way,
‘Cause the ghosts of Iran Contra simply will not go away…
(2 million in jail, broken families, many childs left behind…)

..Well now its about time to Bill and Hill to finally say goodbye.
Though they would like to thank you folks fer passing a blind eye.
You're all invited back a gain to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of this con-spir-a-cy
CocaHillabilly that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.
Y'all come back now, y'hear?.

Anonymous said...

--apologies to Paul Henning, Lester Flats and Earl Scruggs

Joseph Cannon said...

Brilliant, guys...sheer genius.

I had one about Roswell running through my head as I went to sleep. When I awoke, most of it was forgotten. The world is now a safer place.

Anonymous said...


Bird flu o’ war FU
I made $200 million
On Tamilflow. Bye.