Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clint Curtis

He's still not giving up, and more power to him!

Curtis is the fellow who says that, years ago, he was asked to write vote-rigging software for Republican Tom Feeney, and who ran against Feeney last year. Curtis now says he has hard evidence that he should have received at least twelve percent more votes than the official tally states. (He lost by 16%.) Right now, with Feeney caught up (finally!) in the Abramoff investigation, even Florida Republicans may be thinking that they would have been better off with a Curtis victory.

At any rate, Curtis is asking to present his evidence an independent investigation -- a perfectly reasonable request, if ya asks me.


Anonymous said...

headline will read bush and cheney impeached next stop the hague for war crimes trials. and if you think i'm wrong just watch how many people show up this weekend.
people want leadership with integrity not quisling mofos who are owned by aipac

Anonymous said...

the above comment was supposed to be for the post below