Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Republican tech guy

Epluribus Media has an interesting story on Mike Connell, Bush family loyalist and Republican Party overlord of All Thing Technical, whose web development firms have put together, (one of the domains that cropped up in Prosecutor-gate) and -- wait for it -- the House Intelligence Committee's web site.

Well, someone had to put together that site, I suppose. Still, it feels a little creepy to have someone so devoted to the Bush family working "behind the line" for Congress. Technically, Connell has two firms -- one for one side of the firewall, one for the other. But if the same guy runs both firms, it's not much of a firewall, is it?
one has to wonder when this guy was hired to the house committee, and if he remains at that position for their website. i cannot imagine reyes would keep the same shop in charge, if he knew who was running the show for the repugs.
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